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    ACA and DSP will be promoting selected artists of all genres. Our artists music ranges from bands to individual musicians. Keep this important information for easy access for listening and live interviews:Listener dial-in number:(646) 649-1920 

    ACA is a one-stop shop for the entertainment business. Creatives can select any service a la carte and design the services that they need to succeed in their area of the business. Services include: Recording Studio, Artist Management, Booking, Publishing, Record Label Administration, Video Production, Web Design and Graphics, Social Media Optimization.

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    ACA fight dead? POTUS & military experience? and more...

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    Showtime 8AM-10AM EST: It's Anything Goes Monday! Today is your day so bring your topics or questions to conversations. Can't think of anything to talk about or questions to asks, never fear...I have plenty to say. Just a few examples on the table: Has the GOP given up on stopping ACA/Obamacare? Should POTUS have military experience? Is the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) approving drugs at the request of politicians and medical societies? Is inequality a ficticious and just an excuse?

    Join me "In the Pickle Barrel" as we take  a look at whatever comes up on Anything Goes Monday. ake part in the conversations in the online Chat Room or call and share your thoughts live on ar at 855-236-2486.

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    Libertarian Problems and also ACA subsidies

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    On the April 23, 2015 episode of Liberal Dan Radio: 

    Yesterday was Earth Day. To celebrate it I had shared a picture on my facebook wall saying "Happy Libertarian Earth Day" with a picture of a sunken ship and pollution everywhere. This caused a big debate. On many issues I do believe Libertarians have it right (mostly because they agree with liberals). However, in some areas their line of reasoning is flawed and even damaging. Can the invisible hand effectively stop pollution? Does the non aggression principal allow for government regulation?

    In the second half I will be discussing King V Burwell. Arguments were made in March to the Supreme Court. I will have on as a guest Todd Haley who was able to get affordable health coverage under the ACA and whose case was brought up by Harvard Law School Center for Health Law and Public Policy. Mr. Haley would lose affordable coverage and would be adversely effected by a ruling against subsidies on exchanges that are federally run. 

    Those topics, headlines, tweet of the week, and more on Liberal Dan Radio: Talk From The Left, That's Right at 8pm Central on Blog Talk Radio. 

    Remember, you can always support the show by contributing to the Liberal Dan Radio Go Fund Me page. 

    Finally, if you are listening after the live broadcast you can always leave comments at LiberalDan.com. 

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    Lindsey Benage & National ACA/Medicaid Vigils; Pamela John & ACA Success Stories

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    With a hurricane of negativity & false ACA horror stories flying from the right, the truth is out there.  The truth is negative (at the hands of Red State legislatures & Red State Governors), with denial of Medicaid Expansion money (already paid for by Red State taxpayers) costing lives.  The truth is also positive, with hundreds of thousands of citizens getting more comprehensive coverage, as well as lower monthly premiums and lower deductibles.

    Our first guest is Lindsey Benage, of Kansas, who has seen the negativity of Red State pushback, as manifested by ultra-conservative Gov. Sam Brownback and the Kansas legislature.  People are most certainly dying, as evidenced by Mayor O'Neal walking to DC to raise awareness that citizens of his town Belhaven, NC are dying without the services at Pungo Hospital.  Lindsey is passionate about speaking up for the lives of those that will certainly die without Medicaid or insurance.  That is why she is organizing, with the help of others (including you), a nationally coordinated series of vigils to acknowledge the hurt that comes without the help of Medicaid Expansion or good health insurance coverage. Please tune in just after 7pm Eastern to hear Lindsey's story and to get more details about the effort to raise awareness through these vigils.  She will have most of the first hour.

    Our second guest is already a friend of the show.  Pamela John has appeared once before (back in May), sharing many stories submitted by real folks who shared their ACA success stories.  Please tune in after 8pm Eastern to hear more about her story and, more importantly, the ACA Success Stories!

    With so many lives on the line, this will be an important show.  Don't miss it!  Let's get the conversation going...

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    The Private Sector Comes Through Again! Jobs, ACA, Speeches And Roads

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    What a nice Jobs Report. Not perfect, but nice. It has a lot of what I look for. Besides job growth, we had signs of less discouragement as 350,000+ people began looking for work again. This led to an uptick in the unemployment rate, but for all the right reasons. That being said, there still reason to raise an eyebrow (or two), but overall, it was a third month in a row of encouraging news.

    Obamacare is under attack. We will look at this upcoming Supreme Court Case, King v Burwell. What will happen this time? Will Roberts jump ship again? Will it be Kennedy this time. I'll tell you why Obamacare opponents should not get their hopes up. The intent of congress will rule this ruling.

    And back to Netanyahu .... As the Grinch said about Christmas, maybe this speech isn't just a speech. Maybe this speech is a little bit more. I wonder which story will have more staying power .... Brian Williams foggy memory or the Netanyahu uproar. In any case, there is now backlash to the backlash and we will talk about it.

    And in that same region, John Kerry says we are 'on the road' to defeating ISIS. I think the Allstate Mayhem dude keeps re-calculating Kerry's GPS. What road is Kerry talking about? Has that road even been built yet? I wonder.

    All this and more Monday night at 8pm EST ..... Come jump into my pond.

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    GOP Senate fails Keystone override; SCOTUS split on ACA subsidies, What's next?

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    Conversation takes place "In the Pickle Barrel" at 8AM-10AM EST. Join the coversations in the online chat room or Bill live on air by calling  855-236-2486. Your voice is important.

