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    Jackie Lapin of Conscious Media Relations -Marketing and Publicity for Your Book

    in Self Help

    Jackie Lapin, professional marketer and publicists has released her new intensive and comprehensive marketing materials which will help you market your products, your speaking engagements and your books.    Join Dr. Carol Francis, Psychologist, with Jackie Lapin and unweave the many threads of selling yourself and becoming known.   

    About the Guest:  Jackie Lapin has developed a marketing company which supports those speakers, writers, and product creators who are expanding peoples' consciousness.   Conscious Media Relations, a media relations agency specializing in all matters relating to mind/body/spirit and conscious living--with its signature radio media tours introducing authors to more than 3,000 radio hosts who are seeking interviews in personal development, spirituality, wellness and inspired living. Her clients have included Don Miguel Ruiz, James Twyman, Dr. Joe Vitale, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Eric Pearl/The Reconnection, Denise Linn, Marie Diamond, Janet and Chris Attwood, Hay House, New World Library, Sounds True, Silent Stay Retreat & Hermitage, AgeNation, Make a Stand, Higher Brain Living and others.

    Dr. Carol Francis, Clinical Psychologist in Los Angeles Area, author of 10 books all about evolving your life to heightened levels, and radio show host, aims to bring quality interviewees who will detail ways to bring the next level of success to your goals and daily strivings.    DrCarolFrancis.com.  

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    AgeNation - Solutions for people who weren't born yesterday

    in Health

    When best-selling authors George and Sedena Cappannelli became caregivers and advocates for their aging parents, it was a wake-up call—one with which so many around the world can identify. The Cappanelli’s experienced first hand the lack of resources, services, compassion and common sense that prevails in our society regarding the needs and opportunities for individuals as they age. As they quickly began to recognize that too many people give up on life as they age—rather than continuing to live with passion and enthusiasm, they decided to create AgeNation. This global organization is committed to providing the very best in information, inspiration and engagement to a rapidly growing audience of older GenXers, Boomers and elders who are committed to living vital, successful and conscious lives.

    With 150 million Americans who will soon be 50 years and older, George and Sedena—experts on individual, organizational and societal transformation—knew it was time to open a portal for the world’s advancing generations—and to influence how we experience the second half of life.

    As advocates, cheerleaders, resource providers and wisdom consolidators, these internationally recognized consultants, coaches and keynote presenters are tapping the vast wealth of experience, knowledge and wisdom from those who are contributing towards the transformation of our society and environment. The Cappannelli's recent multiple award-winning bestseller, Do Not Go Quietly, A Guide To Living Consciously and Aging Wisely For People Who Weren’t Born Yesterday, is the anthem for the AgeNation set.

    The Cappannelli's all-encompassing website, AgeNation.com, includes information on health/wellness, money and financial security, career continuance or change, relationships, transitions, community engagement, travel and much more. 

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    The Dr. Pat Show-Talk Radio to Thrive By!

    in Entertainment

    The Dr. Pat Show: Living and Loving The Life You Were Born To Live - An inspiring three day program featuring George and Sedena Cappannelli who are Experts on Conscious Living and Wise Aging. AgeNation is a global organization committed to providing the very best in information, inspiration, engagement and solutions to a rapidly growing audience of older GenXers, Boomers and elders. George and Sedena, Founding members, are committed to living vital, successful and conscious lives and involving young people who want to know more about and better prepare for the future.

    The Empowered Self Series with Co-host Dr. Friedemann Schaub:
    Part 11 How to Make Trust the Anti-dote to Fear .Do you find it hard to trust?  Trust is a natural ability with which we are borne with. As babies, when we were the most vulnerable and powerless all we could do was trust that the people around us would keep us safe and nourished. However, as life unfolds and we encounter disappointment, hurt and betrayal, our willingness to trust may become greatly diminished. Listen to this interview with award-winning author Dr. Friedemann Schaub and learn the keys on how to build trust in others, yourself and life.

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    How Elders and Luminaries Build a more Age-friendly world for the Future

    in Current Events

    My guests today are Joan Borysenko, a leading luminary as a Wisdom Keeper affiliated with AgeNation's - Navigating Your Future conference series and George Cappannelli, co-founder of AgeNation and author of Do Not Go Quietly.

    In the past few decades of knowledge sharing via internet, the increase in college educated teens post WWII, and the improvements in healthcare have led to an increase in the number people over 50 and they are living very long lives long into their 80's and 90's.  These are not people who are sitting watching television or just sitting on the porch.  Many people now over the age of 50, are rising up; learning more, becoming sometimes more active than before, sharing with people all over the world, and becoming activists for the basics of life, soul, and spirit that keep the meaning of life to the last second of life here on earth.  The freeing of the spirit and increased sense of having a life worth living is driving the AgeNation and other luminaries, elders and Wisdom Keepers to begin to have seminars that bring people together and share their wisdom, hearts and ideas to create a future that is responsive and treats with respect, their elders.

    For more information visit the website; www.AgeNation.com

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    Wisdom Keeper George Cappannelli Shifts How We Live

    in Lifestyle

    We all get older, but just because our lives are shortening doesn't mean that we should live them with any less vigor. George Cappannelli and his wife Sedena are shifting the way that we see our lives later in life. They see how difficult awareness among the community of Baby Boomers and Generation X has become and are working hard to change that.

    They have founded an organization called AgeNation to help. “At no time has their been so many people with such a vast wealth of experience and wisdom on the precipice of a fast-changing world, able and available to contribute so much toward making a difference,” says George. “AgeNation is here to point the way and to give them the tools to fully engage in life in ways that are fulfilling to them and transformative for the planet.”

    George & Sedena are the authors of Do Not Go Quietly, A Guide To Living Consciously and Aging Wisely For People Who Weren’t Born Yesterday. Join Skip Jennings on The Shift With Skip as we talk about making the second half of your life the best yet.  


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    Quality of Life Radio

    in Self Help

    Join Nancy Reid & Lisa Smith – publishers of QualityofLifeMagazine.com, along with guest co-host Bobbi DePorter – President of Quantum Learning Network & Co-Founder of SuperCamp, for Big Blend Radio’s Quality of Life show. This show airs live from the historic Best Western Coronado Motor Inn in Yuma, AZ.
    Featured Guests:
    - George & Sedena Cappannelli - Authors of Amazon best-seller ‘DO NOT GO QUIETLY: A Guide to Living Consciously and Aging Wisely for People Who Weren't Born Yesterday’, and founders of AgeNation.
    - Jared Day – Award-winning Actor, Inspirational Speaker and Coach, and Ex-Army Veteran
    - Aggie Garcia, fashion designer and founder of Illusions by Aggie, will discuss Western Fashions
    - MaryAine Curtis, relationship coach and founder of Inner Journey Adventures, will discuss Dealing with Family as a Couple.
    - Fred Henderson - Funderal Director of at Fred Young Funeral Home in Sonoma County, CA discusses Dealing with Grief during the Holidays.

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    Jean Adrienne - George Cappanelli

    in Spirituality

    George is the founder of AgeNation, and the author of many books. Additionally he is an aclaimed sculptor.