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    Bee Venom Therapy and Acupuncture Meridian Lines ~ Where the heck do I sting? #6

    in Health

    Now that you want to sting, where the heck do you place those stings?

    We know that placement of the Bee Sting, is one of the primary questions to the new BVT patient.

    This is prudent to learn the why's of how this works in it's symbiotic relationship.

    I know myself I was harshly shoved into the Beek world, where some expected them to know where to place stings.

    Sadly, that's not sound advice. The Acupuncture world knows these matters well.

    How does application of Bee Venom stings relate to the Acupuncture points & sites??

    Does time of day matter?How does your infection load affect your treatment plan?

    So many variables to consider! We have Amber Rose here to discuss the interrelationship of BVT and Acupuncture. Her book, Bee In Balance discusses much of these choices and why them matter.

    Why does this meridian line work for your condition and others don't.

    Please join us to reveal the keys to proper placement, at the right time in your own, personal BVT journey.

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    in Relationships

    today we see now more than ever the changing dynamics of modern relationships. More people are in long, seemingly happy relationships, starting families, living together, but aren't seeking marriage. Another ever present norm is the sidepiece epidemic. Whether married or not cheating is becoming so widely accepted that there is a highly successful cheating website called Ashley Madison with over 37 million users. Amber Rose recently stated that she feels all men cheat but if he really loves you he will make sure you never find out!? Women are also becoming more liberal with affairs. Is it because the sanctity of marriage has deteriorated? Is it because people want to be in relationships on their own terms and stray away from what religion says a marriage should be? Do you think all men cheat? do you think marriage is needed for a relationship to be recognized or respected? tune in tomorrow night at 10 pm for a juicy episode of Elevated Minds Radio to tune in call (917)932-1078 you can press 1 to answer these questions live on air. you can also tune in by going to the website below or downloading the Stitcher app right on your smart phone.

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    Creative Nexus Café - Season 2 [episode 004]

    in Lifestyle

    ♦ Welcome to the Creative Nexus Café! ♦

    Sit back, relax, and listen in as your hosts Natasha and Roger play some music, have a few friends stop by, talk about what's been going on in the art, music, and world in general.

    ♦ In this episode:

    • Welcome and intro to this episode 003 with Natasha, Susie, Matthew and Roger.

    • Something to Consider with Natasha

    "Following the Road and Path to Inspiration."

    • News and views from the café window with Roger

    "Change Your Mind!" "Change Your Life!" "Change what you Eat!"

    • Susie: "Two Days in Frisco" IndieVengence Day 2015

    Interview with Amber Jerome Norrgard

    ...and Matthew Hatt

    ♦ Cameos...

    ...plus a few surprises

    ♦ For further information on the Creative Nexus Café, or its' participants, please go to:


    ♦ The Creative Nexus paper.li


    ♦ Please note: The views expressed in this episode do not necessarily reflect the views of the Creative Nexus Café, its' founders, hosts, producers, or The Creative Nexus.


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    D J GOTTI @ 5:30

    in Entertainment


    godlili44 talks about the children of light

    amber, crystals, indigo, star child

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    Aleah Holland discusses CPS issues and her book, "A Little Lynched"

    in Politics Progressive

    Aleah Holland will be our guest on "Human Rights Demand" channel at BlogTalkRadio?, Sun., Aug. 16, 2015 at 6pmEST. Call-in at (347)857.3293 to speak on air with the author of "A Little Lynched ~ Amber Alert: a Judge-Ordered Kidnapping," by Aleah Holland? >> #CPS. The book is available at http://www.amazon.com/Little-Lynched-Amber-Ordered-Kidnapping-ebook/dp/B00IYO8XI0 >>  Persons interested in CPS news and viewpoints should call in to speak and visit Holland's Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/AleahHEAL >> Special guests: Dr. Shirley Moore, a human rights activist, and Minister Dorothy Mackey, a child advocate.

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    The Conversation: Joey Sommerville, Amber Allen & Reggie Ward!!!

    in Self Help

    Thank you for tuning into the hottest show online "the Conversation" hosted by Klarque Garrison & Michele Gilliam-Morrissey! Each week our goal is to inspire, motivate and educate listeners Worldwide! Tonight! our guests include:

    Reggie Ward- He's a consummate musician who performed with Legends including the S.O.S. Band. Tonight we'll be chatting about his journey, his new music and the S.O.S. Tour!

    Joey Sommerville- This accomplished Trumpeteer is back to talk about his newest release "The Next Big Thing"


    Amber Allen- She wields a powerful voice and show presence. Tonight we introduce Amber Allen & her hit single "Hooked".... you will never forget her!

