• Thinking Forward Gets Turned Up With Momentum

    in Motivation

    Get Turned up tonight with the Thinking Team as Brandon & Arvelle Draper talk about how do we create momemtum in our lives when we have been defeated so many times before. Life keeps hitting you and never lets up but do you have what it takes to overcome. Never allow your low to define who you are, just know that it is not over until you win. So you must prepare for the storm so that you will not lose any momentum through the chaos.

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    Thinking Allowed - Sex

    in Religion

    In our final episode of 2013 we look at the third of the dominant world powers. We've looked at money and power and tonight we take a Biblical look at sex. 

    We've often heard 'no' in relation to sex, we rarely hear 'why' and almost never get practical tips on 'how' We hope that tonight will point the way to some answers.

    As ever, we'd love to hear your views, because of other commitments, we can't do a live chat tonight, but would welcome your comments via the email option on this showpage. We'll pick up the conversation in the New Year.

    We'd like to thank you al for listening this year and look forward to next. In the meantime, from Thinking Allowed, Merry Christmas!

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    Thinking Allowed: Truth

    in Religion

    It's what Pilate asked Jesus 'What is truth?' Tonight we ask the same question: Is it based on our thinking, our feelings or our past?

    Jesus said that he was the 'way, the truth and the life', that he is the gate - how do we make that real in our life?

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    Thinking Allowed - The New Season

    in Religion

    Thinking Allowed is back after the summer break - hope you all had a good time! Tonight we're going to be sharing about some Thinking Allowed 'live events' we held in Romania, some ideas of where we're headed in the future as well as some thoughts on 'new seasons' from the Song of Solomon.
    As a taster of the video version Thinking allowed click on this link

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    Breaking the Chain of Negative Thinking

    in Religion

    It is very easy for negative thinking to get out of control. It starts with one annoying thought which in a few minutes leads to another which becomes a chain of negativity. The chain of negative thinking can rob us our functionality leaving us vulnerable to low self esteem, fear and doubts. Miriam Musau & Charity Maina will give us tips on breaking the chain of negative thinking. Listen live on Tue 3/17/15: 8PM EDT, 7PM CDT, 6 PM MDT, 5 PM PDT: at 619-393-2852 or listen live/archived at: http://pinnacleofpraiseshow.com/new/

    Thanks. Beatrice Ndura – Host

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    The Dangers of Negative Thinking

    in Religion

    Negative thinking can take a toll on us and if not addressed it can affect us in many different ways. Nontobeko “Nonto” Farrell and Winnie Wanja Thuku will help us explore the dangers of negative thinking and give us tips on dealing with them. Listen live at: 8PM EDT, 7PM CDT, 6 PM MDT, 5 PM PDT: at 619-393-2852 or listen live/archived at:http://pinnacleofpraiseshow.com/new/

    Thanks. Beatrice Ndura – Host

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    Thinking Allowed

    in Christianity

    Tonight we're looking at the story of Joshua and Jericho and seeing the link between strogholds, worship and God's presence as we face life's giants.
    Our live discussion tonight is going to cover a range of topics. Catherine is going to be asking what the difference is between control and self-control whilst David introduces the issue of sound judgment vs judging.
    If you want to take part, the easiest and cheapest way is through the Thinking Allowed page on the blogtalk radio site. Once you're listening to the live show, you will see a Skype button - you will be asked to provide an email address and password - and that's it, we will see your call waiting and be able to chat to you and bring you into the discussion. As an alternative, you can call the show direct from your phone on 001 773 897-6496
    You can also read our lates Thinking Allowed blog post at www.thinking-allowed.me.uk

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    Thinking Outside Of The Box

    in Christianity

    In today's society, if we are not careful, we can become subject to other's thoughts and opinions about us. When we become subject to them we become limited to them, only to find ourselves in a place of doubting our capabilities and even the God that we serve. In this, it creates fear, depression, oppression, and even imprisionment. On this morning, Pastor Douglas is going to give you the principles of thinking outside of the box. Stay Tuned for this series, I feel God is going to break some chains and allow you to rebuild with the stones that have been thrown your way. YES, it can be done and even better it's working for your good. 

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    Kevin Boileau's Continued Musings About Heidegger's "Being Dwelling Thinking"

    in Psychology

    Join us for scintillating discussion about Heidegger's famous essay, Building Dwelling Thinking.  

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    Thinking Allowed - Evolution

    in Religion

    Is it possible for Christians to believe in the theory of evolution? Does belief in the inspiration of Scripture preclude such a belief? Is the theory even credible from a scientific point of view?
    Is 'Intelligent Design' intelligent? Are the arguments put forward by some Christians opposed to evolution helpful or do they discredit the Gospel to those outside of faith?
    In tonight's 'Thinking allowed' we're going to tackle these questions head on.
    If these questions interest you, we think you will enjoy the 'Thinking Allowed' book.

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    Thinking Allowed - Messiah

    in Religion

    This is the next session of The Bible Exposed season hosted by Dana Allen. Originally comprised of four evening discussions, these have been edited into this series of radio shows. The aim remains the same; to expose what the Bible is, how to understand it and therefore, to understand what it says.

    Over the series you will hear discussion on issues such as interpretinig the Bible, the meaning of truth, the nature of inspiriation and you will get to hear the whole story of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation.

    There is a book of the same name, that goes with the series and you can preview it or purchase copies by copying the following link into your browser:


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