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    The Knockout Game Is Spreading! A Part of African American Culture?

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    My mouth hangs opens as I write this program description after watching the news and clips are people being punched in the head by black teens and knocked out.  It is a "game" that is spreading worldwide.  It some cases in New York the victims have been exclusively Jewish.  

    There is no denying that African American culture is pop world culture.  All the influences,  from the music, dance, fashion, and slang eventually, end up in the mainstream worldwide.  For decades the "best" of the culture has defined American culture and ultimately the world's pop culture.  But unfortunately the "worse" of what is viewed to be of that "culture" is also spreading... From sagging pants, and now the "knockout game"?  Like sagging, where people of all ethnic groups, ages, and sexes are have adapted this unusual way of wearing pants, are same going to begin punching heads worldwide?  Culture is active.  It is the expression of a people.  However, should the actions of a few represent a culture?  I think not.  But the problem is that these actions become replicated and copied until it is viewed as part of the culture.  It is time for people, particularly from African American culture, to speak out and put a stop to what can eventually end up defining that culture.

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    Misconception of Beauty in the African-American Culture

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    Cosmetic surgery
    Chemical treatments (hair and skin)
    Skin Bleaching
    Body enhancement shots

    Place: www.southernmuscleradio
    Time: Friday Night/January 22, 2015/8:00 pm central/ 9:00 pm Eastern

    What’s your opinion? Call in to the show @ (646) 727-2352 and press 1 to talk with me or just call in to hear my point of view. ??

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    Agitator Radio

    in Politics Progressive

    Host Robert Dawkins discusses: progressive politics, race relations, American politics, African American, culture, demographics, social justice, economic justice, racial disparity, justice, American history, society, social change, law enforcement, police, labor, labor organizing, organized labor, North Carolina, community action, community organization, and more!

    Robert's guest is John Barnett; the topic is police misconduct and citizen oversight

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    Chief Speaks - Self Actualization and Mind Power

    in Spirituality

    Chief Speaks – Spiritual Gifts and Self Actualization Every Sunday call in and speak with Chief Yuya for spiritual advice and counsel.

    This is not a show for spiritual readings so please call into the show at (347) 945-7680 and come prepared with your questions and comments.

    ABOUT CHIEF YUYA: Chief Yuya is an initiated Priest in the Nigerian Orisha tradition and an advanced student of the IFA priestly order, as well. He has been working with the spirit world through various indigenous native systems for over 20 years as a spiritual counselor and guide. Yuya is also the Chief Priest and temple head of "Anu Nation"; where he has initiated a cadre of students into Orisha tradition as well as his own ANU Spiritual Order and currently teaches indigenous occult and mystery systems, African philosophy and spiritual sciences, and divination to adults as well as children through his school, "The Sadulu House Spiritual Center."

    For classes with the Sadulu House please go to http://www.saduluhouse.com/store/
    To schedule a reading or consultation click here.
    To find out where the ANU order will be presenting next go to AnuNation.org/Events

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    Ask Dr. Applewhite “Do “Disabled” Lives Matter?”

    in Education

    The latest protests in the U.S. media are chanting that “Black Lives Matter” In the interest of humanity "all lives matter". However, we must address the injustices to African Americans and other minorities, specifically those with disabilities. All shows feature Vet2Vet Talk with Mitch Caviness and Veterans include tips for Healthy Minds for Healthy Bodies and Legal Advocacy with Dr. Beverly Poellnitz and Lenora Arnold   Your one-time or monthly recurring tax-deductible donation of $5 or more to White Apple Institute will support our radio broadcasts, and allow us to continue helping Adult Learners/Students and Veterans with disabilities reach their education and workforce goals? Visit http://whiteappleinstitute.org and click on DONATE.  Click on RADIO to listen to archived episodes of the Ask Dr. Applewhite (formerly Student2Teacher) Radio Talk Show anytime 24/7.  

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    Agitator Radio

    in Politics Progressive

    Host Robert Dawkins discusses: progressive politics, race relations, American politics, African American, culture, demographics, social justice, economic justice, racial disparity, justice, American history, society, social change, law enforcement, police, labor, labor organizing, organized labor, North Carolina, community action, community organization, and more!

