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    Episode 1998 - The spirit of atheism and agnosticism - Dr Terry Jefferson

    in Spirituality

    Episode 1998 - The spirit of atheism and agnosticism 
    Dr Terry Jefferson
    Recorded LIVE Fri 12-5-2014 on Omega Man Radio

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    Why Deism is better than atheism and agnosticism

    in Religion

    Agnostics, atheists and Deists are all considered freethinkers -- but Jayson X, the Deputy Director of the World Union of Deists, thinks that Deism is the best option.  He'll explain why in this segment of God Gave Us Reason, Not Religion.
    Deism, agnosticism and atheism are all belief systems,  and of the three, Deism is more useful for promoting truth, virtue, and happiness than the others. Of these belief systems, Jayson says that:
    Deism is the philosophy that one should base all of one's beliefs on reason and reason leads one to conclude that God exists, or at least probably exists. Agnosticism is the philosophy that one should base all of one's beliefs on reason and reason leads one to conclude that one cannot conclude if God exists or not. Atheism is the philosophy that one should base all of one's beliefs on reason and reason leads one to conclude that God does not exist, or at least probably does not exist.  
    "Deism promotes virtue more than Agnosticism and Atheism for at least one reason: If God exists, God might reward relatively good humans after death and punish relatively evil humans after death. In other words, if God exists, true justice is likely to exist," Jayson explains. "True justice is when all creatures get exactly what they deserve. Since true justice obviously does not happen before death, it must happen after death for it to exist; and only God has the power to make true justice a reality."
    But what if there is no life after death? What if there is no punishment?
    Join Jayson and his co-host and fellow Deist, Tim Wingate, as they wade through philosophical ideas about why belief in a God promotes happiness and virtue.
    For upcoming shows, visit GodDiscussion.net.

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    Dikkon Eberhart: The Time Mom Met Hitler, Frost Came to Dinner

    in Christianity

    Our guest today is Dikkon Eberhart.  Dikkon has written a fascinating memoir titled The Time Mom Met Hitler, Frost Came to Dinner, and I Heard the Greatest Story Ever Told

    I’m a literature guy—from Day One.

    In my new book, you’ll read about the literary crafting of my name by my poet father, Richard Eberhart. Dad was a winner of the Pulitzer Prize, the National Book Award, the Bollingen Prize, and others. He served as United States Poet Laureate and for many years as New Hampshire Poet Laureate.

    Dad’s poetic voice gave me a rhythm, a rhyme, and enriched me with poetic references. My poet father molded me as I sought to know our Father.    

    In my book, you’ll read uplifting stories of my encounters with famous poets, actors, folk singers—even a famous spy—and with the others whom Dad knew.  

    I’m a God guy.

    I followed God—in the negative or in the positive—through early agnosticism, through many years of Reform Judaism, through a later flirtation with Orthodox Judaism, and then finally, in older age, into evangelical Baptist Christianity.

    Read about how Dad’s poetic soul made this pilgrimage easier and harder at the same time.  

    Read more at http://www.dikkoneberhart.com 

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    How I would have answered Rev. Eric Strachan

    in Religion

    Several weeks ago, the Freindly Atheist posted a link to a pastor in Canada who was asking, "How come some don't believe there is a god?"  The article cotained a link to the original piece written by Rev Eric Strachan from the New Life Community Church in Petawawa.  It was hard to track him down, but I eventually got to send him an email requesting an interview.  I never heard back.

    So tonight, I'll respond to the few questions Eric asked in his article.  I'll do my best to answer such questions as, "But look at the babies!" and "Why are you so angry at god?"  

    I wish I could have talked to him, but at least you'll get my take.

    Plus your calls.  Awesome!!



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    From The Desk Of Kiler Davenport Presents: The Happy Agnostic

    in Atheism

    Who is God? Where is God? What is God? Why is God? These questions have been asked for thousands and thousands of years with no immediate answers coming to mind. Except those manufactured in the mind of man, woman and child. We have created the gods in our own images. We are terrified of Dante's Inferno. It is child abuse to teach these children of Hell, fire and brimstone. We live in the deep bowels of the matrix. We exist in a well formed vaccuum. We continue to search for questions to answers. Join us tonight as we probe the depths of doubt and climb the mountains of mystery and intrigue.

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    New Release: The Testimony of Jesus (Newport Mesa Bible Class)

    in Christianity

    Welcome to Walter Martin's Bible Class!  We're excited to share with you a new Walter Martin Library of audios recorded more than 30 years ago at his Newport Mesa Sunday Bible Class, and available now for download at http://www.waltermartin.com/whatsnew.html

    Each audio begins with a question and answer session and concludes with a powerful, refreshing message from the Original Bible Answer Man. Full of wisdom, humor, and truth, they share the heart of Walter Martin in a way that will challenge your mind and revive your spirit.

