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    The Amazing Chris Guenzler tells you about Eastern Amtrak Routes on LTT

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    The Amazing Chris Guenzler tells you about Eastern Amtrak Routes in this weeks show. We will focused on those routes in the Eastern United States on all routes that Amtrak operates. Learn from him what can be found along these routes and learn all about them. Chris will share his experiences on each route plus what kind of equipment is operated on each of them. Join us for an interesting show about what Amtrak is like in the eastern United States..

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    Amtrak finally arrives at St. Paul Union Depot

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    On May 7th, the City of St. Paul, Minnesota and the Ramsey County Railroad Authority finally got an Amtrak to start stopping at their newly renovated Union Depot. The depot opened last year, and is a mulitmodal station. Union Depot held a morning press conference during which various officials made speeches including President and CEO of Amtrak, Joe Boardman and Asst. Director of the FRA, Karen Hedlund. We will listen to President Boardman's remarks, We will also speak to the author of a book on Union Depot, John Diers. The Chairman of the Ramsey County Railroad Authority and the Director are guests,  We also visit with Thomas Whaley, a member of the St. Paul Chamber of Commerce and one of the owners of the St. Paul Saints.

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    Chris Guenzler talks about what is along western Amtrak Routes on LTT

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    The Amazing Chris Guenzler talks about what is along western Amtrak Routes. He will tell you what to see as he covers most of the Amtrak system out west. He will tell you all about each route out west. You will learn just what is out there along these unique western Amtrak routes.  Learn from Chris as he gives his unique insights into each of these Amtrak western routes. He will share the beauty along each of them with you. Join us for this interesting show.

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    Amtrak Comes to St. Paul's Union Depot Press Conference LIVE

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    American Passenger Rail Heritage Foundation's Lets Talk Trains will broadcast the St. Paul Union Depot Press Conference celebrating Amtrak's Empire Builder's arrival to their Union Depot. Amtrak President and CEO Joe Boardman will be among the speakers at a special ribbon cutting ceremony at the St. Paul Union Depot at 10:30 a.m. on May 7. Other speakers include Federal Railroad Administration Deputy Administrator Karen Hedlund and St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman.

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    Amtrak and Minnesota Museums on Lets Talk Trains

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    The American Passenger Rail Heritage Foundation's the Let's Talk Trains Show visits with an old friend this week, Amtrak Media Relations Manager, Marc Magliari. After Marc brings us up to track speed, we will visit with the Twin City Model Railroad Museum.
    During the whole second hour will be talking about the Minnesota Transportation Museum. 
    Join us as we continue to learn about what is available for railfans of all ages.

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    Amtrak Stations Renovations Update

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    This week's Let's Talk Trains focuses on Amtrak and it's plans to renovate several stations. We will be joined by an Amtrak official who will give us a firsthand report on what Amtrak has planned.. The chatroom will be open at www.letstalktrains.com/chat and there will be time to call in and ask your question about the stations. Join us won't you?

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    Engineer Dockins Visits With APRHF's Let's Talk Trains

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    The youngest engineer to ever operate an Amtrak train over Donner Pass visits the American Passenger Heritage Foundation's Let's Talk Trains program. Jonathan Dockins and his mom Dee Dee, stop by to talk about their adventure and how it all came to be, They will lead us through the trip of a lifetime. We will also find out what has happened since coming back home to the Jackson, Missouri area. Join us by calling in and asking questions to Engineer Dockins at 646-716-7106. 

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    The Life of A Railroader--the good, the bad, everything...

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    This week, on the American Passenger Rail Heritage Foundation's The Let's Talk Trains Show, we welcome a man who has worked railroad industry for many years--working several years for a freight railroad and another 25-years as an Amtrak Conductor. Kansas City Nathan will welcome Wes Archibald to the show, to discuss the good, the bad, the happy, the sad, the beautiful, and the ugly of railroad life.

    We will open up the phone lines to discuss the different aspects of working for the railroad---figuring out truth from fiction. Wes & KC Nathan will talk about some of the folks that have been in the forefront of national news, from greatness to tragedy.

    During the show, we will remember our friend---our "Official Caller" Ken Ruben, who passed away the morning of Thursday, March 12th. 

    Join us, this Saturday, March 14th at 12-noon Central/10am Pacific. Call in during the live show (@ 646-716-7106), join us in the chatroom, on Facebook and Twitter.

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    Amtrak and Colleges: Take a Train to Class

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    Let's Talk Trains goes to back to college. We will find out what colleges and universities are doing to bring prospective students and currents students to use Amtrak. 
    Join us in the BLOGTALKRADIO chatroom at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/letstalktrains/2013/01/19/amtrak-and-colleges-take-a-train-to-class. you may need to log using your blogtalkradio log in or your Facebook login. We are moving to the new chatroom, beacuse the old chatroom was not current in JAVA and lots of listeners could not jump on.

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    Food Police at it again - LOW IQ callers out again!

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    Hr1  Should women be included on US currency? Of course! Guess what, they already have. So why do we need a petition for this?

    Michelle Obama's food program isn't working. Why aren't we adjusting the program. No worries... the Federal Government has a new Michelle Obama MANDATE to collect your child's weight at daycare. What do you wanna bet, the next stop will be your house to tell you what your doing wrong? Nanny state. 

    Hr2  How far would you go to get your child an education? Parents in India even help them cheat on school tests. Is that really getting an education? Parents know that an education is the only thing that will break the cycle of poverty.

    Defense expert, Colin Clark says the problem with sequestration is that it doesn't allow the Defense Department to make any adjustments. It demands cuts without regard for judgement.  Maintaining overseas bases are critical to maintaining our interests as a global power. The US guarantees the openness and safety of the seas for global international trade.

    Lindsey Graham threatens to cut funding to the UN if President Obama bypasses Congress in negotiations with Iran.

    Hr3  Low IQ calls abound at this late hour check em out!.


    How is it that Amtrak is handing out bonuses when they're losing money?

    Have you had your healthy dose of reality lately?

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    The Nightly News w/Jason & Rags - Ep. 11

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    In This Episode:

    Clinton Email Gate continues.
    Amtrak train hits tractor-trailer
    Obama plans to make it easier to pay your student loans
    Radar captures imagery of surface of Venus
    (ISIS Update) Child kills alleged spy in latest ISIS show of force
    ATF Gives Up on AR-15 Ammo Ban
    86% of Obamacare Enrollees Recieve Subsidies
    6.5 Million People With Active Social Security Numbers Are 112 or Older
    Utah lawmakers vote to become only state to allow firing squad


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