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    Exclusive Interview with Donald Trump's Former Top Adviser Roger Stone

    in Current Events

    Roger Stone is an alternative historian who was one the legendary American Republican political consultant who has played a key role in the election of Republican presidents from Richard Nixon to Ronald Reagan to George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush. Stone also served as an assistant to Senator Bob Dole. Stone is the author of "The Man Who Killed Kennedy - the Case Against LBJ" (Skyhorse). Stone is also the author of Nixon's Secrets, a broader look at the rise and fall and rise and fall and final comeback of Richard Milhouse Nixon.

    Stone has also chronicled men's fashion for the New York Times and the Daily Caller. His annual "Ten Best and Worst Dressed" list has been featured on the Huffington Post and the New York Post since 2009. Stone serves as Men's Style Correspondent for the Daily Caller.

    Starting in 1979, Stone served as Regional Political Director for Governor Reagan's 1980 campaign for President handling New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, his native State. Stone became known for his expertise and strategies for motivating and winning ethnic and Catholic voters. Stone went on to serve in the same capacity in Reagan's 1984 reelection campaign adding responsibility for Pennsylvania and Ohio to the states Stone managed in 1980. He went on to serve as a Senior Consultant for California for President George H. W. Bush's campaign. Bush beat Dukakis by 1% in the Golden State. - See more at: http://stonezone.com/about.php#sthash.LNJAhYWn.dpuf

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    Live From Your Gut Featuring Lisa Meisels, RDN, CLT, CHLC

    in Women

    Lisa Meisels, RDN, CLT, CHLC, President of Femanna   she specialized in being  a holistic adviser to women to help them optimize their health to live your life with more passion and abundance of health.  The Menopause Sister will have a great time discussing witih Lisa how our gut health impacts just about every aspect of our lives.

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    Love Your Self; Love Your Life. EPISODE #2.

    in Lifestyle

    Join Kristine Burke, Life Guide, Business Adviser, and Author, on a journey to Love. Building on Episode #1 in which our core choice: Fear OR Love was introduced; this episode will take us one step further toward glimpsing what we will see when we look upon ourselves through love's eyes.

    Burke will begin to share powerful imagery, which will allow us to envision how life works when we are stuck in Fear versus when we are guided and supported by Love. "That's the only choice we make," Burke says, "and all of the great sages have pointed it out. What makes it difficult is that when we are in Fear, we think that life is random and that we must be unlucky (or even lucky). So when life seems to keep giving us random challenges (or bad luck), it seems perfectly natural. Of course, it isn't. There is absolutely nothing random about life. If we take the time to study the natural world, we can quickly see this. Life is absolutely orderly and purposeful. Indeed, life is perfect. And as parts of life, we are, too. But we can't see that until we access love's perspective. That's our great challenge—our only challenge—and thus, our one and only great opportunity."

    Guests will be invited to "call-in" via a weblink to participate in the discussion.


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    Love Your Self; Love Your Life. EPISODE #1.

    in Self Help

    Join Kristine Burke, Life Guide, Business Adviser, and Author, for an in-depth look into pride, shame, love and the tremendous role they play in our lives. Kristine will invite listeners to call-in and share their answers to the following question: Would I rather feel proud of myself or love myself? And why? Having posed this question previously to many audiences, Kristine is confident that this will lead to a lively and insightful discussion.

    "I love this question," Burke says,"because it places our most common inner conflict directly in front of us where we can all see it. Understanding this core cause and effect relationship is the first critical step toward understanding and mastering life's principles. It's nothing short of thrilling to me when people have that first 'AHA' moment, because I know it means that they are on their way to loving life. What could be better than having front row seats to that?"

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    Stephanie Trager - The Success Shaman talks about Influence & Purpose!

    in Business

    Stephanie Trager was once practicing Attorney and now serves as a trusted adviser and intuitive business strategist through her Coaching & Consulting practice.

    Dubbed “The Success Shaman,” she specializes in helping Lawyers, Leaders & Entrepreneurs connect to their inner power, leverage their gifts and position their talent for more income, influence and purpose in their lives.

    Stephanie is also an expert at helping ambitious entrepreneurs and business owners design creative ways to deliver their expertise and challenge the status quo while powerfully positioning themselves as leaders in their lives!


    Contact Info:

    Stephanie Trager







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    Get an A in Country and a great Presidential Candidate with Write-In Ballots: Cu

    in Elections

    You don't have to be awake to see what's going on. Your nightmares should do it for you. Wake up and smell the polution. Open your eyes to see where Politics, Political Parties and Politicians are taking us. Many years ago, a Political candidate asked !! " Are you better off today than...". I am not sure if your senses are tuned in to the fray of deaths, injustices, business bogs and discourtesy confronting us or others who we should care about. How sick is it for the Presidential Candidates getting money to pave their unmerited way into the White House. Now you may feel that I don't belong there. You can feel that way for as long as you fail to calculate the myriad of processes, laws and Congressional actions needed to gain our equilibrium all around us: workplace, schools, campuses. courts, neighborhoods, laws, safety, roads, investing, movie theaters, airplanes, scret clearances. I am onto all of these and more: science, society, wildlife, natural resources, you. Please pay attention and give street cred and credibility to my broadcast and more. I seek the White House as President or Lead Adviser to save and protect us, to better our lives and those of our families',and, much more,,,,  bwell    c2it   I am Curtis Clinton vying for the 2016 Presidency on 120,000,000 Write-In Ballots, without campaign financing, powerful support from the BIgs or even with my family involving themselves. You get me and them, but I am carrying the load. I write my own stuff and i can mispell too  c2

