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Taboo Talks and Everything In-between, with Khamsin and Essence where we discuss life, the Word of God, faith in suffering, prophetic visions and various taboo topics of the Christian believer and nonbeliever alike. Check out Essence's book "Wisdom In Red: The Words of Jesus" & more at Facebook.com/WisdomInRed & be on the look out for Khamsin's book, "The Big Girl Pill"! Visit & subscribe on Youtube & IG: Khamsin: Xcaramel2497 @kham_sin Essence: "EssenceRep" @wisdominred

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OnSunday, August 2 The Hood: Spiritual Mapping (Bangerz, Drugs & Sex Trafficking) Have you ever wondered why violence, drugs and sex trafficking are so high in certain areas? Notice how they often link together? Of course we know finances and education are some elements we can see. But these evils are found across every social class. What about the elements we CAN'T see? We sometimes think that we can cast off supernatural principalities through natural empowerment and means - but as we see this feels like a pointless process in places like Baltimore and Chicago. We often ignore or downplay the power of the gospel and prayer due to all of the fraudulent and deceptive schemes used through some self-absorbed churches and religious organizations. People look at places like Chiraq and Memphis and get overwhelmed and feel the bold presence of a stronghold in these areas. There are spirits they feel. Demons - and they arent talking metaphorically. But the issues are certainly metaphysical. We're talking about it... Share with others but PRAY in the Name of Jesus over these hoods - specifically in or around your communities. Get with His Holy Spirit to give you understanding and vision on what to do exactly and what to hone in on. Its hard to have healing in the hood when the wars are on-going. Imagine the souls tormented from the constant experiences of loss and trauma. Satan knows exactly how these things affect generations of people & their souls Tune in and share. Facebook.com/tteib
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Skill to prepare for the last days consist of many things . Prayer is one of the most important. Join us as we go over ways to be prepared.

Nowadays it seems like the chances for love are so slim. There seem to be many hangups.Let's talk about why. guests: Essex J, Reginald Jones, Scientific Todd

We're discussing why black women don't submit and giving some helpful and hopeful input on how to change this for the better. Its time to cease the with the snapping, negative/bad and arrogant attitudes. Theres no need to be ugly when... more

We all have our convictions. But what happens when we've greatly compromised our own convictions - especially in front of others? Dr Umar has been exposed for being with the very type of woman he teaches black women to raise higher... more

Tonight at 10pm cst, we of course will be discussing where the mentality of church terrorist ?#‎Roof? came from. We will play Dr Joy De Gruy's famous 2008 lecture on Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome because of how much... more

CORRECTION: Rachel's dad is the one who tells of her transformation at Howard, not her brother. #AskRachel Dolezal... Do Blacks Have The Right To Mock Her? Whats are her brothers saying? She claims one of her brothers as her son?... more

Bruce Jenner to Caitlyn. What causes a person to return the image given by the creator? What spirit causes this extreme transformation? Baphomet , the hemorphdite demon god of this world is worshipped by many elites. Could this... more

How does Cern affect our daily lives? What does this machine do? Known athiest Stephen Hawking gave warnings about using this particle colliding machine. He says it will unleash hell on earth. Join us as we explore the connection between... more

dreams and visions are Gods way of communicating to us . well explain the symbols and how to use them as a guide through life. join us at 10pm0 ce]

We're discussing Divorce Court's Judge Lynn's powerful message tonight on Taboo Talks. Take a listen in with us and call in with your thoughts tonight if you like. First women were blaming the men. Now its all about the men blaming the... more