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    So-Cal Showcase - Labor Day and Powerboats on Mission Bay

    in Entertainment

    This is an INCREDIBLE LINE UP! MONDAY SEPT. 5th LABOR DAY Winstons  beginning at 5:30pm                                                                                          1921 Bacon Street Ocean Beach, Ca 92107
    Opening act - Crucial Blend Followed by - John Kaye & Friends Headliner - Boom Snap
    Big Stage Fri Sept 14th                  
    1pm Vicious Phishes 
    2pm Bucket of Fish 
    3pm Leanna May and the Matadors
    4pm Talk Like June
    6pm Cathouse Thursday
    7:30pm FX5
    9pm One Eighty 

    Big Stage Sat Sept 15th
    Time Band Name
    1pm Chocolate Revolution
    1:45pm King Legend 
    2:30pm Country Rockin Rebels
    3:15pm CARPENTER
    415pm Roni Lee Group (w/special appearance Mr. Rich McGee)
    6pm So*Cal Vibes
    7:30pm StoneBread 
    9pm Trailerpark Rockstars 

    Big Stage Sun Sept 16th
    Time Band Name 
    10am Sara Groban Band 
    10:45am Mad Traffic 
    11:30am League of Liars
    12:30pm Bart Mendoza and True Stories
    1pm Locked Out Of Eden 
    2pm Mercedes Moore Band

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    Jim Bell is Interviewed by Walter Davis

    in Energy

    My friend Jim Bell will discuss solar power and his views on energy sustainability, self suficiency. See his statement below:
    Walter Davis
    We are astronauts on Spaceship Earth
    Like any well-designed spaceship, ours has a life support system.  Our planet’s life support system is a solar powered recycling system.  In this system the Sun provides the energy to recycle and renew the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat and everything we want or care about.
    Our planet’s life support system is fundamental to everything we are and will ever be.  It is the foundation of all history, culture, art, science, religion, and even the very process of consciousness becoming.
    If our human family doesn’t develop life support sustaining ways to live and make livings soon, our planet’s life support system will collapse with much suffering and regret along the way.
      Jim Bell
    Jim Bell • 4862 Voltaire St. • San Diego, CA  92107 • (619) 758-9020
    Email:  jimbellelsi@cox.net       Web:  www.JimBell.com