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    The Adam and Eve Theory

    in Higher Education

    Today we are discussing the Biblical story of Adam and Eve. A much-debated topic over the years and this is another topic we wanted to talk about. enjoy!

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    Adam and Eve: Our Original Parents and Our Future Destiny

    in The Bible

    I had a recent broadcast on why we were created and the purpose and meaning of life. I also talked about the relationship between Jesus and Adam and how we were originally created before the entrance of sin in the soul. Jesus is referred to as the second Adam which implicates Adam and Jesus having the same characteristics. The entrance of sin into Adam and Eve, our original parents, changed their character and their perfect relationship with God. However, God's plan of redemption, redeemed us back to our original state of being,i.e., eternal life, holiness, and unlimited power to do good, through the life, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. The Bible says in I John 3:2, "when we see Him (Jesus) we will become like him". The last miracle of our transformation will be, becoming like Jesus. This last miracle transformation relates to John 1:12; As many as received Him, He gave power to become the children of God. Jesus is our All in All.  

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    Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, and the Mystery Bitches-In-law

    in Entertainment

    This episode of The Forbidden Fruit will poke fun at the Original First Family of Adam and Eve. Talk about dysfunctional, they put the "dis" in disfunctional. From listening to a talking snake to killing your brother because God liked his meat offering better than his veggie spread to loads of incest, is going to be interesting to say the least. There is no telling where this discussion may end up. Don't miss this one. It could get real crazy.

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    Were Adam and Eve The First People On Earth?

    in Politics Conservative

    Going to focus on a strict biblical topic today that came up as a question posed to me.  It's a common belief by most Christians and many people who read the bible or whom are familar with the Creation account that the first two people God created were Adam and Eve.  That then opens up generally a number of other questions ranging from where did the other races come from to where did Cain find his wife in the 4th chapter of Genesis.  I believe if we actually read and rightly divide the Creation Story in the book of Genesis,utilizing some Hebrew and common sense and discernment we'll see that there were other people created by God and on earth in this age before Adam and Eve.  So hopefully I'll be able to bring that out for you and maybe erase some confusion even though it may be radically different from what you've been taught or lead to believe before.  That's today at 4:30 Eastern time and archived afterward

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    Chasing the Dragon, Adam and Eve and the Naked Truth about Western Government

    in Current Events

    EVERYTHING is on the table for discussion. Absolutely EVERYTHING. (Yes, that is an image of Galileo's middle finger.)

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    Episode 1: Adam and Eve

    in Relationships

    Join Sloan and Rae as they explore the first people to ever do it, Adam and Eve!

    Listen to their crazy musings, this and every Wednesday at 10pm!

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    History has no monotheism spirit-God, Satan, Adam or Eve.

    in Music

    When was the concept of God first introduced in history? Who came up with it? What was the intention - was it social, political or something else?  The question is more about the when, why and how the "concept" of God came into being. I am not looking at it from the "theism vs atheism" point of view. I am trying to reason from "historical" perspective. To make it clearer, we know that the early humans were hunters, then came fire, wheel, iron age, etc. and then came civilization and *BANG* there was a temple in the civilized world! People already feared and worshipped "God". It surely couldn't have happened all of a sudden (or did it?).  Why did the concept even originate? It couldn't just have been out of fear- thats demon! What made human being put faith in and worship an entity called "God"?   Or was this concept introduced with some other socio-political reason by someone? What caused God to become the center of religion?   Who came up with this concept first?   History only contain parochial and anthropic things, and has no record of ghost that is call spirit. People are confused about origins of people, because they were not expose to world history. Religion force the concept of God on people through belief and faith. History tells that Gods and goddesses came to earth and hybrid Primitive Workers approxmimatelt 200,000 years ago, and human pagan religion first brgan for those initial people as precedence.  

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    Adam and Eve - Wilderness Earth

    in Religion

    We will discuss Adam and Eve's banishment from paradise and placement on the wilderness of the earth.  I will emphasize what happened when they lost their bright natures and how they ended up being here in the cave of treasures in fallen state.

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    S6 E6: And God gave Freewill pt 2

    in Lifestyle

    We are going to discuss the why part of the Adam and Eve story. Why did God leave the tree? Why did Adam sin when he knew it was wrong? Why did God through them out before eating of the other tree? Why and so forth. The questions continue to go on and on. Listen so we can discuss and understand the story a bit more. We will get on the ball to be better believers in Christ. The likeness of God is what we are, not what we been. This subject will be altered and a Francis Chan episode will be aired.

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    Direct Action of Self for Leadership/ Where is Adam and Eve?

    in Religion

    The life of all humans has been attributed to the story of Adam our father and Eve our mother.  We ask the question.  Are those people or are they principle characters representing our mental makeup and how we are shaped in our thinking processes?  Sigmund Freud and his associates or students were very apt about the brain of the humnan being and how thoughts transferred into actions.  Keep an open mind as we travel this avenue in Getting to know the real YOU!