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    Embracing Fierce Vulnerability w/Coach Casey

    in Self Help

    We fear being vulnerable. We believe it's weakness. But is it? We explore embracing vulnerability on She Struts Radio with Sophia “Coach” Casey, author and an internationally recognized executive and life coach, corporate trainer, and media personality. She is the founder of Sophia Casey Enterprises and Mentor Coach at Accomplishment Coaching. 

    Coach Casey is the host of The Coach Casey Show, on WLTF Lite 97.5FM, and a very popular show about sex and relationships, The PLAYroom w/Coach Casey. The Martinsburg, West Virginia resident is an alum of UCLA and Johns Hopkins University.  

    Coach Casey is the author of Fierce Vulnerability - A Colored Girl's Truths, Trials and Triumphs  a story about four powerful women Jean Marie, Ava, Vanessa and Simone who live the dream of black affluence in Washington, DC. Each woman, in her own time, begins a dark journey to the underbelly of this dream. Ava is a ball-busting powerhouse in the political sphere. Her's is a constant battle to prove her self-worth. Vanessa does her best to keep up her perfect appearances while wrestling with her own demons in silence. Simone shows the readers the cost of being superwoman and what becomes possible when we lean on our communities and our roots to lift us up. Jean Marie struggles with vulnerability and the personal power it brings through personal losses and challenges. Readers come to know them each through their own distinct voices and get to see them more fully through the eyes of their sisters. It is through their collective perspective, friendship and sisterhood that the audience learns who they are and develop a sense of what it takes to claim freedom, power, and fierce vulnerability for themselves. 

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    #16 | Morning Blend with Tom & Annie Daidone

    in Entrepreneur

    Topic: Affluence vs Influence

    Each and every Friday morning at 9:00 AM EST you need to tune in to listen to "The Morning Blend" with Tom & Annie Daidone. This dynamic couple will share with you an exciting "blend" of everything based on their life experiences in all topics "Blended".

    Don't miss the best way to end up your week with enticing stories, great tips and exact ways that couples can be a powerful force in life and business....together!

    Listen in at TwoBlackSheepRadio.com or call in at (646) 787-8622

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    THE MONEY CODE : Become A Millionaire With The Ancient Jewish Code

    in Paranormal

    The tithe is 10%. What part does it have in it? It is another creation method!

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    THE MONEY CODE: The Ancient Secrets to Becoming Rich

    in Paranormal

    Find out what WORK has to do with Becoming Rich!

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    The Power of Soulful Affluence with Yvonne Bynoe

    in Women

    Join me as I chat over coffee with Yvonne Bynoe about Soulful Affluence!Yvonne is a leadership and business expert whose goal is to help women entrepreneurs to take COURAGEOUS actions to build their businesses.  Fear will sabotage the best marketing.  She works with women to increase their confidence.  She then teaches them easy to understand marketing strategies geared toward attracting high quality clients,  she's an expert at helping women gain clarity and confidence, raising their financial thermostat to a temperature that matches their brilliance — which is often much higher + hotter than they ever imagined.

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    How to Profit from Finding Your Burning Desire

    in Spirituality

    The largest number of heart attacks occurs on Monday morning when people have to return to jobs they hate; jobs that are sending them into a spiral of overwhelm and anxiety attacks. Employers think, “How little can I pay this person before they quit?”  Employees wonder “How little can I do before I get fired?” Those that go the extra mile find there’s a cap on their earning potential. 

    It has been said our greatest human need is affiliation. In a world of instant text messages and virtual friendships we've lost our human connection.  We plug on autopilot like robots earning just enough to survive.

    What if you became the instrument of change and bucked that inhuman system? 

    Today we are going to look at ways to fan the flames of your burning desire. We’ll look at the elements that can transmute your unpleasant daily survival into a beautiful life that brings tears of appreciation, awe and fills you with bliss.

    Follow one woman’s accidental discovery of her labor of love. Learn proven strategies she shares with her team to fuel personal growth, affluence, teamwork, travel and FUN. She’s putting the “U” back into FUN.

    Life is too short for anything else!

    Alison Heath also known as The Longevity Rescuer, hosts several popular video summits: Your Vibrant Health Secrets and the EMF Summit. She has over 25 years as an integrative health coach. As a lifelong entrepreneur she’s worn many hats and founded 9 successful businesses in a variety of areas including a theatre company, computer software development, an art gallery and a water sports operation in Cuba.

    Alison shares her journey and how you can find the culmination of all your talents and make your work into service, connection and bliss.



