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    Adam C. Hall Journey from Earth Predator to Earth Protector

    in Spirituality

    Adam C. Hall achieved the American Dream in all its glory and then woke-up to the nightmare of his own life’s condition.  Once a financial power broker and real-estate developer, Adam undertook a life-changing metamorphosis that would ultimately alter his mind-set from Earth Conqueror to Earth Keeper.

    To come this far, Adam had to come to terms with the misery that was at the center of his very privileged and comfortable life. He endured the loss of all that he treasured most. It was only then that he was finally able to discover the Creative Power of the Universe that is hidden within each of us.

    We have entered an era like none other in history. The economy of the Western world and the ecology of the entire planet are threatened with the possibility of imminent collapse.  In the midst of these dire circumstances, a dramatic shift is occurring within human consciousness. The ancient prophecies of the Hopi, Mayans and Incas, among others, all point to this moment as the time when humanity will undergo a rapid evolution within a single generation–that will affect all future generations. And evolve we must, if we are to remain as a viable species on a healthy planet.

    The EarthKeeper intimately chronicles Hall’s remarkable journey and illuminates a path for others to follow.  Once a conquistador who felt entitled to rule over the earth, Adam transformed into a nature-centric “undeveloper,” dedicated to maintaining harmony and balance within the Gaia’s all-providing Garden.  

    An Indiana Jones saga of exotic adventure and redemption, The EarthKeeper is a remarkable story of courage and conviction; and a roadmap to a better future–personally and collectively.


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    Adam C. Hall: From Doing to Being

    in Entertainment

    This week, millionaire businessman turned environmental activist, Adam C. Hall, returns to Guy's Guy Radio, to discuss his book Earthkeeper: Undeveloping the Future, and how to shift from being a DOING man to a BEING man through spiritual guidance and leadership.

    Join Robert Manni, author of The Guys' Guy's Guide To Love as we discuss life, love and the pursuit of happiness.

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    GREEN T HOUR & Guest Author Adam C Hall

    in Environment

    "The Earth Keeper" - Adam C. Hall was a cut-throat real estate developer who realized all his money and success didn't make him happy and he found himself totally disconnected from everything.
    The Green T Hour focuses on sustainable energy, political disfunction & satire, environmental news, social and financial topics, hollywood icons and sustainable living applied in real life situations. The show is focused on the common man with a dual personality, half science and reasoning and half redneck justice. Features fabulous professional guests that give personal perspectives on various subjects including sustainable living, renewable energy, economics, social & political impact, personal experiences, media entertainment, sustainable living and much more.
    The Green T Hour is "A place where science and rednecks collide!" The Green T Hour is sponsored by Toboa Energy Resources LLC a renewable energy company with focus on private and commercial sustainability resources through the application of wind, solar, alternative fuels, lifestyles and unique energy products. Toboa Energy’s goal is to help others by empowering the right of life, liberty, and self determination through self reliance, personal sustainability and economic awareness. Visit Toboa Energy's BLOG for more insite and colorful articles.

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    Straight Talk with Carly Alyssa Thorne, Adam C Hall discusses Earth Keeper

    in Business

    Today we have Adam C Hall discussing undeveloping
     of Land to Preserve Wild Places and More

    " We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them."

    -- Albert Einstein

    For More Information on Adam C Hall:
    Twitter @earthkeeperUS

    Interviewer,Producer: Carly Alyssa Thorne

    Website: www.CarlyAlyssaThorne.com

    To become a guest on one of our Shows go to:

    DISCLAIMER: We don’t tell our guests what to say, they are expressing their own personal opinions. We do not discriminate against any one Religion, Faith, or ethnicity and are of the belief we are all interconnected. Any advice or subjects we discuss are of our own Personal experiences. Please seek proper counsel from Your own personal advisors whether it be Your Doctor for medical and or health issues, an Accountant for Financial Advice or any Professional you deem necessary.

    Carly Alyssa Thorne is not a licensed attorney, accountant, Doctor, or Psychologist. Before making any decisions using information contained in our Video’s, Podcasts, websites, teleconferences or any other form of communication you should receive advice from your licensed professional. All information is subject to verification, errors and omissions.

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  • Momma Joyce Messages of Hope Heavenly Deposit Movie and C & J Craft Launch

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to the show tonight. Call in Number is 1-347-850-1527

    Please tune in tonight as we promote Heavenly Deposit the Movie, and C& J Craft Launch. The first half of  the show will be promoting Heavenly Deposit Movie with George Vincent and Rick Irvin, who are dedicated doing Gods work through an absolutely moving and anointed movie Heavenly Deposit Movie. Please support this awesome endeavor.

    http://ttps://www.indiegogo.com/projects/heavenly-deposit#/story  click on link to support and listen to the trailer!



    C&J Craft is a new launch from 2 wonderful Entrepreneurs Chris and Julia

    Fascinated by the staggering growth in the production of high-quality craft and artisan goods throughout the country and inspired by our truly remarkable partners; c & j craft. was created to be your trusted source for the best artisan products, authentic flavors, and incredible experiences from around the country.




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    in Wrestling



    in Lifestyle

    Join God's coach Jon and the other coaches as we talk life solutions and sports. 

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    Beyond the Mainstream

    in Politics

    Tonight will be a free for all. Anything is open for discussion.


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    Canadian Moto Show with Brent Worrall

    in Sports

    The Canadian Moto Show, Broadcasting 'Live' on the Air at Round two of the 2015 Future West Canadian Arenacross Series from Armstrong BC. The highly anticipated 2015 Future West Moto Fall Classic campaign is set to kick off and we will bring you all the action. We will be on the Air for every round of this high flying, high octane, high energy, and very entertaining series.

    The Show will provide you with in house on track accounts of what is happening as it happens. In true Canadian Moto Show fashion we will bring you trackside 'Live' interviews with a broad and all inclusive cross section of riders and their supporters. The Seven Deuce Deuce Adam Enticknap will also be on hand to provide his expert opinions and colorful take on all of the racing action.

    The Armstrong round once again will see and outside the venue start in Monster Energy Cup like fashion. This series is always alot of fun and always provides some fireworks. There is a lot at stake folks and all of those who have their eyes set on the highly coveted Future West Moto - Champagne, Glory and Gold will deliver. If you can not make it out we hope you can join us right here http://www.canadianmotoshow.com at 7:00 pm pacific 10:00pm eastern this Saturday night for all of the action, Lets Go Racing.

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    The Sports Show

    in Sports

    show time

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    Jets vs Dolphins:New York Jets preview and news

    in Football

    Another exciting Jets talk show, we recap Jets vs Eagles game, Geno vs Fitzy "debate" and of course a special preview of the New York Jets vs the Miami Dolphins in London. The episode was recorded originally Wednesday September 30, 2015