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    30-Year Fraud: HIV, AIDS, Testing, Rx & Targeted Groups w David Crowe Part2of2

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    A critical look and challenge of the unproven theories, discredited research claims, fabrications, manipulations, and unfulfilled predictions surrounding the HIV = AIDS hypothesis.

    After 30 years, the virus named HIV has not been proven to cause AIDS. 

    The evidence that a virus claimed to be HIV even exists is based on evidence that some scietists argue is insufficient.

    Some scientists who acknowledge that a new retrovirus had been discovered in 1984 nevertheless are not convinced that it causes AIDS or any other adverse health effect.

    There is no test for HIV that provides a reliable result for infection. In practice, diagnoses of HIV infection (HIV+) are made by assuming that two unreliable results add up to a reliable result. The truth is, that's the best they can do.

    HIV infection and AIDS are treated using a mixture or cocktail of drugs of two types: nucleoside analogs and protease inhibitors. Both are toxic and eventually cause iatrogenic disease. Nucleoside analogs,such as AZT, can create AIDS symptoms. AZT has been referred to as "AIDS by prescription" by Professor Peter Duesberg, a prominent virologist from University of California-Berkeley.

    Think of HIV tests and AIDS defining conditions as vehicles to entrap people into becoming lifelong pharmaceutical clients. The tab is paid with tax dollars, but people are still needed to swallow the obscenely overpriced poison pills.

    Gay men, i.v. drug users, young people, pregnant women, African Americans, and the Hip Hop community are among the groups specifically targeted in campaigns urging people to "get tested."

    Part 2of2 interview with David Crowe, president of Rethinking AIDS. Interview by Richard Jannaccio and Chief69.

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    Rap Sessions Radio

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    The old saying goes ' you are what you eat. ', well if so then many of us are a walking mixture of Brominated Vegetable Oil ( Mountain Dew ), Atrazine ( pesticide ), and sodium nitrate ( preservative ). It is easy to dismiss the ideas of these chemicals if you are presently in good health, but what about later in life? How will these chemicals affect us in the long run? Across the country people are moving towards growing their own food to be more certain of what they are feeding their families, the concept of the ' urban garden ' is catching on. Join us this Sunday, April 13th from 3p-5p at www.blogtalkradio.com/rapsessions or call us at 347.857.2097 as we discuss this and other local, national and international topics.

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    Knowledge-Based Regime | Episode 2

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    In the first episode I discussed how America allows for the ability to pursue knowledge and its associated virtues.  This si a double edge sword as many competing phantoms appear.
    In this episode I will discuss the phantoms vs the authentic concerns.  The path we take in belief could ultimately decide our fate.  Not a conspiracy, but based on facts and logic and the facts extend to practical pillars of our nation.
    Lastly, sodium nitrate may cause cancer...really?   Wrong!   Find out why.   Nerd Alert!!!

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    Tonight's Interviews: Doc Leporsy * 26z * Prophecy Z14

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    Sissy Pesticide & Ladyaslan Present:
    The Midweek Metal & Horror Meltdown Online Radio Show!!!  
    Tonight we be discussing Live on the show the new Short Film Visceral by Doc Leporsy front man of the Pittsburgh Horror Industrial Band Scarcrow http://www.facebook.com/Dr.Leprosy
    Tonight Live on the Show, the Los Angles  Industrial Alternative Band 26z http://www.facebook.com/26zMusic
    Tonight we will also be featuring the Extreme 7 string Tech Death band from Central Florida Prophecy Z14http://www.facebook.com/pages/

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    TNS! Para & Ent Talk: Overtoun Bridge & Music by K-Nitrate

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    The Night Show! Paranorm Talk w/ Featured Music by K-Nitrate A free form, unscripted paranormal & entertainment variety talk radio show. We explore a range of topics including the strange, creepy, twisted and bizarre. From Strange Science, Interesting Fetishes, Cool Music & Film and of course the Paranormal. It's kinda like Coast to Coast AM, but with cool cats, really hot girls and a passive-aggressive, mute rabbit!
    Tonight in Tara Street's Paranormal Report the Discussion turns to the Haunted Overtoun Bridge, where 100's of canines have suicided.
    Tonight in Terri the Happy Housewife's Segment of the Slightly Off:  Who can tell, what she is going to bring, but it will be.... Slightly Off.
    Tonight Ladyaslan brings us, in her featured music segment: Direct from Cambridge UK K-Nitrate
    http://www.facebook.com/pages/K-Nitrate/112074565473197 Listen to K-Nitrate on Spotify: http://open.spotify.com/track/1TC9gVUgoUdQLflbkBaR8i  
    * All music played is podsafe, and permission forms are on file by the music's writer and performer and are available upon request to qualified parties. 

