Bridging the Technology Literacy Gap


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My name is Troy A. Burgher, the host of this show, and the Owner of TAB Training & Consulting, LLC. The vision of TAB Training & Consulting, LLC is to bridge the technology literacy gap. We specialize in working with community-based social-service organizations, religious institutions, and city-sponsored organizations to identify and address the computer and technology literacy needs of their respective community and of its residents. Most of the communities we serve are often economically disadvantaged and with limited current and viable technology resources available to them. Therefore it is our mission to help individuals reach their maximum potential by developing their human capital through computer and technology literacy. We use our workshops, seminars/webinars and training programs to teach and demonstrate how technology can be a powerful tool in the development of human capital. Our radio show will be used to promote computer and technology literacy with a special focus on the advantages of and capabilities provided by Microsoft Office Suite applications as a tool for acquiring such necessary skill sets.

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Since January of 2014, I have gone on a personal and professional quest to research the importance of technology literacy in the workplace...and it truly amazes me how individuals today still take for granted the importance and... more

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Join me as I discuss how I plan to initiate the "Technology Literacy Movement" locally within areas of Concord & Charlotte (NC). The plan will consist of workshops, webinars and training sessions offered through local... more

This is the first broadcast of the 2014 by Troy A. Burgher, owner of TAB Training & Consulting, as he outlines the services offered by his business and the direct connection to the movement that he will embark on in 2014; a "Back to the... more

Today's broadcast is a 10-month recap of services and events sponsored, facilitated or implemented by TAB Training & Consulting, LLC toward promoting the mission of bridging the technology literacy gap in the city of Concord (NC).... more

It all began a week before MY BIG day...the wedding and marriage to the love of my life for LIFE! On this last day of "official business? just before the wedding and honeymoon...Disaster would Strike!!! I was in the middle of a virtual meeting... more

As I enter into a "New Chapter" in my personal life within two weeks time; I would like to share with you how "it" all got started - the birth of TAB Training & Consulting, LLC. The dream of entrepreneurship is about 27 years old...however... more

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