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    Empowering Women: Removing Patriarchy In Tomorrow's World

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    The  "Save Our Girls" meeting held in Chicago and telecast via Internet around the world was a huge success. It opened the eyes of our young women and girls as to the awesome task they have before them to create a new world. The patriarchical culture of today must be abolished, along with sexist attitudes that demean the worth of women. Such is the task of today's women, to create a new way of thinking in their daughters in order that they may give birth to and raise a different kind of child. How do we empower women to overcome their own low self esteem an sense of self worth, particularly when society tells them they are only as valuable as their physical attractiveness and their money and possessions? Many women engage in self destructive behavior (alcohol, drugs, sexual promiscuity, overindulgence in food) because of deep emotional pain from childhood in which their fathers were absent.How do we help women overcome the tremendous feeling of rejection and abandonment that comes from being raised without a father in their lives?

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    Episode #175 Cows

    in Religion

    This random week, high school essay topics, the actual problem, Cows, Spring Break should be abolished.

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    How Can We Create A Policeless Society?

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    Every society in the world does not have an armed police force.  Many United States citizens who have never traveled abroad don't know this. Every society in the world does not have prison as a major business industry, nor does every society engage in the incarceration of its citizens as a veiled extention of a slave system that was supposedly abolished 150 years ago. Current events are indicators that the police system in Amerca does not work because it does not attract people with the right intentions. It would be nice if the intention of a police force were to make the world safe by encouraging citizens to treat each other with respect and compassion. Instead, this is an organization that attracts bullies, it attracts fearful, bigoted, angry people who hurt people. Such people should not be in authority over others and they most certainly should not be armed. Communities where people are friendly, where elders are respected as authority figures and where neighbors choose to share what they have are communities that don't need police. Can we go block by block and repair the relationships between neighbors and actually eliminate the need for an armed police force to settle our differences? It really is do-able, and these latest attacts on unarmed citizens is a wake-up call that it is necessary. There is a way to evolve into a police-less society. Do you know the members of every household on your block? Do you feel safe around your neighbors? What can you and your neighbors do to peacefully settle conflicts and thereby eliminate the need to call armed and dangerous police officers?

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    Sunday's with Dr. Shawn - Is Torah dead? Is Torah replaced?

    in Politics Conservative

    Is Torah abolished?  Is Torah dead?  Is the Law no longer significant?  Does the Law matter?  

    In Chapter 3 of 2 Corinthians there are some statements made by Sha'ul that simply cannot be quickly read and ignored.  The words of Yeshua Himself are imperative to understand if you are to understand these words of Sha'ul.  

    These words, written to the Corinthian church mean more than you might think and they do NOT mean what you may have been taught.  Context isn't important, context is EVERYTHING!

    You will be fulfilled if you listen....  Tell your friends!  LIVE, right here!   Tonight at 5:30pm!

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    Camden Schools Test Scores A Colossal Disaster

    in Moms and Family

     America's second most egregious sin is the deliberate failing public school system. Education is a civil right and the system itself is proving to be a cash cow for corrupt politicians and government employee's. The callous response of the system controlled by the Teachers Union is criminal and the only way this will ever change is through parental revolt. Protest should be unimpeded until the destruction of this pipeline to destruction is abolished.

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    Back to What Good Old Days for Blacks?

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    In the past, business owners have provided jobs and everyone was working. Why can't government let us get back to life like it was then? Why don't government just get out of the way and let business owners do what they  want? What time period was it when everyone in America who wanted a job, had a job and could purchase all the things they needed? Never ever has there been such a time. I worked over 40 years and I should have accomplished as much as my White counter part but I did not. Why not? Institutional racism. It is a part of life in America. It became part of life when slavery was abolished. Institutional racism was/is White men rebellious act toward government taking away their property, known as slaves. White men decided to not pay people wages whose labor they had gotten for free. And so institutional racism which begin in 1865 is backed up today by jobs numbers for February 2015.  Whites 4.7%. Latinos 6.6%. Blacks 10.5%. Oh and by the way. White men got paid by governement to give up their property, known today as Black people and government reneged on 40 acres and a mule the Black people.

