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    Netanyahu - Keystone - High Rabbits and more

    in Politics

    Hr1   Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's speech.

    The NEW Conservative Book Club... it's the Oprah Winfrey book club for the Right (only better)!  Editor Christopher Malagisi talks about the site's digital relaunch.

    Fact-checking the Keystone XL Pipeline. Obama lied? Say it isn't so.

    Hillary Clinton broke Federal law by not having (and using) an official State Department email address for communications.

    Hr2  Want to work for a Catholic school? You'll be expected to uphold the church's teachings. Sounds reasonable. Employers have rules. You don't have to take the job. Why is this controversial? It's San Francisco! Anything that doesn't approve of the gay lifestyle must be abolished.

    Parenting doesn't look the same as it did 40 years ago, with internet and social media, it's a whole new world. Jake Greene, millennial author, talks about millennial parenting

    Hr3  University debates non-discrimination in the clubs. Allowing Christians to run atheist clubs and vice versa. PC run amok. 

    Multiple cups of coffee MAY reduce your risk of Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's, and Alzheimer's. Sounds like good news. 

    Store, Marks & Spencer, bans use of words Jesus and Christ in gift messages, but jihad Buddha Allah are ok.

    DEA warns of stoned rabbits if Utah passes medical marijuana. Really? That's your biggest concern?

    Liberals go crazy over beautiful women working in Scott Walker's office. Is that all they could find? That's not a scandal folks. 

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    The Start of Black History

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    It's Black History Month and wherever you are, you should be either studying Black History, or planning to create Black History.

    Instead of discussing some great achievements by Black men or Black women, I'd like to discuss the great achievements that lie ahead of Africans in America. Those great achievements can only occur after we define ourselves with some practicality and foresight.

    When it comes to Black History, most Africans in America start studying sometime around the beginning of the slave trade and bring it through to about the middle of the twentieth century. That's a very short history for a people with such a rich background.

    We have to decide where to begin Black History. We also have to stop talking about getting rid of Black History Month.

    Listen to The Bridge Radio Today at 4pm Pacific as we discuss the start of Black History and the argument over whether Black History Month should be abolished. Join Award-Winning Author Darryl James and co-hosts Tracy Powell, Dr. John Hamilton, Marcus D. LeGall III and DJ Gates on one of the most intellectually stimulating shows on radio.

    Tune in each Sunday at 4PM Pacific Time for "The Bridge," a smarter radio show.

    Call in and add your view! (347) 857-2846 to listen LIVE and/or comment!

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    Celebrating Freedom December 18: How The 13th Amendment Preserves U.S. Slavery

    in Women

    This present generation may not remember, but nearly 150 years ago, the United States added a 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution which appeared to abolish slavery. How could a nation whose economy was built on a system of free labor suddenly abolish it? Well, the truth is, slavery in America was never abolished, it was merely redirected to the prison system. Today activist EvAngel Mama Dee Love explains the upcoming commemoration of December 18, 2014, as the day the 13th amendment was passed. What does it's passage really mean? How is it connected to America's growing prison population? Who are the private investors in the prison industry? What companies use prison labor but won't employ ex-felons? How many innocent people are serving time in prison because of a plea bargain deal?How can we put an end to this modern day slavery?

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    Afro-Latin abolitionist movements - Afro-Latin Presidents with Prof. Paul Ortiz

    in Education

    Join The Gist of Freedom with host Natasha Demosthene and guest Professor Paul Ortiz. Vicente Guerrero, Mexico’s first black president and other iconic revolutionaries will be discussed.

    Black Mexican President Ended Slavery!

    During the Civil War Slavers fled to and hid blacks in Gavelston, Texas! Vicente Guerrero, Mexico’s first black president Abolished Slavery, Assisted Escaping Blacks and Fought Texas!

    Texas President Sam Houston lamented that " two valuable negro boys for which I had paid in cash $2100 previous to my visit to Nashville, ran away last spring to Mexico. Thus you can see I am in bad luck."

    Just two and a half months after Mexico abolished slavery, officials were uneasy about the numbers of new European Americans settling within Mexico and they attempted to curb the number of newcomers.

    In 1830, Mexico decreed that foreigners could not cross the border without obtaining a passport issued by Mexican agents.Texans did not respect the MEXICAN border in their pursuits of Freed Blacks. In 1855, Captain James Callahan of the Texas Rangers entered Mexico in an attempt to recapture self-emancipated Africans.

