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    PMP: ABC Book of Goddesses with Selina Wolfcat

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    You've heard KaliSara and RevKess talk about it for weeks, even months. The ABC Book of Goddesses is now available. Selina Wolfcat will be joining RevKess and special guest host Kyrja to talk about the book and the process of creating this wonderful children's book. From concept to press, the journey has been a long one - but well worth it. Selina created the book with the help of illustrator Ann Tendler. See the Amazon listing or visit the Facebook page for Pagan Children's Books for more details and get a look at some of the art work.

    Kyrja is the author of Rupert's Tales and organizes children's and environmental events in Florida. Kyrja, RevKess and Selina also expect to be joined by Rayne Storm, author of Elmental Tarot for Kids, and Ancient Amber, author of the Sunchildren series.


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    The Lovable Natalie Alyn Lind Adds Laughs to Hit ABC Show "The Goldbergs"

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    The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview Natalie Alyn Lind. She will discuss her experience on ABC's The Goldbergs, as well as her experience of being homeschooled. 

    Natalie Alyn Lind, the oldest of the Lind sisters, grew up surrounded by the entertainment industry. Her mother is an actress who starred on the hit drama One Tree Hill,  and her father is a producer. Being on set with her mother became second nature to Natalie, and it was no surprise that at a very young age, she booked her first guest role on the drama alongside her mom. While she was growing up, Natalie spent a lot of time traveling back and forth between North Carolina and California, but the young aspiring actress didn’t mind. She knew being an actor just like her mom was something she was meant to do.

    After Natalie booked the guest role on WB’s One Tree Hill, she continued on and was booked for a recurring role on the series Lifetime’s Army Wives and she landed roles on Nickelodeon’s iCarly,  Disney’s Wizards of Waverly Place and ABC’s The Goldbergs. Natalie also appears on the hit ABC comedy as ‘Dana Caldwell,’ currently in its second season.  Her favorite role by far was working on CBS’s Criminal Minds because she has always had a passion for all things horror and suspense. Natalie has many upcoming projects in the works, including a not yet released Universal horror film, Mockingbird.



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    ABC"s Modern Family Star Brooke Sorenson

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    The Total Tutor will interview Brooke Sorenson.

    Sorenson, who got her start doing local community theater, spent time in her hometown being part of professional theater companies as well as working in commercials and voice-over projects. She continued to challenge herself and spent summers auditioning for Broadway as well as studying acting, voice, and dance in New York City before moving to Los Angeles at the age of twelve to pursue a career in television and film.

    Sorenson’s hard work and dedication shined through, and eighteen months after moving to the west coast she booked the lead role on a FOX pilot, “The Gabriels” with Angela Kinsey (“The Office), Tim Meadows (“Mean Girls”), and Rob Riggle (“The Hangover”). Soon after, she booked the role of ‘Heidi’ on Disney XD’s “Kickin It.

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    ABC Executive Nathan Varni

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    Hi listeners and welcome to another edition of Weekdays with Murph.  Today, we're pleased to be joined by ABC Executive Nathan Varni.  Nathan oversees shows like General Hospital and Once Upon a Time.  We'll chat about that, how his career started, and anything else he'd like to talk about.  This should be fun!

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    It must be Social Studies Day. ABC-CLIO's Stephanie Dixon helps me host three great teachers from Colorado Springs,Woodstock,GA and Scarborough Maine, just a half hour from yours truly. . Learn how they used their prizes to further learning in their classrooms and how you can be a winner too.


    www.abc-clio.com/abc-cliosolutions @abc_clio 

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    Maternity Tourism - ABC Family Non-Friendly TV

    in Politics


    Hr1  It's a smorgasbord of stories...    Maternity tourism. Yes, the Chinese are paying $10-50k to have their baby here. Why? 
    I thought America was a horrible country... 

    Harry Potter sex-ed class on college campus. No, I'm not kidding.

    Abortion doctor compares being pregnant to containing an Ebola outbreak.

