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    The Pet Keeping Magazine & Radio Show

    in Entertainment

    Well due to technical difficulties the Pet Keeping Magazine & Radio Show was not able to do the show on Cichlids of South America on Sunday July 13th 2014 and we do hope that the listeners tune into the program on July 20th 2014 at 11 PM Europe Time, 10 PM UK Time, 5 PM EST, 4 PM CST, 3 PM MST, 2 PM PST as John Brandyberry and Willy "The Beast" Forrest will welcome back to the show Jungle Jim Carmark for a discussion about Cichlids from South America. 

    For this show there will be discussion on Angelfish and Discus and the feature of artwork by Sam Garcia Jr, Msart Works and Neil Myles. As a special offer David Labell AngelfishUSA of AngelfishUSA has agreed to extend the special "coupon" offer of 15 % off of every product on The Angelfish- Discus USA website for this show which is good from right now to Sunday July 27th . Type in the word WACKO to accept this special coupon offer. 


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    Reefs and Rivers Aquarium Show

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    On Saturday August 16th 2014 at 11 PM Europe Time, 10 PM UK time, 5 PM EST, 4 PM CST, 3 PM MST 2 PM PST, Wacko Bob of the Wacko Radio Network will produce the next special episode of the Reefs and Rivers Aquarium Show of the Pet Keeping Magazine and Radio Show hosted by John Brandyberry and Willy The Beast Forrest. As a tribute to Dr Joanne Norton and her work with freshwater angelfish an episode about strains, species and breeding of Angelfish and some of their genetics. This topic will be covered with our special guest David Labell Angelfishusa from AngelfishUSA Inc along with Biologist and Chemist Jungle Jim Carmark. For more information about Dr Joanne Norton's work go to the following Angelfish Society link at http://www.theangelfishsociety.org/forum/content.php/30-Angelfish-Genetics-Index Tune into all programs of the Wacko Radio Network at: http://blogtalkradio.com/thewackonetwork