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    Black History Month Aint NO Black Fad, Politicians

    in Politics

    February, the shortest month is packed with events and holidays of the heart. We get Valentine Day! President's Day! Madi Gras! and Lent begins! Black History Month is also celebrated this month mostly by Blacks. There will be lots of spending and lots of entertaining. Tribute is paid to inventions and accomplishments of Blacks. Whites and Blacks ask why Black History is celebrated. It's time for a national honest discussion. America's politicians need to answer the question with honest talks about the role government played in the beginning of slavery, during and after slavery was abolished. Politics setup this America. Politics must tear down this America. Politicians must lead a candid, respectful, conversation about slavery, abolistion, broken promises, laws that  created a new slavery, and killings of free Blacks that went unpunished. Only government can facilitate much needed conversations to deliver an all inclusive America. Time for politicians to roll up their sleeves and put slavery behind us in America.

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    The Week(s) In Review, Back From Vacation, Super Bowl Post-Mortem

    in Lifestyle

    Your hosts return from vacation with a smorgasbord of tales from New Orleans and the West Indies, the horrors of air travel, and of course, Super Bowl 49.

    How's the weather in New England?

    Should Ground Hog Day be abolished? (answer: YES)

    What's been going on in the news? We'll talk about that too!

    And we'll kick off Black History Month, and promise some educational BHM shows coming up in teh following weeks.

    Call us at 347-850-8445 and join the conversation!

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    We will sodomize your sons, The Homosexual Manifesto and revolution done!

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    Micheal Swift published the Homosexual Manifesto, an essay on the homosexual revolution, over 15 years ago in June of 1998.  Already we see today many if not all of the predictions have been accomplished.  eg. All laws banning homosexual activity will be revoked. Instead legislation shall be passed which engenders love between men. (2) All Churches who condemn us will be closed. (3) The family unit - spawning ground of lies, betrayals, mediocracy, hypocrisy, and violence - will be abolished. The family unit.....must be eliminated. This essay was reprinted in the 15-21 Febuary, 1987 Congressional record.   But God has something else to say!!

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    Remembering Mr Cub Ernie Banks

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    "Today is Ernie birthday and the 150th anniversary of Congress’s passage of the 13th Amendment, which abolished slavery. Smiling faces can sometimes conceal what’s deep within,” Ernie Banks’s cheerfulness as a thermostat that “helped control the temperature” of his times,disarmed adversaries with optimism” and “branded good will.” Rev Jesse Jackson

     “Let’s Play Two!”  Ernie Banks

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    My Mother Was Born 50 Years After Slavery Was Abolished

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    A slave begat offspring who would own their own farm.

    The farm owners begat offspring who would own their own homes in major cities across America.

    That group of home owners begat offspring who own homes, traveled freely across America, served in the military.

    And the 4th generation to experience freedom in America own homes, cars, inherited proper across America, and rasied offspring who are today professionals.

    America is now 150 years out of the ownership of human beings. My mother was born 50 years after slavery was abolished. My mother's grandmother was 8 years old when the ownerhip of human beings ended in America. My ancestors left as much of slavery as they could behind them and traveled into other states to begin lives as free people. I know my history. I am proud of my history. And fact is, my family, slavery ancestry and all, has been far more successful than many Americans who never experienced slavery. So when I hear words meant to degrade Blacks, I think and recognize, too many people know too little about American history. And not knowing history causes people to do and say things without really understanding what the consequences could be. America got to where we are because Americans are for the most part, people with pride, charitable, civic minded, and spiritual people. Such people, throughout history has been ridiculed and even killed because they had not hate in their hearts for people unlike themselves. Hate is bubbling up in America once again. Once again the people are uniting and calling out the uglyness of what was once ownership of human beings, but is now racist, wanna be behavior.

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    Hi Folks. Tonight Jim and both have obligations that we cannot forsake. Family is our first ministry. However, so as there isn't a lag in our broadcast time and you have something to listen to, we are rebroadcasting our show with Mr. Ralph Epperson. This was a great show and one worth rebroadcasting. Hope you enjoy it.

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    His Purpose was to CREATE in (HIMSELF) One New Man From The TWO

    in Current Events

    12 That at that time ye were without Christ, being aliens from the commonwealth of Israel, and strangers from the covenants of promise, having no hope, and without God in the world:

    13 But now in Christ Jesus ye who sometimes were far off are made nigh by the blood of Christ.

    14 For he is our peace, who hath made both one, and hath broken down the middle wall of partition between us;

    15 Having abolished in his flesh the enmity, even the law of commandments contained in ordinances; for to make in himself of twain one new man, so making peace;

    16 And that he might reconcile both unto God in one body by the cross, having slain the enmity thereby:

    17 And came and preached peace to you which were afar off, and to them that were nigh.

    18 For through him we both have access by one Spirit unto the Father.

    19 Now therefore ye are no more strangers and foreigners, but fellowcitizens with the saints, and of the household of God;

    20 And are built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief corner stone;

    21 In whom all the building fitly framed together groweth unto an holy temple in the Lord:

    22 In whom ye also are builded together for an habitation of God through the Spirit.


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