    All this and more

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    Everything w/Kathy B, Tyrone S. Mitchell, Aja, Ami Smith, K.LaShea,Aleah Holland

    in Entertainment

    Source Nation! Join us tonight from 6-9 EST for Power Over Tomorrow, World News and The Great Griot.

    6:15 Join our Resident Financial Advisor Tyrone S Mitchell? for Power Over Tomorrow?, as we welcomes Aja into the studio to discuss her book,Secrets of a 6 Figure Earning Network Marketing Diva 
    Aja has a background in corporate finance and franchise acquisition.
    She is a risk taker with unshakeable entrepreneurial drive. Her motto is “Jump and swim like hell even if you don’t know how to swim.”
    Aja uses her experiences of living life on the edge to arouse audiences to action. She is an award winning speaker who captivates with contagious energy, compassion, and humor. Aja has held seminars and speaking engagements on turning the ordinary into extraordinary by living a life full of risks and rewards.

    7:15 Join us tonight for World News with Host Ami Smith? as she brings you the latest in News happening World Wide.

    8:15 Join us for The Great Griot? with Host K. Lashea?, as she welcomes Author and Founder of HEAL Network Inc., Aleah Holland? into the studio to discuss her book,  A Little Lynched : Amber Alert: A Judge Ordered Kidnapping ad to share her "WORST NIGHTMARE" of having one of her children kidnapped by the court system and given to her mentally-unstable abuser and to shed light on the Domestic Violence Industry labeling  them "nothing other than A Bait and Switch to harm women and children while really protecting the images of suicidal-homicidal child raping abusive men.
    Tune in as Aleah shares her insight on a secret genocide, serial family killing, and a hidden holocaust taking place, her true life horror and encouragement to mothers and families who have had their children kidnapped by the courts to exploit, sex-traffick, torture and use as guinea pigs, TO NEVER GIVE UP. 

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    In The Streets with Beverley Smith: #FergusonTaughtMe (Episode 38)

    in Spirituality

    At 15, Andre Green became the third youngest to be killed by police. A state of emergency was declared in Ferguson on Monday. Tyrone Harris was shot in Ferguson on the one year anniversary of Michael Brown's slaying. Amber Moore is the 12th trans woman killed this year. Christian Taylor's father had to discover the details of his son's death on social media because the cops aren't talking. The armed "OathKeepers" in Ferguson clearly demonstrate who may invoke the Second Amendment, and who may not. And more. Tuesday, August 11, 6pm Pacific

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    NC Civil is Helping Others to Change Their Stories

    in Entrepreneur

    Eveangel Savage interviews NC Civil Founder, Jermaine McNair.  Mr. McNair is an advocate for change in North Carolina representing the change that we wish to see in the world.  He has risen above adversity to lead individuals, families, and communities to a  different way of thinking. He is taking the message of a unified community to local, state, and national levels as he serves which is at the hallmark of leadership.  

    Thank you for joining Audacity in conversation inside the Entrepreneur Circle where we thrive with that Sapphire and Amber pride.  For more information on how you can join our discussions about entrepreneurship, please visit www.audacitygroupsocialenterprise.com

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    What Kind and When on Filtration for Your Aquarium, Amber Sheriff Guests

    in Pets

    Setting up an aquarium involves purchasing and installing a variety of pieces of equipment. Perhaps the most important piece of equipment for your entire aquarium, however, is your filtration system. Filters are essential for maintaining a clean and healthy environment for your fish which, in turn, is essential for keeping your fish healthy themselves. Without a filtration system for your water, it would almost be impossible to keep tropical fish as a pet. Filtration systems are that important!

    Choosing a filtration system can be a daunting task because the sheer number of options to choose from can be overwhelming and become confusing. The fact that choosing the right filtration system is so important may also make the task more challenging – you certainly don’t want to make the wrong choice! Before you select a filter, take the time to review your options and think about the specific needs of your tank. You should also take some time to learn about the different types of filtration that come into play in choosing an aquarium filter.

  • HypeCrew ... You Have The Power To Change Story w/ Willie Joyner

    in Entrepreneur

    Willie Joyner, Educator and Assistant Principal for North Pitt High School has raised the bar to produce remarkable results through his leadership with the HypeCrew that is stepping in more ways than way.  HypeCrew born out of Enfield North Carolina and the need to nurture young males to perform at optimal levels through an established support system to make each other accountable for achieving is at the hallmark of this group.

    Eveangel Savage, Audacity's leader is providing a stage for business and community development.  She provides a platform for people to hear the remarkable stories of entrepreneurs.  Tune in to hear how you too can help our young people change their story. For more information on how you can tell you story and thrive with that sapphire & amber pride visit www.audacitygroupsocialenterprise.com and book some with Audacity, your business, academic, and life coach.