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    Is Opulence, Wealth and Riches the sign of a TRUE Minister of God?

    in Religion

    It's 11pm Central time and many are glued to the TV screen watching the Saturday POWERBALL drawing! We seem to have a sort of fascination with accumulating wealth and material possesions and wanting to become MILLIONAIRES sometime in our lifetime!




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    Author, Joan DiFuria: Affluence Intelligence

    in Self Help

    It is widely believed that how wealthy you are is a result of external factors. But the surprising truth is that affluence is actually based on a certain way of thinking, one which has never before been discussed. Now, after decades of working with clients of all backgrounds—including billionaires—psychologist Stephen Goldbart and psychotherapist Joan DiFuria reveal the new concept of "Affluence Intelligence," a mindset that makes people not just wealthy but deeply fulfilled.
    Stephen Goldbart, PhD, and Joan Indursky DiFuria, MFT, known for having coined the phrase “sudden wealth syndrome,” are co-founders of the Money, Meaning & Choices Institute, a company dedicated to helping clients maximize the opportunities and minimize the risks of wealth. DiFuria completed the Harvard Business School Program for Management Development, including a degree in education and psychology. She lives with her family in Northern California
    In this segment of The Organic View Radio Show, host, June Stoyer will be joined by special guest Joan DiFuria to talk about how your thoughts really do impact your life!Stay tuned!

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    Celestial Magic, Spells & Insight with Psychic Medium Lisa McGarrity

    in Spirituality

    Lisa McGarrity (www.lisamcgarrity.com) is an authentic, easy-going and practical psychic medium who has been helping people for over twenty years. Lisa is also owner of the highly popular Long Island metaphysical store Envision Crystal (www.envisioncrystal.com). She believes that everyone has the power to shape and control their lives and she enjoys can help others to develop & harness their power. Lisa has the capability of looking any problem from many points of view & offer guidance, especially when life becomes challenging. Many of life's challenges have both mystical causes and mystical cures and Lisa helps others to create their own personal, mystical cure.

    Four types of email consultations are available here: http://lisamcgarrity.myshopify.com/collections/readings and you can always schedule an appointment for a personal psychic reading with Lisa McGarrity at Envsion Crystal- Either call 631-331-3308 or email lisamcgreadings@gmail.com . Personal readings by Lisa McGarrity generally last at least one hour and you should schedule your appointment in advance as Lisa is often booked some months ahead.

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    Create your own new economy and create a beautiful life while you grow younger

    in Spirituality

    Brenda Pearce, RN is known as the Empowered Nurse.  She triages body, mind and spirit, to help others live their fullest, most beautiful life.   Through her co-authored books, blogs, and her own media site she touches lives and shares the teaching of others who are transformational.  She also knows how to create a new economy that transcends borders, barriers and time.   She knows how to tap into the well of abundance and affluence and helps others to do the same.

    For 25+ years Alison Heath, the Longevity Rescuer has helped thousands of individuals and physicians learn to turn back the clock on ageing and enjoy vibrant health. Every aspect of keeping you looking young, feeling great and even being paid to be beautiful are Alison's expertise. She has created several online programs including the Easy Natural Facelift, the Longevity Toolbox and Awaken Your Healing power. Alison hosts the popular summit Your Vibrant Health Secrets

    After experiencing symptoms of EHS (electromagnetic hypersensitivity) recently, Alison created a free interview series bringing world class experts to you on the EMF summit, to help you learn to protect yourself and your family from what scientists are describing as the biggest health crisis humanity has ever faced. 

    Learn more and take action http://bit.ly/CreateABeautifulLife

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    What is the Trauma of Privilege?

    in Psychology

    The children of privilege become young adults who have no idea of real life challenges. They are highly anxious, fearful, depressed, and codependent. This growing tragedy in our community needs more attention by parents and caregivers. Recognizing the patterns of overprotective caregivers, understanding the intolerance of children's insecurities, learning how to deal with narcissistic and self-loathing behaviors, exploring co-dependence, discussing the meaning of true love, dealing with peer pressure, and finding ways for becoming a love-based parent are effective approaches in managing a healthy household.

    I invite you to join me and my dear friend, Harriett Rossetto founder of Beit T'Shuvah the unique residential treatment center and educational institution in West Los Angeles, as we are discussing "the Trauma of Privilege". Harriett has organized a a course in dealing with a range of self-destructive behaviors and addictions, which are the frightening and unintended consequences of affluence and privilege on our youth.

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