    Robert's guests are Rev. Nelson Johnson from Greensboro NC who is legendary for his police accountability and Jonathan Newton, former police officer now a law school student. Discussion topics include police brutality, mass incarceration and grand jury reform.

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    Why African indigent Energy unveils Christianity is the study of words

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    The African indigent energy that unveils Christianity today is the study of words, the use of cognitive skills and perception. Because three evil religions, have used misnomers and other linguistic misuse of words to twist original meaning of things. And for two millenium they have lead people on a fictional path, to worship in an imaginary spectrum, where a fallacious God dwells and receives praises. For that reason humanity has multiply on population but their joy has decreased instead they are perplexed and full of miseries. The evil of Christianity took the lead, and gave birth to Islam and Judaism. All other religions have taken a back seat leaving them to reign, and if people don't see what is happening to them, they will all be consumed by their fictional naivety in unreality . 

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    Cheryl's World

    in News

    Veteran Journalist Cheryl Smith and Sports Guy Andrew Whigham III feature entertaining guests, thought-provoking news and commentary.

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    The Hushmo Black Forum

    in Current Events

    The Hushmo Black Forum follows current events and news relevant to the African American community. The moderator initiates thought-provoking discussions and conversation for the listing audience throughout cyberspace . Members and guests of Hushmo’s online public forum are diverse individuals who have passionate insights and perspectives on African American issues that range from day-to-day life, politics, media, history, books, sports, entertainment, style, beauty and more.

    The forum features a blog for members to post comments and interact. Writers highlight everything from movies and celebrity fashion to local human interest stories and lifestyle advice.

    The Hushmo Black Forum airs online on Blog Talk Radio every Saturday at 7pm. On Blog Talk Radio, Hushmo Black has taken  an in-depth look at the prolific African American activist W.E.B Du Bois. Hushmo Black has also reviewed and discussed Jimmy C. Cameron's newly released book “RACISM and HATE: an AMERICAN REALITY” and his first book "The Water Boy: The Life and Trials of Jimmy C. Cameron," which documents the life of Jimmy C Cameron and the Cameron family  history in the state of Georgia covering some 230 years and windup centering on an epiphany he had  when wounded in the Vietnam War in 1966."

    Visit The Hushmo Black Forum and stay up-to-date on the latest in African American culture. When you become a member, you're embracing new friendships and a community to share stories and opinions.

    "Like" The Hushmo Black Forum on Facebook and join "The Watering Hole," the place to quench your knowledge thirst!



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    The Free American

    in Education

    Carl Swenssen www.scannedretina.com

    http://www.newearth.events/  COUNTDOWN TO THE LAUNCH OF THE


    America is now occupied by a foreign anti-America occupying force, the DHS,
    that intends to oppress, tyrannize, disarm and systematically mass-murder up to 90% of all Americans.
    Everyday more and more basic freedoms and good American jobs are being removed from America.
    The very best cure is to completely decapitate the WZs from their source of FIAT Money-power by “nationalizing” the Federal Reserve System,
    seizing all its assets, arresting all of its Directors, trying them for RICO Financial Fraud, Sedition and Treason.
    And then all their holdings and gains, yes even personal gains, properties, foreign bank accounts, all assets musty be seized and clawed back including their autos, homes and personal bank accounts. All so-called American Debt and deficits must be immediately cancelled and considered null and void. The DHS principals arrested for Treason and Sedition and foreign espionage agents against America as well as criminal RICO.
    The American Police must return all the Military equipment they were given back to the American Military and their operations once again be performed as “protecting and serving” the community.

    CRD Publishing

    PO Box 144 Big Spring TX 79721

    520-413-2397 Cell 512-767-4561http://freeamerican.comSKYPE Address: freeamerican69


    10:00 am Eastern clay@freeamerican.com

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    African Amercian Cyber Report

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    African Amercian Cyber Report Every Tuesday 6:30pm. - 7:30pm. Est. Log onto www.BuZzAboutitRadio.com or Listen LIVE from your phone by calling: 1-888-547-2899 (BuZz)