    After decades of silence...they're back!  For more information, check out our newsletter:


    Coming soon...Walter Martin's Melodyland Bible Class!

    Wishing all of you a Blessed Easter!


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    Easter...The Blessed Hope

    in Christianity

    Jesus said, "Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up." (John 2:19) Easter is the celebration of the conquest of death by the Prince of Life and because He lives, we will live. We are not the disciples of a defeated carpenter--we are the disciples of the living Savior. The terrified men who fled from the garden were the men who--overnight--became bold, preaching the Gospel throughout the world.

    What happened? What changed?

    He was alive!

    Today, the same Jesus who gave courage to the weak and ignited the explosive growth of the Early Church is still working miracles. Walter Martin explores the incredible power of Jesus' Resurrection...the blessed hope of every Christian.

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    God, Science, and Religion: Can We All Just Get Along?

    in Relationships

    Is God irrelevant to those who are all about science? Is science irrelevant to those who believe in God? Where does religion fit in this equation? Can we as human beings begin to live in a world where science and technology catches up to civilization without feeling that our core beliefs in God aren't in danger?  Can we live in a world where we embrace science, technology and God simultaneously and without conflict? What part does religion play? Is it merely old dogma that is no longer applicable in society or does it have its place? Are churches losing their appeal? Is the fire and brimstone message effective? Has religion gone too far? Are we evolved to a greater mindset where guilt based religion and shame is no longer warranted or necessary? Do you believe in the afterlife? Is the Bible a whole truth or a loosely based truth? What is the purpose of human life?

    If you've ever pondered these questions in your mind, don't miss this show. We are touching this taboo subject in a very REAL and authentic way on Wednesday. Join me and my co-host, acclaimed actor Leonard Thomas as we welcome Dr. Elliott Maynard, Ph.D and author of "Brave New Mind: Living in a Future-Science World" David Gaggin, former Nasa and Boeing engineer and author of "The Endless Journey: A Unique Perspective on Mankind's Origin, Purpose and Ultimate Destiny" and Pastor Patrick McGrew of Higher Praise Church located in Fort Worth, Texas. Each will be there to pontificate on the subject and to share their perspective on the issues plaguing us as we move forward into the future and what we need to do in order to survive ourselves and our planet!

    This show dares to go where most people don't want to go. If it makes you uncomfortable, that's great. At least you feel something! Tune in for a conscious, relgious and spiritual awakening! Wednesday, March 18th. 12 noon pst., 3 pm est. 


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    The Cult of Liberal Theology

    in Christianity

    The Apostle Paul warned the Church--both ancient and modern--to recognize and defend against certain enemies:  those who come against her from the outside and those who attack from within.  Today, that warning still holds true but the greatest danger by far is not the Atheists, the Agnostics or even the anti-Christian mainstream media--the greatest danger is the corrupt and apostate shepherds who infest our seminaries and colleges and who stand in the way of anyone fighting to preach the Gospel.

    "For the time will come when men will not endure sound doctrine but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers; and they will turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to fables." 2 Timothy 4:3-4

    Walter Martin tackles the cancer of Liberal Theology within the Church...on Night Watch.





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    Strong and weak atheism

    in Religion

    Atheism is a matter of belief, or more accurately, a matter of non-belief.  An atheist does not believe in god or gods.  But there are some atheists, myself included, that take things at step further.  I believe gods do not exist.

    Some people call this positive statement "strong atheism."  Some say it is unnecessary, and places a burden of proof on the atheist that should not be there.

    I'll give my perspective on this, and how it has changed.  I'l talk about what exactly I believe and why.

    Plus your calls.  I believe the awesome sause will flow.  Prove me right!

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    The Parker J Cole Show -- Not God's Type

    in Radio

    I've mentioned this several times in the past on this show but I will always be thankful to the atheist I encountered about ten years ago on a lonely night near Detroit at 3 in the morning. We had a discussion about God, life, and faith to which he asked me questions I did not have answers to. He led me on a path of entering apologetics and learning to love my Lord with even greater fervor. 

    On this episode of the Parker J Cole show, join me as I sit down and chat with Holly Ordway, author of the book, Not God's Type: An Atheist Academic Lays Down Her Arms as she discusses her journey from believing faith was superstitious nonsense to surrending her life to Christ.

    If you're a skeptic, an athiest, agnostic, seeker,  a doubting Christian or not, this show is for you. Join me by calling in at 646-595-2083, press 1 to be live on air. Or, you can download the WLUV radio mobile app today. Tune in!

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