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    Alien Abduction

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    We will be talking about cases of Alien Abduction cases
    and incounters of UFOs  hope you will join us

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    Matty Beckerman, Director of Alien Abduction

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    Matty Beckerman produced and directed the new movie Alien Abduction, which also includes the Brown Mountain lights mystery. In fact, he got the idea for the movie from stories of strange lights and disappearances in the Brown Mountains of North Carolina. Beckerman says when he first started looking into the mystery to prepare for the filming of the movie he was skeptical. However, now he has seen the lights himself and is convinced that not only are the Brown Mountain lights truly an anomalous phenomena, but alien abductions are really too! We talk to Beckerman about the making of Alien Abduction, and the experiences and research that changed his mind about extraterrestrial visitation and UFOs.

    For more information about Beckerman and the movie, visit: www.alienabductionfilm.com.

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    Alien Abduction and Paranormal Activity

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    This is a reboot show which aired Oct 17,2010 it was a interesting show about how alien abduction and paranormal activity have similar trace activity. Hope you will give a Listen

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    Philip Mantle, Alien Abduction in the UK

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    Philip Mantle is an international UFO researcher, lecturer and broadcaster. His books have been published in six different languages around the world. He is the former Director of Investigations for the British UFO Research Association and former MUFON representative for England. Philip has written articles and features for numerous publications around the world and has been both editor and assistant editor of high street UFO publications. He lives in Pontefract, West Yorkshire, England.

    He has recenlty published a novel on alien abduction called Once Upon a Missing Time, based off of years of research into the topic. He tells us about his book and shares some of the incredible cases that he investigated in the UK that make up some of the information in the novel.

    For more about Philip, visit his website at: www.BeyondRoswell.com.

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    **Alien Abduction** Special Report the "Brown Mountain Lights"

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    Join host Jeffrey Lynn Porter, Sr. as we talk about the “Brown Mountain Lights” and the movie “Alien Abduction” being released April 04, 2014.

    What are the LIGHTS?

    How does the Linville Mountain Research Center help you?


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    Paul Wesley~Activist/Universalist/ Alien Abduction Survivor

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    Paul Wesley

    Paul Wesley is also known as Princetruthchaser. Paul grew up in Philadelphia PA., where his first abduction occurred at the age of 6. Paul is an Activist, Universalist, alien abduction survivor, love vibration & self-empowerment motivator. He is author of his upcoming book From The Couch to The Cosmos.  Paul covered many events as an Activist from The March Against Monsanto to Chemtrails & more! He is responsible for single handedly exposing all mainstream media in Philadelphia, PA for not covering events that matter & one of the 1st people to hold an anti-chemtrail march that brought to light the chemtrail agenda. Throughout his journey for truth, especially in the paranormal field, he has always spread the importance for resistance but how vital love vibration is to our health, well-being and sanity on this planet. His upcoming projects include public speaking, exposing evil in today's society and helping others who have been abducted to speak out. His website is Princetruthchaser.com

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    Searchers, A True Story of Alien Abduction by Ron Felber

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    This true story will change the way you view UFO reports and alien abduction stories. It all began November 1990 while award-winning writer Ron Felber was on a business trip to Southern California when a long-time associate contacted him about a middle class couple, Dawn and Steve Hess, who believed they were victims of an terrifying alien abduction in the Mojave Desert. They were subjected to twenty-four hours of anguishing mental torture while on a camping trip in 1989. At first the Hesses did not want the incident known but finally agreed to let Ron write their story in the book, Searchers: A True Story of Alien Abduction (1994). 

    From the Hesses own recall and hypnotic regression sessions conducted months later a terrifying close encounter of the third kind involving other-worldy creatures and their agenda began to emerge.  The Hesses encounter is one of the most remarkable, detailed and important ufology stories of our time.

    Ron Felber began his writing career with articles based on his experiences for True Detective magazine, and went on to write three books in the classic Nick Carter series. His most recent novel is A Man of Indeterminate Value. His book IL Dottore: The Double Life of a Mafia Doctor is the basis for the Fox TV series, The Mob Doctor.

    Website: www.RonFelber.com 

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    My guest is Joe Montaldo, founder, National Director and spokesperson for the International Community for Alien Research, the UFO Paranormal Radio Network, and talk show host on UFO Undercover Radio. Joe has been a researcher on alien abduction for more than 25 years. He has also appeared on "Coast to Coast" with George Noory. On this show we will be discussing UFOs and the history and latest to do with the alien abduction phenomena, which I consider to be pretty scary stuff. His guest is Jason Wilson, the North American Director for the International Coummnity for Alien Research: I.C.A.R. Please call 347-884-9037 to listen to the show or join us online. Have you seen a UFO? Have you been abducted by aliens? In my memoir, COSMIC CONSPIRACY, is a chapter called "UFOs and the Alien Presence." Tune in and share your experiences during the show! His website: http://www.icar1.com

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    Uncovering The Alien Abduction Files with Denise Stoner and Kathleen Marden

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    Join us Wednesday June 4th, 8pm central for a Duo you won't soon forget!

    Kathleen Marden is a well-known UFO abduction researcher, author and lecturer with 23 years experience in the field. She is MUFON’s International Director of Abduction Research. MUFON's 2012 "Ufologist of the Year".   Betty and Barney Hill are her aunt and uncle. Their terrifying abduction rocked the world in 1961, and to this day is one of the most widely recognized and talked about abductions.  She is the author of, Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience, Science was Wrong, with nuclear physicist/scientific ufologist Stanton T. Friedman, and The Alien Abduction Files, with Denise Stoner

    Denise Stoner is the Director of the "Florida  Research Group" affiliation of UFORCOP.  MUFON National Abduction Research Team (ART) member,Florida MUFON Field Investigator, Star Team Member.  Former Florida MUFON,  State Section Director,  and Chief investigator. She holds educational forums for public and private gatherings for abduction experiencers. Her involvement in the UFO field spans more than 20 years. Denise has appeared on TV and many radio shows, and speaks yearly at the Daytona Museum of Arts and Science and the Paranormal Investigative Association, plus other venues. She has worked as an on-camera expert for documentaries produced in the UK. She is currently moving forward with some exciting new projects.


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    The Alien Abduction Files Authors Kathleen Marden & Denise Stoner& Dr Lou

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    The Alien Abduction Files Authors Kathleen Marden & Denise Stoner
    members of Mufon hear their stories

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    Alien Abduction vs. Old Hag Syndrome

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    This week on Conundrum with Cougar and Slider, we look at sleep paralysis, alien abductions and old hag syndrome.  Are they connected?  Are they all the same thing?  Or are they truly different phenomena?  We have questions, and we hope you do, too!  Call-ins welcome and chat room available.  See you there!

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