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    Why Americans Stay In Debt?

    in Entertainment

    The USA has some of the most successful people in the world living in this country. The standard of living is a form of luxury compared to most of the world. Americans love entertainment,food,sports,shopping and work to have a comfortable lifestyle. The problem is for most Americans we aren't wise in our spending habits. Most of us don't know how the credit system works. We are not informed on loans,savings,retirement,401k or IRA,home mortgage,and car loans. Americans due to this lack of knowledge have suffered financial ruin,fell victim to predatory lending and suffered in their personal lives. Finances is the number 1 reason for divorce in America. Most people would think it would be cheating but the heart of most relationship problems is money. Not a lack of money but how is used that can create a lack. We will cover every topic and answer questions to what you don't know. We will also share tricks not to pay interest on credit cards,balancing a budget and why you should live within your means.

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    Jobless Americans are Unhappy Americans

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    Jobless Americans are unhappy Americans. Happy people are more likely to do things to make others happy. Unhappy people are subject to magnify even the smallest of incidents and over react. Americans have pride. Sometimes I think Americans have too much pride. When people lack finances not a day passes that they don't think, will this ever get better? or when will this get better? It is difficult for American to look down life's road and see no progress, no success. Even Americans who can live a for unforseen years with no income are living in fear of not ever seeing an America they can live safely and comfortably again. Many Americans who never have had the safety and comfort of jobs, are feeling left out and coming to feel life today is life forever. This won't work for America. Any who resolve to live as today for ever will face challenges which will result in a downward spiral. It is inevitable that we either continue to change and evolve or we stagnate and die. regardless of race or class. Seeking solutions to making America better is not a unilateral sport. The only way to gain the best America possible is that we know what each group expect and can provide and we make plans and act on the needs and desire of all or none. We need a better America and it is going to take more than 435 in Congress and their staffs of 18, and 100 in Senate and their staff. It takes we the people to fix America like we need it to be fix. Jobs for Americans repairs problems for the masses.

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    African Americans and the Middle East

    in History

    Alex Lubin will discuss his book, Geographies of Liberation: The Making of the Afro-Arab Political Imaginary. Lubin will talk about the history of African Americans and Middle Eastern issues, primarily Palestine, since the late 19th century to today. The opinions of Martin Luther King Jr, Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, Huey Newton, and others concerning Palestine will be addressed.

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    Hypnotic States of Americans | K7852

    in Dads and Family

    Order a Copy - http://fhu2.org/K140714.html

    Cure Stress - http://curestressdevice.com/device

    Host: Roy Masters
    Roy read from his book, "Hypnotic States of Americans".

    Eddie says, "I was able to give up smoking pot without any repercussions".
    Tom says, "This is a very dangerous time in America".

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    African Americans and the Environmental Movement

    in History

    Dr. Carolyn Finney will discuss her new book Black Faces, White Spaces:Reimagining the Relationship of African Americans with the Great Outdoors. Why are African Americans not get the table when it comes to talking about the environment.

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    What If, African Americans Didn't Really Come Over On The Mayflower Part 2.

    in Self Help

    Now, that we didn't come over on the ships! How do we explain our African heritage? Should African Americans be searching for their selves in in the Holy Bible? Should we start the process to lay claim on our Mother Land Africa? Are we the lost Hebrews that everyone is waiting for?




    Please call in at (646)-478-0270


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    Truth About the First Americans and "Indigenous People Day"

    in Politics

    Indigenous People Day to Replace Columbus Day!  What an Outrage!  Let's be honest about the "First Americans" and stop destroying the History of America!

    Who Were The First Americans?
    Stefan Lovgren for National Geographic NewsSeptember 3, 2003

    A study of skulls excavated from the tip of Baja California in Mexico suggests that the first Americans may not have been the ancestors of today's Amerindians, but another people who came from Southeast Asia and the southern Pacific area.
    "Our results change the traditional idea that all modern Amerindians present morphological affinities with East Asians as a result of a single migration," said Rolando González-José of the University of Barcelona, Spain, who led the study. "The settlement of the New World is better explained by considering a continuous influx of people from Asia."

    Kennewick Man

    The identity of the first Americans is an emotive issue for American Indians, who believe their ancestors were the first to inhabit the Americas.
    Controversy erupted after skeletal remains were found in Kennewick, Washington, in 1996. This skeleton, estimated to be 9,000 years old, had a long cranium and narrow face—features typical of people from Europe, the Near East or India—rather than the wide cheekbones and rounder skull of an American Indian.
    A coalition of Indian tribes, however, said that if Kennewick Man was 9,000 years old, he must be their ancestor, no matter what he looked like. Invoking a U.S. federal law that provides for the return of Native American remains to their living descendants, the tribes demanded a halt to all scientific study and the immediate return of the skeleton for burial in a secret location.

    The matter is still stuck in the courts.

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    America First Radio

    in Politics Conservative

    This Saturday Dec. 6th at 8:00 Pacific Time Interview with Michigan Congressional candidate George Brikho about US foreign policy and tax policy.  We will also be talking about immigration and the recent Obama executive order granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. Call in to speak with the host (646) 200-3444.  

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    What Americans Want in Their Homes

    in News

    The problem with low churn rates in the job market and what Americans want in their homes. WSJ's Mathew Passy reports.

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    Americans Will Change or America Will Perish

    in Politics

    Somewhere in the lifetime of Reinhold Niebuhr 1892-1971 he wrote "the Serenity Prayer". I recall it from my school days. I have never forgotten it. If only all Americans could take it to heart.  God grant me the serenity to accpt the things I cannot change and the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

    America need to make a change. The change has to come sooner rather than later. America has to finally group up and grow away from all the violence that has lead us to this day. Once we are able as a United States of America to admit where we are and how we got here, we can then thrive as a nation for the very first time. White people must  see change as the solution. First White people in authority one by one, who are wealthy, must decide to change for the good of America. Once wealthy White people change, changing society will be a piece of cake. The power of the people is an option to change even the Wealthy among us. But dare say, trying to get enough of the masses to come together and force the hands or should I say force the pockets of wealthy will never happen. Working class people are 9 to 5 people. Wealthy people are 24/7 people. because if you are not wealthy in America, you actually have no one on one power. We must accept the need for change from the top down, financially speaking and from the bottom up, financially speaking. We will change and make America a better place or we will see violence that become totally out of control. America must change or perish.Violence only begats violence. Whether the violence comes from cops or or the citizens cops are paid to protect and serve. What has happened in America that has uncovered and even grown greed, envy, anger, hatred?

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    Americans United Against Tyranny Broadcast

    in Spirituality

    Join Ben and Matt for an Americans United Against Tyranny Organizational broadcast!


    Talk about current issues or if you have a gripe with the current administration! Call in and discuss!!!

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