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Bridging the Technology Literacy Gap in the Workplace


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My name is Troy A. Burgher, the host of this show, and the Owner of TAB Training & Consulting, LLC. The vision of TAB Training & Consulting, LLC is to bridge the technology literacy gap. We specialize in working with community-based social-service organizations, religious institutions, and city-sponsored organizations to identify and address the computer and technology literacy needs of their respective community and of its residents. Most of the communities we serve are often economically disadvantaged and with limited current and viable technology resources available to them. Therefore it is our mission to help individuals reach their maximum potential by developing their human capital through computer and technology literacy. We use our workshops, seminars/webinars and training programs to teach and demonstrate how technology can be a powerful tool in the development of human capital. Our radio show will be used to promote computer and technology literacy with a special focus on the advantages of and capabilities provided by Microsoft Office Suite applications as a tool for acquiring such necessary skill sets.

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So, I remember being told by my mom ?everything has a place and therefore makes it easy to find and easier to put back in its proper place.? Little did I know that this would be my first lesson in becoming an organized person and professional that I am today. I think I drive my wife crazy with it sometimes and is the one common trait that I am known for possessing by my professional colleagues. One thing I learned early on in my journey as an entrepreneur, which began more than 25 years ago, is the importance of being organized; not just for myself, but more importantly for my business clients & training students. The only thing that has changed over the many years are the tools that I use to stay organized; both within my business and how I operate outside of my business wither at a client's location or even in a classroom setting. I'll be sharing during the broadcast more about an "organizational" tool that I use on a regular basis starting with my #1 tool for keeping me organized and that is the application – Microsoft OneNote. Food for Thought: Imagine purchasing an item and the instructions are missing from the box. What will you do? Here are two options; forge ahead using the picture on the box as a guide, bring the item back to the store, or use the Internet to search for and download the instructions. Why is this important? The instructions are organized in such a way that if followed, it will yield the best chance of success in putting together the item the way it was intended to be completed. Without the instructions (a series of detailed [organized & planned] steps telling how something should be done) the desired results may not be achieved.
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