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    On Watch! with Athens Abell

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    Salida's Supervisor Terry Withrow, speaks out on his stand on the Annexation.
    Today's show features Banjo Hall of Fame inductee, Dave Marty, as the 1 hour mark. Dave Marty has been a prominent performer in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 5 decades. He's also toured the world with his magical music on the 4-string banjo for nearly all his life.
    At the 90-minute mark we'll discuss the toxicity of Stanislaus County, Salida's position on the nitrate levels in the water, and much more.
    During the first hour we have some updates of local happenings, as well as some great news about events and activities. Guests include Supervisor Terry Withrow; John Bianchi; Emerson Drake; Juan Telles; and many more.
    www.Facebook.com/OnWatch www.Facebook.com/CentralValleyHornet www.Facebook.com/TheHornetHideaway www.Facebook.com/VinceGiordanoandhisNighthawks www.VinceGiordano.com www.SeanMoyses.net www.JimMartinez www.TheEddyDavis.com

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    35th Day of the Earthican Timeline

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    This is gunna be a stright Love show, planing on sample n' out my homies.
    "The life of a musicain will boggal your comprehention."
    WHEN YOU SEE ME SMOKE ME DOWN its been since my grow opt got stolen by my ex road dog and the cops seised all my money and my ride that ive been able to burn it down.
    keepin it real though, made it into first aid clas today, fukin security qoulnt let me into archery, kept my appotinment with mental health, yeah you konw were in therapy....
    Want to show some MAD LOVE to Anarachry (cant spell its a symbol anyhow)
    sceen my youtube shit yet? (search for bubblesthewizard)
    AR= Aqua Regia = 1 part 70% Nitric Acid, 3 parts Muriatic Acid (some guys use 4 parts muriatic). Used to dissolve high karat gold, gold powder, gold foils, dissolves Platinum when hot. Excess nitric must be evaporated off or neutralized with Urea to pH 1 +/- 0.4, then drop gold with SMB. Hoke states 4 fluid ounces HCl + 1 fluid ounce HNO3 dissolves 1 troy ounce gold. This is equivalent to 3.8 mL HCl + .95 mL HNO3 per gram of gold. 1. AR Recipe 2= Poor Man's AR = 8 oz Sodium Nitrate (aka Subzero), 480 ml water, 960 ml Muriatic Acid plus heat. Used to dissolve high karat gold, gold powder, gold foils, dissolves Platinum when hot. Excess nitric must be evaporated off neutralized with Urea to pH 1 +/- 0.4, then drop gold with SMB. The above mentioned recipe makes enough AR to dissolve 160 gm Pins or 32 oz of ceramic cpus.  

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    My name is Kellee Mulhern. I have had cancer twice in three years. The first time was in 2009. I had breast cancer. The second was just this past March. I was diagnosed with Stage 4 metastasized breast cancer in my chest lymph node and liver. I received a drug called Avastin (that is no longer FDA approved). I believe the reason might be that it has been found to actually work against cancer. Chemo only has a 2% effective rate. Cancer is only a nutrient deficiency and a high toxicity in the body. It is due to malnutrition and dehydration. I learned that tumors are a build-up of toxins, and in order to survive, I had to detox!  I purchased organic apricot kernels through Nuts.com and I eat 20 or so a day. These seeds come from Pakistan because the U.S gov’t has prohibited these trees in America. They actually kill cancerous cells when ingested. Apricot kernels are otherwise known as laetrile or B17. I do eat wild salmon, organic eggs, whey protein, some tuna, sprouted multi-grain bread, raw almonds, apricot kernels and plenty of avocados, raw vegetables and fruits. I take major supplements and enzymes  these include: Echinacea, garlic, ginger, turmeric, cayenne pepper, zinc, selenium, glutathione, resverstrol, Co Q 10, turkey tail mushroom extract, D3 and tons of vitamin A, C and E. The number one supplement I take is Cell Food which turns all your free radicals into a perfect oxygen cell. Cancer is caused by trans fats, refined sugar, syrup, and sodas, MSG, aspartame, sodium nitrate (found in lunch meats) soy ( GMO-genetically modified) asbestos, ingesting fluoride and chlorine from our tap water, mercury, mycotoxins, plastic pollutants, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and benzene The book that helped save my life was “Cancer, Think Outside the Box by Ty Bollinger”. Website: www.kelleemulhern.com

