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    Elevating Minds - A new way of thinking

    in Lifestyle

    How positive are you? Are you a negative thinker? How do you overcome negative thinking?  As humans we are surrounded with different behaviours and ways of life.The fast life in our world can easily distract us to try stay positive.

    We all have to find ways to tap into our minds and master the way we think about ourselves, i.e family disputes, debts, bad relationships, health issues, or a simpel argument with someone.

    We have the power to change the way we thnk and not allow any negative vibe affect our life and future.Tune into this show and let us explore the endless possibilites to be that 'Postive thinker'

    want to see what they will be talking about

    want to know the concept of negative thinker and positive thinker to see where i could improve

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    Generational Thinking: Thinking To Your Destiny

    in Self Help

    Generational thinking, a pattern, a certain mindset or culture can cause you to succeed or fail.  Do you see a pattern in your family line?  Do you see a pattern that has developed throughout your life? Do you keep making the same mistakes over and over again? I encourage you to join us if you have answered yes to either of the quesions. The purpose of the Higher Design for Living (Internet Radio) Show is to encourage our listening audience in how to attract what they want and to help others do the same.  The host and guests of the Higher Design for Living Show offers teaching of principles to help you to accomplish your dreams and how to line your thinking up with your destiny.  The body goes where the mind directs it.  Join us as we discuss topics that are relevant, candid, thought provoking and life changing.

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    what are we thinking

    in Entertainment

    opening the discussion with how we got to the place we are at , the missteps and the ways to start correcting them

  • Thinking Forward Gets Turned Up With Momentum

    in Motivation

    Get Turned up tonight with the Thinking Team as Brandon & Arvelle Draper talk about how do we create momemtum in our lives when we have been defeated so many times before. Life keeps hitting you and never lets up but do you have what it takes to overcome. Never allow your low to define who you are, just know that it is not over until you win. So you must prepare for the storm so that you will not lose any momentum through the chaos.

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    Postive Thinking

    in Motivation

    Debbie's believes that we can all make a difference in our communities and ultimately the world, if we were to share our journey's and our experiences with each other. Debbie's greatest desire is to inspire others to overcome life issues and fulfill their dreams and purpose. Join Debbie for inspirational talk every Tuesday at 8:30 pm GMT

    Have you ever wondered why your life is not going the way you have dreamt it should be?
    Do you often talk yourself out of doing the things you know you can do?

    If you answered yes to the above questions then it maybe that you need to change the way you think.

    Tonight I will be dealing with Positive Thinking and the benefits it can have on your life.

    I look forward to inspiring you once again

    D x

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    How to Think Your Way to Greater Productivity and Prosperity

    in Motivation

    One of the greatest challenges organizations face today is how to encourage innovation as well as promote better critical thinking and decision-making skills. The IBAR Critical Thinking Method takes you through problem diagnostics, benchmarks, analysis, application and recommendations.

    In this episode, Wini Alexander of Red Cardinal Consulting Firm interviews the creator of the IBAR Critical Thinking Method Edward Brown about how IBAR helps individuals become more productive and prosperous.

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    Thinking Allowed - Sex

    in Religion

    In our final episode of 2013 we look at the third of the dominant world powers. We've looked at money and power and tonight we take a Biblical look at sex. 

    We've often heard 'no' in relation to sex, we rarely hear 'why' and almost never get practical tips on 'how' We hope that tonight will point the way to some answers.

    As ever, we'd love to hear your views, because of other commitments, we can't do a live chat tonight, but would welcome your comments via the email option on this showpage. We'll pick up the conversation in the New Year.

    We'd like to thank you al for listening this year and look forward to next. In the meantime, from Thinking Allowed, Merry Christmas!

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    Thinking Allowed: Truth

    in Religion

    It's what Pilate asked Jesus 'What is truth?' Tonight we ask the same question: Is it based on our thinking, our feelings or our past?

    Jesus said that he was the 'way, the truth and the life', that he is the gate - how do we make that real in our life?

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    Thinking Allowed - The New Season

    in Religion

    Thinking Allowed is back after the summer break - hope you all had a good time! Tonight we're going to be sharing about some Thinking Allowed 'live events' we held in Romania, some ideas of where we're headed in the future as well as some thoughts on 'new seasons' from the Song of Solomon.
    As a taster of the video version Thinking allowed click on this link

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    Mind Mapping: Capture Everything You are Thinking

    in Self Help

    Nicole Greer, PPCC wonders if you are seriously creative, full of ideas but often overwhelmed with how to capture and collect all of them.  In this Blog Talk episode, Nicole offers a strategy that will enable you to get in sync with your brains natural system for thinking and creating. The concept of Mind Mapping was developed by Tony Buzan and has been touted as the tool for taking your ideas and creating a visual map of their development.  Taking what is imagined to an image has great power to energize, impact and influence an organization. 

    Join Nicole Greer, PPCC to explore Mind Mapping:

    Work in Concert with your Natural Way of Thinking

    Capture what your Reticular Brain is Trying to Tell You

    Create Visuals that Explain What you are Thinking



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    Thinking Allowed

    in Christianity

    Tonight we're looking at the story of Joshua and Jericho and seeing the link between strogholds, worship and God's presence as we face life's giants.
    Our live discussion tonight is going to cover a range of topics. Catherine is going to be asking what the difference is between control and self-control whilst David introduces the issue of sound judgment vs judging.
    If you want to take part, the easiest and cheapest way is through the Thinking Allowed page on the blogtalk radio site. Once you're listening to the live show, you will see a Skype button - you will be asked to provide an email address and password - and that's it, we will see your call waiting and be able to chat to you and bring you into the discussion. As an alternative, you can call the show direct from your phone on 001 773 897-6496
    You can also read our lates Thinking Allowed blog post at www.thinking-allowed.me.uk