    The so called "GOP controlled Senate" took another 'whup'n' with it's failure to override Obama's veto of legislation approving the Keystone XL pipeline. How did this failure happen? Is the pipeline plugged or is there still a chance to move this project forward? 

    The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) has definitely left the ACA (aka Obamacare) "In the Pickle Barrel". Do not expect a quick answer on this very important ruling. When and how will SCOTUS finally address this issue? 



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    ACA and the Young Adult Coverage

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    Managing Change is
    a content rich, filled hour in which you will hear and identify with diverse perspectives about change. Eclectic points of view in addressing the family nucleus. Answers for your career, solutions for your business and for that entrepreneurial spirit which is uniquely American.  Our guest share with you every week, their own Life’s Perspectives on having mapped their minds for success.

    Come join us and voice your thoughts in our ‘Forums’ and create your own ‘Groups’ while feeding off the energy that inspires us to do better for ourselves and for one another.

    Join us on BlogTalkRadio every Tuesday and Thursday at 7:00 PM EST for Managing Change. Real Time Content - Providing Real Time Solutions.  

    Office: 609-735-2761
    Fax: 609-283-0217
    e-mail: Ronald@ManagingChange2.com

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    Pamela John of "ACA Success Stories" & Moms Rising blog on ACA Success Stories!

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    It started with a woman anxiously awaiting the healthcare.gov site going live.  (As she said) It was like Christmas morning logging on to the healthcare.gov site for the first time.  Pamela Johns was able to sign up on the site, get health insurance through the exchange and saved more than $100 a month in health insurance premiums.  She took to Facebook to share the good news in a status update.  Many friends congratulated her and one friend suggested the idea of creating a page for success stories like hers.

    Pamela, along with said friend Bruce Bacon approached Rob Miller about his "ACA Signup Success Stories" page on Facebook.  They agreed to work together to promote his page and get the truth of the "Obamacare" success stories out there amidst the government shutdown and the nasty talk about the troubled launch of healthcare.gov.

    Within weeks, the site jumped from 12 likes to 700 likes to now over 10,000 likes on Facebook.

    Pamela John, one of the purveyors of the ACA Success Stories truth will be joining us on The Social Spitball Show to talk about some of those stories.  She will also share more about what she, Rob and Bruce are up to with so many others who have jumped in to make this page a success as well.

    With the sharing of truth, comes the healing of our nation...quite literally.

    Won't you call (646) 478-3349 and press 1 to share your ACA Success Story with Pamela, Barbara Dee, Bram Sarkowski and the listening audience?

    This is most certainly a needed conversation.  Let's get this most important conversation going...

    LEARN MORE ABOUT the history and success of "ACA Success Stories" using the following links and ways to connect:




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    Would the Real ObamaCare Please Stand Up: Do You Qualify for ACA Subsidies?

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    Would The Real ObamaCare Please Stand Up:  The no politics spin free zone for healthcare and the Affordable Care Act with your Hosts Alex Greenwood and federally-certified ACA specialist, Greg Howard.

    On today's show discover what could happen to your healthcare costs if your state opted out of the ACA exchange and what options you still have available
    Subsidies; who gets them and how to qualify for them and...
    Ways to cut costs on your prescription medication

    For more information on today's show visit:  www.acamadeeasy.com

    Show music --"Protofunk by Kevin McLeod of Incompetech." 

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    TLFR: Being a Christian Born-Alive in a Riot Under Obamacare!

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    Today, we will tackle headlines in the pro-life direction.  First things first, we need to credit and comment about the developments in Baltimore, MD.  And you need to know what is pro-life about this situation, as it was with Ferguson.

    Democrats doing what they always do, and that is opposing all that is life and life-affirming of the youngest of humanity.  We will be discussing Colorado's narrow defeat of their infant Born Alive Protection Act.

    Surprise!  If you  have a pre-existing condition, guess what Obamacare will NOT do for you.  If you answered "Pay for my medication," you are correct!  We will be discussing at length how the ACA is doing to America everything opposite to what advertisers said it wouldn't.

    Lastly, it is a changed world with the rise of ISIS.  We will be discussing the Christian persecution that hasn't been seen for a thousand years in the Middle East.

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    The Social Spitball Show: ACA (Obamacare) Success Stories CALL IN!!

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    On this episode of the Social Spitball Show, Bram Sarkowski & Barbara Dee will be taking calls from anyone with ACA Success stories to tell.  Call (646) 478-3349 and press "1" to indicate your desire to speak.

     Please call in and participate, share your stories..let's get the word out about the good the ACA has done and is continuing to do and how it makes a difference in people's lives to have affordable healthcare.

    Join the show LIVE!  Chat with us during the show!

    What would happen if the GOP repealed Obamacare?

    The consequences of repeal, health care officials and industry analysts say, go beyond the fact that 9 million people would suddenly lose their insurance or that anyone with a pre-existing condition would either lose insurance or pay much higher premiums.

    All consumers would take a huge financial hit, because health care costs would continue to rise, and insurers would probably recoup their losses by charging higher premiums.

    How will Obamcare be remembered in history poll?
    http://on.msnbc.com/1jYa0B7 -
    See more at: http://knowyourcandidates.weebly.com/#sthash.Zs9SaLgf.dpuf

    Call (646) 478-3349.  Share your success story.  Let's get the conversation going...