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    Welcome to the new Vestiges of Christianity Radio Show!

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    Tonight, Bishop Bryan D. Ouellette, Ph.D. speaks about the new outreach ministry radio show for the Holy Nicholean Catholic Church including new insights into future ministry programs. What is Vestiges of Christianity? What is the Holy Nicholean Catholic Church? What is esoteric Christianity and how does it relate to Epignosis? Find out on Vestiges of Christianity.

  • The Lost Art of Listening

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    How would you rate yourself as a listener in conversations about faith? Often times Christians can be arrogant and lack compassion when engaging others in apologetic conversations. However, 1 Peter 3:15 tells us to defend our faith with "gentleness and respect," and in our hearts "to honor Christ the Lord as holy." Tonight, Brandon and Jared talk about how and why Christians should approach these conversations with humility and kindess.

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    Christianity and the Nonsense of Free Will

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    Logicast is a weekly podcast where we discuss topics like politics, religion, science, skepticism, history, and economics. We’re on every Thursday night at 8:00 PM CST/9:00 PM EST. You can like us on facebook at Facebook.com/logicast or check out our previous shows on blog talk radio at blogtalkradio.com/logicast.


    Tonight we’ll be discussing Christianity and Free Will. Namely, we’ll explain why the argument often touted by Christians and apologists that we have a zero-sum choice is not just illogical but also internally contradictory. We’ll also discuss modern concepts of free will and how they relate to reality. 

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    The Hypocrisy Of Christianity Part 2

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    This special teaching is part of our series true Christianity, in our culture many do not truly understand what it truly means to be a Christian. In our first lesson we talked about the price of the Cross, in this special teaching we will be talking about the problem within the church, as research shows the number one reason, when polled among young people, that they do not go to church was. That Christians say one thing, but there lives portray another. However, in scripture we are told to let our lights so shine before man, that they see our goods works, and glorify the father which is in heaven. Holiness has became a word of shame, in many churches across North America. As ministers have become more focused on building empires, than kingdom citizens. This special teaching will bless, and transform your walk with God, send this to anyone that you know that is lost. Help me to spread this message across the web, this message is from the Holy Spirit, and needs to be heard as a warning to the church.

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    Rescued: The Aaron Rose Story

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    Tonight we are joined by Aaron Rose who we discussed on an earlier podcast.  Aaron was lost at sea during a recent missions trip to the island of Roatan, off the coast of Honduras.  Aaron will tell his story in his own words about getting lost at sea, a night alone on the ocean, and his miraculous recovery. 

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    The Use of Scripture in Personal Evangelism

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    Tonight join Jared, Byron and Brandon as they discuss their own personal methods of personal evangelism and using Scripture as a part of that.  What role does the Scripture play in witnessing to others, and how do you respond to those who quickly dismiss anything the Holy Bible may say. 

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    Lost at Sea / Favorite Bible Stories

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    Tonight join Jared, Byron and Brandon as they discuss a huge community event involving a local pastor whose son recently went missing off the coast of Honduras on a kayaking trip.  We will also discuss the impact this story has had on the entire community and how quickly it spread across the internet via social media.  We will also discuss our own personal favorite Bible stories, from the Old and New Testament which are the stories we love to hear the most.  We hope you'll join us for this discussion.

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    Life After Christianity 101: The Hate That Christianity Produced

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    COMING UP TONIGHT ON LAC 101.APRIL 18th, 2015 @ 4PM MST/PST, 6PM CST & 7PM EST- ..Join Empress T for another powerful broadcast to discuss "THE HATE THAT CHRISTIANITY PRODUCED!

    "Let's learn how to save ourselves instead of waiting on someone to do it for us..." Empress T

    ABOUT THE HOST: Life After Christianity 101 was created by radio host Empress T'Malkia Zuri in 2012 on her own blogtalk network "Dynasty Network 1382." She began her radio career on a Christian radio station in Phoenix, AZ KXXT 1010. After refusing to "dumb down" her topics, a mutual agreement was met and Empress T was released from the contract after refusing to conform to their request.

    Empress T is a recovering Christian who is 36 months clean after 44 years of indoctrination, and celebrates her sobriety date on Dec. 27th. She has devoted much of her time to sharing what she has learned about the mental affects of Christianity in the Black Family. She is a former National licensed Minister under one of the largest churches in the U.S, a former Armour Bearer to 2 pastors and a bishop, and a former Sunday School and bible teacher. Empress T is also entering her second year (in June) as a student at the University of Metaphysics in Arizona and is obtaining a degree in Transpersonal Psychology.

    Empress T's main objective is "NOT to CONVERT our people, but to PROVOKE our people to think and study for themselves". Remember....Her tagline is REVERSING THE CURSE OF RELIGION, and her main point is to remind all who tune in that YOU ARE THE VERY GOD YOU ARE SEEKING...You don't want to miss this show.......This is a live call-in show...646.716.7572

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    Why are you hiding Christians?

    Where are you hiding?

    God can certainly see you? Do you think because it's dark, God can't see you?

    Today on P2T we are going to go in on Closet Christians and turn the light on these roaches!

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    Prepping and Christianity

    in Lifestyle

    Are prepping and Christianity mutually exclusive?  Can they be reconciled?  Prepping and Christians.  Is the Patriot Movement and Christianity are odds with each other?  These topics will be explored today on Contra Radio.

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    The Plague of Europe: Christianity

    in Politics

    Discussing the problems with Christianity, with the Yahweh Killer himself, Mr. Charles Giuliani.