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  • Sexual Immorality 101 WwM Style

    in Spirituality

    WayWalkers go live once agaib to explain to you this very HUGE sin. Who what where when why and how is it a sin? Where in the Bible does it say... Will God tolerate your perversiins? What about lust? Tonight we expose Satan in his favorite arena. The sin against ones own temple made in the image of God stay tuned, it will be a epic broadcast.

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    Christians & Spiritual Strongholds Volume 3: Sexual Immorality Part 4

    in Christianity

    Today we begun our focus on FORNICATION (Part 1). We concluded parts 1 through 3 on Adultery.  

    Sexual Immorality has ruiined many lives. In Christ, you have the power to avoid tempation and escape it. Moral decay can be stopped. The word of God is clear, He will give you the way of escape. There is freedom in Jesus Christ. Be renewed, refreshed, and restored today!

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    Chrstians & Strongholds Volume 3: Sexual Immorality Part 3

    in Christianity

    Sexual Immorality has ruined the lives of many. You have the power to avoid temptation and falling into moral decay. The word of God is clear, avoid it adn see the salvation of the Lord in your life. There is freedom and victory in Jesus. Be renewed and restored today!


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    Is Cunnilingus and Fellatio Sexual Immorality???

    in History

    This show is not for your kids today . So they shouldn't be listening!!

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    Christians & Strongholds Volume 3: Sexual Immorality Part 1

    in Christianity

    Sexual Immorality has been an issue since the fall of man aftere Adam and Eve. The flesh has to placed under subjection to the will and word of God...

    Listen in as well discuss Adultery, Fornication, and Masturbation in Part 1 as well as addtional parts of this seriies to follow. God bless you on your way to deliverance.  

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    Obama, 2016, Lawlessness, Immorality & Bible Prophecy

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    Consider all that could happen between now and the national election in 2016. Consider the many dire predictions and ominous overtones associated with the September-October 2015 time period, especially in the context of the Shemittah, the blood moons and tetrad. Many have stated that conditions are right for an economic collapse in the United States, leading to a global economic “reset” and perhaps, a new world currency. Still, others have stated that conditions are right for global and domestic unrest. Will anyone be able to step in and save us in 2016? Or claim to be able to save us? Will we even have that ability if such dire events unfold?

    Few would argue that our nation is in a state of lawlessness and immorality. Without question, lawlessness is on the rise, and immorality has been “legitimized” by executive fiat and judicial activism.

    Now consider the meteoric rise of a virtual politically unknown leading up to the 2008 election. Despite assertions to the contrary, precious little is known about the true background and lineage of Barack Hussein Obama. Additionally, it is a fact that there has been no truly authenticated legal documentation submitted by Obama or his legal representatives that his legal name was changed back from Barry Soetoro to Barack Hussein Obama; his Certificate of Live Birth has also been proven as a forgery by members of the Maricopa County Cold Case Posse. This calls into question his constitutional eligibility under Article I, Section II of the United States Constitution, and his allegiance to our nation is also questionable. In reality, how much do we really know about Obama aside from the “official narrative?”

    This brings us to our topic as Nathan Leal joins us to discuss the various prophetic implications that could very well involve Obama or his predecessor. For ow, however, let’s stick with Obama and look closely at what biblical prophecy might reveal.

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    A war against the Bible

    Due to both the Old and the New Testaments of the Bible being the inspired, inerrant Word of God, it has been and remains under the most virulent and sustained attack from Satan and his agents. Its inspiration, historicity, canon and scientific accuracy have all been questioned by ‘higher criticism’, the theory of evolution and many other opposing forms of critique.

    War against moral values

    Satan continuously questions, challenges and breaks down the moral norms which God has established through His laws and precepts, and which the human conscience should acknowledge as right and good. Moral decline is promoted by demons. This is done with a view to replacing God’s morality in the world with the opposing values of a satanic immorality. These two sets of values can be contrasted as follows:

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    Immorality and Marriage Part 2

    in Religion

    But each person is tempted when he is lured and enticed by his own desrie. Then desire when it has conceived gives birth to sin and sin when it is fully grown brings forth death...James 1:14-15
    Immorality has no place in your marriage. If it is there you need to get rid of it now before it's too late...This is a sensitive topic.

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    1 Corinthians 7 - principles of marriage

    in Religion

    The Corinthian church was coming out of idolatry and needed guidelines for marriage and marrying. Chapter 7 :1 Now concerning the things of which you wrote to me: It is good for a man not to touch a woman. The Word here for touch is haptomai which is to attach oneself to another, [ie to touch] in many implied relations. This makes more sense as he’s not talking about just a touch, but joining, because below he talks about temptation to immorality. Better to be joined, than walk in immorality. Paul addresses issues about marrying.


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    BIBLEBOOKCLUB: OT: EXODUS 32:1-33:23, NT: MATTHEW 26:69-27:14, PSALM 33:1-11, PROVERBS 8:33-36

    In Exodus 32, While Moses was up in the mountain spending time with God, the people asked Moses' brother Aaron, the High Priest to make an idol for them to worship. Aaron made an idol in the form of a calf and the people exclaimed "O Israel, this is the god that brought you out of Egypt! Then Aaron said to the people, let us have a feast to Jehovah! The next morning they made sacrifices to the idol and then they had a feast followed by sexual immorality. FRIENDS, DOESN'T THIS SOUND LIKE THE WORLD TODAY? SEXUAL SINS AND IMMORALITY HAVE INCREASED, AND SIN IS CONSIDERED NORMAL BEHAVIOR! SIN IS PERMEATING THE MAIN STREAM AND NO ONE SEEMS TO CARE! IDOLATRY IS ALWAYS ACCOMPANIED BY SEXUAL SIN! AND NOW WE SACRIFICE OUR OWN CHILDREN LIKE THEY DID IN MOSES' DAY! ABORTION IN AMERICA IS CONSIDERED A NORMAL BEHAVIOR! HOWEVER, GOD IS NOT MOCKED! WHATSOEVER WE SOW, THAT SHALL WE REAP! John 15:19 (TLB) Jesus said: The world would love you if you belonged to it; but you don’t; for I chose you to come out of the world!

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    Sexual Immorality

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    sexual immorality, homosexuality, unclean sex, marriage and single