• The integrationist vs the separatist movement's ...

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    The truth doctor and astro black will be discussing what was the best for black people working to build up white America or building up black America and  the race and securing our destiny tune in and give your opinion @www.wake up african people blog talk radio .


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    Marduk Bel - The Ancient Languages of African People

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    Marduk Bel founder of the Temple of Knowledge 720.  Marduk Bel will talk about his upcoming lecture in Detroit on Sat. July 12th at "The Meeting of The Master Teachers Summer 2014 Lecture Series".  He'll discuss Ancient Languages of African people including the Medu Netcher, African History and “The 12 Steps to Consciousness”.


    The lecture series is Sat. July 12th, 10am-10pm and Sun. 11am-3pm at The 5e Gallery, 4605 Cass Ave, (at Forest St.), Detroit, MI (enter through the Forest St. entrance, through the Red Door).  For more information please visit www.AfricanHistoryNetwork.com.


    If you want to learn more about African History and African-American History to counteract the negative images we see of ourselves on the TEL-LIE-VISION (TV), please visit www.AfricanHistoryNetwork.com.  We have information to Educate, Empower and Inspire people of African Descent throughout the Diaspora and around the world.  We have a wide selection of African History and African American History DVD Lectures including "HIDDEN COLORS 1-3" and lectures from Michael Imhotep host of The African History Network Show.

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    shaharazaid ali of hidden colors pt 3

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    Truth doctor and astro black and queen sashet will be interviewing shaharazaid ali she has been on the scene advocating for our people for a long time tune in and ask the question you like to the goddess dont miss this episode of wake up African people ...

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    neo colonization of the black mind ...

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    Are negropeans born or created and who creates them us or the white supremacist system tune in with the truth doctor and astro black blacker than ever


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    the negropean factory incorporated ...

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    Tune in with the truth doctor astro black and queen hashepsut  and find out why a real  black thinking  mind is a terrible thing to waist .


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    truth doctor interviews queen nandi at nandi's knowledge cafe ...

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    This is the place to be if your in highland park Michigan or Detroit or the metropolitan area nandi has built a knowledge empire and saved a lot of people in the wake of her creating her business so if you want black culture she also has a museum of beautiful African art and books books books for your mental next door she has her vintage store come on down and buy black  like Marcus garvey taught us think black be black and buy black


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    the illusion of inclusion has negros in total confusion ...

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    Are you really a part of america have you really ever been a part tune in and state your opinions with me the truth doctor and astro black and queen hashepsut will be laying it down ...

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    Is there a God that fits the ideologies of the western system or is it just a theory concocted by there limited understanding of the concept they got from corrupt  african priest  from the Nile valley civilization


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    truth dr interviews irritated genie what happened in atlanta

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    Irritated jeannie professor griff Sara suten Seti king noble   what's going on in hotlanta at the warriors conferences tune in and get the xxx why is

    it that we can't just get along and build our people's future we have no time for fighting each other the enemy is winning ...

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    civil rights vs black nationalism ...

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    The truth doctor and astro black with bro Craig and our guess brother Cimeron will be discussing the civil rights movement vs black nationalism tune in and give us your take hotep ... Truth dr and Astro black will be discussing how civil fight as was the wrong path for our people to take hands how we were guided to civil rights by the unseen had of white supremacist Jews who control America tune in



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    What is the Direction for African people to Change this dynamic FOREVER??

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    So we have social media, We have Blogtalk radio, we have been in this condition for 400 years and talking AD-NAUSEUM so what now?

    White Jesus going to Save us


    Messey Jessie

    Go to College

    Get aJOB From them

    Healthcare worker

    Exactly WHAT can you do right now today to make a difference and build a thing that can never be taken down, what is the one thing African people can embrace in full to change EVERY single dynamic and metric and write into the Tapestry of history, the New Greatest Empire the earth has ever seen.

    Right here and right now...Tune in..I will tell you exactly What!!!!

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