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    Norm Blumenthal, Isabelle Powers, Travis Bliffen

    in Business

    Norm Blumenthal attorney for workers and consumers. Selected as the one of the Top Attorneys in Southern California. Regular contributor on Money For Lunch 

    Travis Bliffen  founder of Stellar SEO, a digital marketing company specializing in search engine optimization. With years of background knowledge to draw from, Travis was able to quickly begin writing for major sites in the SEO industry including a weekly SEO column for Website Magazine. You can find him on Search Engine Journal, Yahoo Small Business Adviser, and many other business and marketing related sites

    Isabelle Powers backrgound in Business Development Management and Organizational development.. As her career progressed very well she wanted to help others, especially when she saw that it was such a big impact, she decided to become Professional Certified coach and still enjoy that a lot till this day

    For more information go to MoneyForLunch.com.
    Connect with Bert Martinez on Facebook.
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    Need help with your business? Contact Bert Martinez.
    Have Bert Martinez speak at your event!


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    Join Butterfly Evolution in welcoming Faith Walker-Vernice Coleman-Walls,

    Prophetess Spiritual Adviser, Lic. & Ordained Minister, Certified Spiritual Counselor, Founder & President, Life Coach, Entrepreneur Adviser

    ?Walls Come Tumbling Down Ministry founder Vernice Walls would travel from city to city ministering, couseling and advising Pastors, leaders, singles and couples of all walks of Life. Showing people how to walk by faith and not by sight so they can give Divine Unconditional Love wherever they place their feet. Being ordained at a young age, Vernice always knew her work was in ministry, to help teach and show God's Unconditional Love to people of all walks of life. 

    She believes that Faith is the key and if you believe you will see and know that with the Divine Creator, ALL things are possible!

    Join the conversation by phone 818-691-7406 or on line at www.blogtalkradio.com/butterflyevolution 

    You will be enlightned and encouraged to begin with the end in mind! 

    What's Holding You Back?

  • Episode 303: China, the Pivot, and the WESTPAC Challenge - With James Kraska

    in Military

    As 2015 starts its final act, where is China heading?

    From her Great Wall of Sand in the South China Sea, to economic stress, and her increasingly nervous neighbors, where does the USA and her allies need to adjust to China’s expanding footprint globally, and where do they need to stand firm?

    Our guest for the full hour to discuss this and more will be James Kraska.

    Dr. James Kraska is Professor in the Stockton Center for the Study of International Law, where he previously served as Howard S. Levie Chair in International Law from 2008-13. During 2013-14, he was a Mary Derrickson McCurdy Visiting Scholar at Duke University, where he taught international law of the sea. He is also a Senior Fellow at the Center for Oceans Law and Policy at the University of Virginia School of Law, Guest Investigator at the Marine Policy Center, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Senior Fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute, and a Senior Associate at the Naval War College's Center on Irregular Warfare and Armed Groups. 

    He developed the first course on maritime security law at the Naval War College, which he also taught at The Hague Academy of International Law and University of Maine School of Law. Commander Kraska served as legal adviser to joint and naval task force commanders in the Asia-Pacific, two tours in Japan and in four Pentagon major staff assignments, including as oceans law and policy adviser as well as chief of international treaty negotiations, both on the Joint Staff. 

    Kraska earned a J.D. from Indiana University, Bloomington, Maurer School of Law and J.S.D. and LL.M. from University of Virginia School of Law; he also completed a master’s degree at the School of Politics and Economics, Claremont Graduate School. In 2010, Kraska was selected for the Alfred Thayer Mahan Award for Literary Achievement by the Navy League of the United States.

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    Smart Marketing for Small Business is Smart Listening!

    in Marketing

    Succcessful marketers are those who understand they are never smart enough thus they keep an open mind to not only learning new things, but relearning fundamentals that still work to ay as they did decades ago. That is one of the goals of this show to reminf as well as inform its audience of that fact.

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    Understand how ISIS became ISIS; Will McCants talks about his new book

    in News

    It’s Wednesday October 21st.

    So do you really understand what ISIS is?

    We’ll find out -- with an expert.

    Will McCants directs the Project on US Relations with the Islamic World at the Brookings Institution.  He also teaches at Johns Hopkins University.  He was also a senior adviser for countering violent extremism at the State Department.  He has just written a book called ISIS Apocalypse: The History, Strategy, and Doomsday Vision of the Islamic State – which I just finished on audible. 

    How Russian military intervention and Vladimir Putin have changed the situation?

    Let me give some of my take-aways for folks who haven’t read the book.  First, this was not a political treatise but an academic view at how ISIS began.  Second, there are no real solutions – or easy solutions – to this problem. I mention this because I think opposing sides in the US obscure what is really happening there – or what can be done.  Is there a real solution to ending ISIS?

    US boots on the ground usually ends up in disaster or encouraging more jihadists.  Same thing here?

    In the short run, ISIS can last with its terror tactics and destroy a lot of lives.  But in the long run, can we assume they won’t exist as a state offering services to its so-called subjects?

    Do we need to worry about ISIS attacking us here?

    Morally corrupt ISIS leaders are in their use of the Koran to justify their barbarism.

    Usama bin Laden was actually moderate and forward thinking compared to ISIS breakaway leaders.

    Most Americans are confused and apathetic about foreign policy issues because they just don’t understand what is happening there.

    Talk about the website Jihadica.