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    Getting Hammered with Steve Hamilton and Stevie J West - Jan 30, 2015

    in Politics Conservative

    It's Friday night, and of course, that means, Live from the AltCon Studios at Casa de Hammy...we are Getting Hammered!!  Tonight, Stevie J West is out sick so Jodi and Di, two of the lovely ladies from The Red Whine Show here on AltConRadio, have agreed, under much duress, to join me as co-hosts for tonight’s show.  Good for you, bad for them (I owe them BIG time for this). 

    So, what we learned this week: The Taliban not terrorists (apparently), Bergdahl not a deserter (apparently), Romney is not gonna be president (apparently), and the Jordanians are (apparently) the only country that actually knows how to "negotiate" with terrorists.  Plus, we'll talk about the 1rst amendment, yeah, the "establishment" clause part, the part everybody screws up? You know the one, should be, um, interesting :)

    So grab a cold one and join us at the bar...it's Friday Night and we are Getting Hammered!


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    Getting Hammered Radio - The Chicks have Taken Over!

    in Politics Conservative

    The situation has gotten critical at #AltConRadio.  Stevie J West (@StevieJWest), Laura Leigh (@LLMajer), Jodi (@APLMom), and Bails (@BailofRights) have taken over #GettingHammered and are holding Hammy (@e2piltot) hostage!  If the ransom isn’t met, he will belittled and berated by these evil woman types for the entire show, and none of us want THAT (well, Hammy doesn’t want that).  

    Meanwhile, as Hammy is suffering for his misogynistic ways, the “Chicks” will be discussing the latest in the never ending Ray Rice saga, the NFL, Roger Goodell  (poor sap) and how it is NEVER ok to hit a man, uh, woman!  Also, Laura Leigh will increase her winning stretch in football predictions with this week’s picks for the top Saturday games (Hammy will, of course, get all of his wrong).

    Later on, Bails joins us to talk about her new vlog, her music, and catch us up on all things BailOfRights.
    Also, we will be taking your calls…if you’re actually brave enough to call in and provide a dissenting opinion, Hammy will be very happy to have the heat off him for a bit.  So call (646) 716-7039, we’ll make ya famous!

    So grab a cold one and join us at the bar, it’s Friday Night and we are Getting Hammered! 


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    RotoRob Fantasy Football Weekly-Jay Cutler is the Problem

    in Football

    Each week your hosts Josh Johnson and Nick Wagner will give you the goods to help you win your Fantasy Football Crown.

    with special guest  LauraLeigh Majernik of AltCon Radio.

    Sit or Start with Ken LeBlanc

    Plus Josh & Nick will pick every NFL game ATS with Chuck Podhaisky


    Josh is the NFL Editor of RotoRob.com.

    email Josh at:


    tweet him at:



    Nick is a NFL contributor at RotoRob.com

    tweet him at:





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    Quagmire America Radio: The Resurrection Of The GOP In The Heartland

    in Politics Conservative

    Join me, Jason Wade Taylor Along With Steve Hamilton LIVE every Monday @ 10:00pm EST for two hours of hard hitting honest Conservative radio.

    The recent on goings in Conservative social media have gotten to the point of embarrassing, and extremely sad. From Bully’s, to fakes and frauds using the Conservative ‘Tag’ as a means to hawk their goods on Twitter when they are anything but what they claim to be. It pisses me off to watch so many far right Conservatives using the same tactics as the radical progressives have used against us for years.

    This is part three, of a five part series on relearning what it truly means to be Conservative. From being a social Conservative, to being a fiscal Conservative when we did we forget about the Conservative education that the great President Ronald Reagan gave us. When did holding a gun become more important than holding a high school or college diploma in the Conservative party? We will tackle that question and so much more, please tune in.

    Please follow us, Jason Wade Taylor and Steve Hamilton on Twitter and be sure to check out our websitesQuagmireAmerica.Weebly.com & GettingHammeredRadio

    Call in and speak with the hosts  (347)989-1665

    Our Radio shows do many parodies of many individuals, all of which are done by anonymous actors doing voiceover bits.  

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    Getting Hammered with Steve Hamilton and Stevie J West

    in Politics Conservative

    Once again, somehow, between the Ebola and Zombies, we’ve survived the week and it’s time for Getting Hammered.  TONIGHT: Join Stevie and Steve and their guests Jennifer Van Laar (@somethingabtjen),  Donlyn Turnbull (@DonlynTurnbull), and Laura Leigh Majer (@LLMajer) for a couple of hours of the most excitement you can imagine on internet radio (really, this is a true statement)

    First up, Donlyn Turnbull will join us at 10:15PM to talk about her new site DirtySexyDC.com. WOO HOO!  Donlyn is BACK and man have we missed her sites (I’ve barely survived Sunday mornings).  She’s give us the rundown on that and the other great stuff she has going on!

