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Taboo Talks and Everything In-between, with Khamsin and Essence where we discuss life, the Word of God, faith in suffering, prophetic visions and various taboo topics of the Christian believer and nonbeliever alike. Check out Essence's book "Wisdom In Red: The Words of Jesus" on & be on the look out for Khamsin's book, "The Big Girl Pill"! Visit & subscribe on Youtube: Khamsin: Xcaramel2497 Essence: "EssenceRep"

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Excuse the passionate expressions but many men are the biggest disappointment in history. They have something special given to them by God and a very few of them use it. Its a gift of committing, providing, truly loving and... more

Sometimes we just feel like giving up. We come to that place where we sometimes feel broken, alone, tired, stressed, ridiculed, hated, gawked at, lost and just plain through! We don't understand why things happen the way they do.... more

Everyone experiences heartbreak at least once in their lifetime. However, women seem to struggle the most emotionally in regards to moving on. "Soul ties" created due to sexual sin makes the breakup much harder to get over . The betrayal... more

If you live down south, you know God somewhat from just living in the bible belt. Well Voodoo is the norm for people from New Orleans, Jamaica, Hati, Cuba and yes America, just to name a few. I have a history with voodoo and I'll... more

Love isnt the easiest thing to do, because humans are imperfect. Love can be hurtful and cause bittertness and resentment if it seems to be under appreciated. Sometimes we place unhealthy expectations on others which leads to toxic... more

If you struggle with believing the Bible or explaining why you believe it then this episode is for you! This is our first sermon jam and we hope to bring you more from time to time. This sermon jam tonight is by Voddie Baucham called Why I... more

Father's Day might remind many women of how much they've missed out on bonding with their own fathers and how their own children may fall prey to the same generational curse as their parents did. Because of this, many... more

Twerking and stripping are popular but how do they affect the men a woman attracts as a mate? Should twerking only be for the marriage bed? Do we women overexposed ourselves to men and expect them to be loyal to us? People are... more

Some things our parents said to us made us more curious to learn certain things about growing up, I can remember my best friends mom was very over bearing and when we went to college she became the freak of the campus.I remember... more

Join us Sunday night as we discuss spiritual mapping, how to break free from generational curses and the slave mentality in regards to black on black crime. We will be joined with gang leader OG Frank Gotti of thePut Them Guns Down... more