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    Hitman Holla Vs Shotty Horroh | Naked man Shot by cops & Racist Frat

    in Hip Hop Music

    Topics for this week:

    Slavery Never Abolished in the United States:

    Naked Black Man Shot Fatally by White Cop

    Battle For This weeks Show:
    Prep Vs Saga

    HItman Holla Vs Shotty Horroh

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    DSD22 Why does the South always come last in progress?

    in Lifestyle

    The south's history is full of event's where the powers that be are always on the wrong side of history. Slavery was abolished 20 years in the North before it took a war to stop it down south. Electricity most southern rural citizen got electricity years after everyone else did and it took FDR (a Northerner) to get that done. Civil Rights, the south fought tooth and nail and it took Federal troops again to get them to accept (on paper) the terms of equality. Today it is LGBT rights, Health care, Voters Rights (Still), True Free Enterpise, and the War on Drugs. We can't seem to get it? Today's show we will dig deep and ask the questions and get some answers. On the way DSD can.....

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    Part3 Sabbath Answers......

    in Christianity

    Join us on Blogtalkradio 2/23/2015 at 7:30pm..."Sabbath Then and Sabbath Now"....What significant role will the Sabbath have in last days, Was it really done abolished, Does it really matter to God about Sabbath, and more....call in (347) 989-8781 .....as we discover What the Word of God has to say, unfolding history....with understanding and clarity, for the glory of God.... You don't want to miss this upcoming blogtalkradio

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    Netanyahu - Keystone - High Rabbits and more

    in Politics

    Hr1   Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's speech.

    The NEW Conservative Book Club... it's the Oprah Winfrey book club for the Right (only better)!  Editor Christopher Malagisi talks about the site's digital relaunch.

    Fact-checking the Keystone XL Pipeline. Obama lied? Say it isn't so.

    Hillary Clinton broke Federal law by not having (and using) an official State Department email address for communications.

    Hr2  Want to work for a Catholic school? You'll be expected to uphold the church's teachings. Sounds reasonable. Employers have rules. You don't have to take the job. Why is this controversial? It's San Francisco! Anything that doesn't approve of the gay lifestyle must be abolished.

    Parenting doesn't look the same as it did 40 years ago, with internet and social media, it's a whole new world. Jake Greene, millennial author, talks about millennial parenting

    Hr3  University debates non-discrimination in the clubs. Allowing Christians to run atheist clubs and vice versa. PC run amok. 

    Multiple cups of coffee MAY reduce your risk of Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's, and Alzheimer's. Sounds like good news. 

    Store, Marks & Spencer, bans use of words Jesus and Christ in gift messages, but jihad Buddha Allah are ok.

    DEA warns of stoned rabbits if Utah passes medical marijuana. Really? That's your biggest concern?

    Liberals go crazy over beautiful women working in Scott Walker's office. Is that all they could find? That's not a scandal folks. 

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    My Mother Was Born 50 Years After Slavery Was Abolished

    in Politics

    A slave begat offspring who would own their own farm.

    The farm owners begat offspring who would own their own homes in major cities across America.

    That group of home owners begat offspring who own homes, traveled freely across America, served in the military.

    And the 4th generation to experience freedom in America own homes, cars, inherited proper across America, and rasied offspring who are today professionals.

    America is now 150 years out of the ownership of human beings. My mother was born 50 years after slavery was abolished. My mother's grandmother was 8 years old when the ownerhip of human beings ended in America. My ancestors left as much of slavery as they could behind them and traveled into other states to begin lives as free people. I know my history. I am proud of my history. And fact is, my family, slavery ancestry and all, has been far more successful than many Americans who never experienced slavery. So when I hear words meant to degrade Blacks, I think and recognize, too many people know too little about American history. And not knowing history causes people to do and say things without really understanding what the consequences could be. America got to where we are because Americans are for the most part, people with pride, charitable, civic minded, and spiritual people. Such people, throughout history has been ridiculed and even killed because they had not hate in their hearts for people unlike themselves. Hate is bubbling up in America once again. Once again the people are uniting and calling out the uglyness of what was once ownership of human beings, but is now racist, wanna be behavior.