    Next, Jennifer Van Laar, Communications Consultant on the Steve Knight Congressional Campaign and writer at IJ Review, will talk with us about politics, some exciting things she is doing in radio these days, and we’ll be getting her opinion on a few of the crazy things going in our country.  

    Also, our resident Sports Chick, Laura Leigh, host of Down and Dirty Sports here on AltConRadio on Saturday nights will stop by for a few minutes to let us know what games to be watching for this weekend, her predictions, and a bit about what we can look forward to on her show tomorrow night.

    SO, we have a GREAT line up, some awesome women stopping by (who will do their best to keep Hammy in line) and a ton of other stuff for you.  So grab a cold one and join us at the bar.  It’s Friday Night and we’re Getting Hammered!

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    Common Sense with Steve Hamilton and Lady K

    in Politics Conservative

    Tonight: Join host Steve Hamilton (@e2pilot) and guest Lady K (@SouthernKeeks) for a no nonsense #CommonSense look at the issues of the day.  And seriously, we need some, and now! Impeachment, The House suing the President, meanwhile we have an election is 3 months away, Oh yeah, THAT!  If republicans want to take back the Senate, we need to start concentrating on that.  Instead we're infighting, getting distracted, and shooting ourselves in the proverbial foot! It's time for some focus; it's time for some #CommonSense!  

    Plus, we'll cover other events and news, the latest twitter happenings, and poke fun of at least SOMEONE (it's what we do)! All of this and more tonight at 9PM Eastern on AltConRadio!

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    The Backstory with Bree Mars

    in Politics Conservative

     Join me tonight at 8 EST for the inaugural episode of The Backstory. We'll discuss the mounting tension on the Korean Peninsula, Putin and the crisis in Eastern Europe, President Obama's failed diplomacy...AND we will be joined by John Kim, VP of Digital Communications for Folds of Honor.

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    Open Line Friday: W/ Special Guest @Bree_Mars

    in Politics Conservative

    Please join Jason Wade Taylor/Randy Hahn QuagmireAmerica with his beautiful co-host Kat KatRoughRider for the always fun, and sometimes LOUD open line Friday night.

    This Friday night JWT and Kat are joined by a special guest, bree_mars all the way from her BTR show  the-backstory-with-bree-mars this is going to be one hell of a show. Bree’s knowledge of WWII history, and so much more is outstanding to say the least.

    As always, we will be talking ALL your phone calls. The chat room will be open, and it is sure to be rocking. No topic is off limits on OPEN LINE FRIDAY NIGHT, make sure to tune in @ 10:00pm EST for the best three hours of Conservative radio.

    The Call in # 347-989-1665 

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    Warrior Talk with GI Jenn - January 21, 2013 - Lauren Price Interview

    in Politics Conservative

    THIS WEEK - Warrior Talk with GI Jenn we are extremely proud to have USN VETERAN & VETERAN's ADVOCATE Lauren Price calling in to share information about VeteranWARRIORS forcing necessary changes to the VA!!

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    According To Me: The State os the GOP

    in Politics Conservative

    According To Me:

    The State of the GOP


    Tonight, Jason DeWilkins is joined be fellow AltCon Radio host Steve Hamilton as they chat about the current State of the GOP, what's good, what's bad, and where does it go from here.  AND, we want to hear what YOU think.  Call us at (646) 716-7039 with your thoughts on the GOP, the midterm elections, 2016, and beyond.

    Plus, the Asshat of the Week.

    So join us in the chat room and call in with your thoughts.  9 PM Eastern on AltConRadio.

    Follow me on twitter @atm_show

    Like the Facebook page: facebook.com/accordingtomeshow

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    Common Sense with Steve Hamilton - Nov 13, 2013

    in Politics Conservative

    Tonight we are joined by Susan Stimpson, Chairman, Stafford County Board of Supervisors and Past Stafford County Republican Committee Chairman.  Susan was also a candidate for Lt Governor of Virginia.  We will be discussing the impact of ObamaCare on Virginians.  We will also talk about the elections 2 weeks ago and the impact the new administration will have on Virginia.

    Join us at 9:00pm Eastern, if you have any questions for Susan, call in at (646) 716-7039