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    The Survival Podcast with Jack Spirko

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    The Survival Podcast with Jack Spirko

    So we preempted the Friday call in show last week so we will make up for it today and move the email feedback show to Tuesday.  Today I take your calls on investing, martial law, pastured poultry, the Keystone pipeline, libertarian ideals, making jerky, gold and silver and more.

    Remember to be on a show like this one just pick up your phone and call 866-65-THINK.  The best way to improve your chances of being on the air is ask your question or make your point up front, then provide details.

    Also please do your best to call from a quite area with a good connection and speak up so you can be well heard.  I can’t put all calls on the air but I do my best to get most of them on.

    Join Us Today as we Discuss…

    Increasing your investing knowledge

    Stocking density for pastured poultry

    What might martial law be like and what might cause it

    The Keystone Pipeline and what happens if we don’t complete it

    How I now describe a vote, “my endorsement as a citizen”

    Dealing with ground that has been infected with toxic chemicals

    Banks are still lending here is what to do if you’re turned down on a mortgage

    Jerky is it safe with out cooking or sodium nitrate/nitrite

    A common collapse myth about gold and or silver

    Thoughts on a libertarian view of zoning laws and deprogramming

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    Proposition 65, Safe Drinking Water & Toxic Enforcement Act

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    Are you interested in taking supplements to improve your health and wellness?  Are you concerned about toxic exposures to chemicals in our foods, the products we purchase, the water we drink?  Are you concerned about environmental health risks in general?  Did you know that according to Nancy Ross, Pacific Institute, "every day, 2 million tons of sewage and industrial and agricultural waste are discharged into the world's water, the equivalent of the weight of the entire himan population of 6.8 billion people. In the U.S. State of Colorado alone, some 23,000 abandoned mines have polluted 2300 km of streams.Nitrate is the biggest agricultural polluter in states like California.  In France , drinking water testing showed that 97% of groundwater samples did not meet WHO standards for nitrate.
    Join the Celebrity Doc, Dr. Cheryl BryantBruce as she speaks with Ortho-Molecular Sales representative Dan Soucek on Proposition 65 and the impact it is having on the supplement industry. Find out exactly what proposition 65 means and why it matters to you.
    Proposition 65 enables Californians to make informed decisions about protecting themselves from exposure to over 800 chemicals deemed to be carcinogenic or hazardous to our health and the safety of our drinking water. Proposition 65 also prohibits California businesses from knowingly discharging significant amounts of listed chemicals into sources of drinking water.
    Dan Soucek
    Account Executive

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    Baked Chicken and Rice Recipe (March 6, 2011 - Part 3)

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    Dianne Linderman talks about healthy eating and how you can improve a recipe by substituting things that are bad for you for much helathier options. Also – the importnace of reading labels – be a wise shopper by choosing things that are healthy, organic, without sodium nitrate, aspertame, or other chemicals. Support your local farmers and buy things that were grown locally.
    Dianne shares some great chicken recipes – get them on her website: http://www.everythingthatmattersradio.com/recipes2.html and e-mail her to get a Recipe of the Month Newsletter here: http://www.everythingthatmattersradio.com/contact.html
    You can check out Dianne's new cook book Everything That Matters in the Kichen here: http://www.amazon.com/Everything-That-Matters-Kitchen-Cook/dp/1456319701

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