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    The Queen Me Show: Should We Practice Celibacy?

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    Should we practice celibacy, if so when and why? When you take a leave of absence, does it really health the spirit? Should we practice celibacy after being in a relationship that was unhealthy? Do we carry the mans symptoms within for years? Cleansing can restore the mind, body and spirit. Could it be unhealthy to reframe yourself from something that is naturally in us to do and that is sex.

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    Urban Therapy with Sun #114 Ain't Doing It To Nobody (Celibacy)

    in Psychology

    This week's show will be about celibacy. Let's break it on down a bit.
    Ever practice it?
    Ever think about it?
    Know someone who is celibate?
    Considering doing it for the new year?
    Fed up with feeling used for sex and need time to reevaluate?
    Celibate for religious or spiritual reasons?
    Celibate not by choice but because of a situation?
    Man/woman in jail or not within range for sexual contact?
    Celibate for physical reasons? ED or something related?
    Celibate for reasons relating to depression?
    Sick and tired of dating and celibate until the right one proves himself/herself?
    Celibate just to see if you could do it for a certain amount of time?
    Is celibacy as healthy as it appears?
    Are you celibate if you masturbate?
    Are you celibate if still kiss and hug and play around a little?
    What about people who become celibate while in a relationship that wasn't celibate before?
    What are the defined rules of celibacy and does everyone practice celibacy the same way?

    Is that enough for now? Probably. For now

    Don't miss this one.

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    The Gift of Celibacy and the Power of Desire!

    in Lifestyle

    We are magical powerful beings with the most amazing source of power within us! Free Will! And even better....Free Sexual Will Power! Join Rev. Goddess Charmaine and let your creative juices flow with her as she explains why and how celibacy is a gift and how to apply it in a way that creates prosperity in our lives! Let her share her wisdom on the Power of Desire and how this builds connections with others and together we all make miracles. Learn how our sexual appetite can be balanced by applying celibacy and understand when our body spirit is communicating or urging us to be celibate. There is a time and a place for everything, resting, fasting, sex and celibacy! Rev. Goddess will discuss ritual bath cleansings that help to remove negative energy and enhance our auras and we will also learn when there are psychic demons in the mix that want to steal our magical energy! Goddess Blessings 

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    Misconceptions About Celibacy

    in Motivation

    I think there are a lot of misconceptions about celibacy and those who choose to be celibate. People chose to be celibate for many different reasons, but I am of course going to focus on the Bible and why it is such a gift. I think it's not until you take a serious vow to celibacy (whether for life or until marriage, whether you are a virgin or not) that you realize its beauty and you wonder why you previously saw it as a list of rules.

    Celibacy is completely possible and can be highly enjoyable. HUH?!? Yes! Celibacy develops many good characteristics especially if you want to get married. Also, being a virgin does not mean one is celibate. Celibacy is a mindset, not merely a lack of engaging in sexual acitivities. Think of purity. You can be a virgin and be very impure in thoughts and in your heart and be a nonvirgin and have a very pure mind and heart. Celibacy is the same way and is closely linked to purity in this context.

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    Celibacy, Purpose and Godly Living

    in Women

    Join me and author Phaedra Anderson for a discussion on living celibate and single, finding and living your life's purpose and living for God. Celibacy is a topic many - even Christians - often shy away from. But today you don't want to miss this conversation on how you CAN be celibate and live a fulfilling life.

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    Celibacy and Dating

    in Lifestyle

    You may be asking the question of yourself, "what does the Bible say about dating.  The worlds view of dating and the Bible's view of dating are two different things.  
    You will be surprised of how many men and women are turning to celibacy as a way of weeding out the serious and the non-serious as it relates to dating.
    Have faith and trust God to bring the right person into your life.  I like Beyonce's song that says "If you want it then you gotta put a ring on it"
    Find out how others are thinking about this same issue in this upcoming episode.

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    "Jumping Off The Celibacy Wagon" - The LADY JAZ LIVE Show on KLJN 107.7

    in Romance


    With my special returning guest: The Controversial Counselor, David Glover.

    Also, of course, L&R Admins will be posted up to have this conversation with me. I'd like to hear from some of you. Who's considering getting off (no pun intended) the wagon? Who is ready to unload (no pun intended) their blessings on another. Well, believe it or not, it's going down (no pun intended) everyday.

    Men and women are making the choice to lay down (no pun intended) the celibacy title even if only for one night (in my Luther Vandross voice).

    Did Lady Jaz The Entertainer jump off the celibacy wagon after being on it for 13 years? You'll just have to wait to listen to the show. You may be surprised!  

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    Ep. 29: Love & Hip-hop, Celibacy & Free Giggles

    in Entertainment

    Don't wait!!!  Tune in and laugh with the host of 2 Black Girls & Mic @Alysse Stewart & @ShayMooreOnAir.  These two energetic, straight forward and entertaining radio host will leave you wanting more at the end of this 30 minuet episode.  They are talking all about good sex, bad sex and neighbors complaining about sex that's too loud.  Sounds like a lot of the S-E-X word but trust there is a lot more.  Like Creflo Dollar and his call for funds for a new church plane, breast-feeding babies with teeth, the crazy happenings on Love & Hip-hop #NewYork and believe it or not: the potential Kick Starter fund for Shay's new boobs - did she really say that? Press play to find out what's really going on with Stewart and Moore in this entertaining episode of 2 Black Girsls & A Mic.

    LIKE the show on Facebook (2BlackGirlsAndAMic) and holla at us on Twitter (@2Blackgirls and Instagram too.  Much love to you for the listen.  And a big hug for those that comment, share and follow the show here on #BlogTalkRadio.  *Now available on iTunes too.

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    1 : the state of not being married 2 a : abstention from sexual intercourse   b : abstention by vow from marriage Celibacy seems to be the "in"thing to do these days. Why are so many people choosing to become celibate? Todays show we"ll discuss the pros and cons of being celibate.Why do people choose to do it after they've had several sex partners.Is it harder for a man to become and stay celibate than a woman. Are you celibate because you are single or by choice? its statistically proven that women with the least amount of sex partners marry faster and younger than those with..ummm wondering why you arent married yet, that could be one reason. Tune in today and lets chat about the new "it" thing called celibacy!  

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    The Occult Significance of Celibacy

    in Paranormal

    Celibacy, in modern America, is a touchy and almost taboo, subject. However it's significance in the occult sciences has been acknowledged for Millenia. How does celibacy affect psychic abilities, higher states of consciousness and our ability to effect change in the world?

    Join me for a mature and lucid look at what many preemninate Occults have written and taught about celibacy and chastity. 

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    Is Celibacy the new sexy?

    in Lifestyle

    Are u celibate?  Why have you chosen to be celibate? Man or women how does the opposite sex react to finding out u are celibate. Being celibate do u feel sexy? What is sexy about celibacy? Tune in tonight from 7pm to 9pm to find out if celibacy is the new sexy.  To join in the conversation call in at 858-947-1929, and press 1 to get in, can't wait, it's gonna be on tonight...

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