    Free Range parenting garners an "unsubstantiated child neglect" decision allowing the government to butt in for 5 yrs. #NannyState. 

    Hr2  Scripps is an ALL WOMEN’s college… what in the WORLD do they need 10 alternate gender pronouns for? Clearly I don’t understand the word "women".

    I'm sure I'm not the only one confused by all new gender pronouns & terminology. Pomona College has published a handy guide. #LGBTQ

    ABC Family's 'The Fosters' airs youngest same-sex TV kiss. I guess they don't realize that most families are not ok with this

    Hr3  Joe take listener calls... talking Ferguson DOJ decision, boycotting Netanyahu, Common Core, and erotic curriculum in public schools.

    Some people are just too dumb for words… guy commented on the Sheriff’s Facebook post listing him as a Wanted Fugitive. They asked him to turn himself in. He did.


    Have you had your healthy dose of reality lately?

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    ABC TV's "Nashville" Star Moniqua Plante

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    The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview ABC TV's NASHVILLE Star Moniqua Plante. She will discuss how she broke into the business, her acting career, and her experience being on NASHVILLE.


    Currently fans of ABC TV's hit Wednesday night show, "Nashville" are thrilled to see Moniqua in her performance as"Natasha," shaking up the story line with Teddy, played by Eric Close. (http://deadline.com/tag/moniqua-plante/).

    Additionally, Moniqua Plante takes on another high profile lead role in the upcoming Zombie themed film "TheBurningDead" starring Danny Trejo and
    horror favorite Tom Downey. (http://tinyurl.com/mmpmgno). This horror themed film asks the question ... "How do you stop lava filled Zombies?"

    Plus ... on a more personal side, Moniqua Plante is a helper. She wants to guide other women with positive and creative ways they can overcome body
    image issues. Moniqua who is also a fashion/fit model, is currently working on a project to help women feel more comfortable with their own bodies and
    stop seeing food as "the enemy".

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    The Wrestling Lounge Welcomes Executive Editor of ABC Soaps Richard Simms

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    The Wrestling Lounge Welcomes Executive Editor of ABC Soaps In Depth Richard Simms to the show for a interview. Have a question for Richard call 773-897-6289 press 1 to be in the hosts view.

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    Don't Touch That Dial #10--ABC News

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    We have been touching on the events that shape our lives and this has been with the help of our News departments of the networks.  From their early incarnations as newsreels on TV to the extravagant sets and non-stop coverage, we are looking into the Networks that bring us the headlines of the day.

    Tonight, It's ABC News's turn.  

    Don't Touch that Dial, and we'll bring you the news of classic television.

    We'll also give you the latest headlines.  


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    California's Car Smog Testing program is Bogus

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    California's Car Smog Testing program is Bogus; The War of the Worlds; WVA students and the ABC Police arresting a student for buying water; and other stuff.

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    ABC Mixology Country Music Star Kailey Swanson

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    The Total Tutor will interview Kailey Swanson. Kailey Swanson, a young country singer who is set to take over the Nashville country music scene. Kailey just released her newest single “Country Love Song” and will premiere the video on April 15th. The bright, upbeat tune captives listeners with its catchy, sing-along lyrics, for all those country music haters to change their minds. This is the debut single for Kailey independently produced, who has built her fan following from roles on popular shows such as Disney’s “Kickin It”, ABC’s “Mixology,” and the Sundance award-winning musical, “The Legend Of Beaver Dam.”

    Kailey, who was born and raised in Las Vegas, grew up singing Loretta Lynn and Patsy Cline songs on her grandmother’s lap. Grandmother Swanson, a native of Kentucky, instilled a love for southern gospel and country music in the pint-sized songstress, which influences her songwriting to this day. When Kailey was nine years old, she booked her first professional performance and was cast in the American Girl Revue at the flagship American Girl store in Los Angeles. She continued to book film, TV and theatre roles, and began writing music inspired by her experiences.

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