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Welcome to Table Talk with Tosh. The goal is to bring forth topics about life, family, culture, politics but all done with a spirit of engery, education and lots of entertainment. Join the movement as we make strides for betterment and not just rhetoric! Table Talk with Tosh is informative, enlightening and purpose-driven. Join me weekly for some invigorating conversations at Tosh's Table!

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Hear from industry experts on repairing credit, buying a home and ditching the tenant title forever!

Join us tonight for our most riveting show yet! Tonight we hear, first hand what the Rwanda Genocides were like from a Rwandan Genocide Survivor. Learn about how 1 million people were slaughtered in 1994 for just being different. This is... more

Tonight, join us as we speak with Ernest Moore, owner of EMI Wardrobe Consulting. We'll be discussing the art of being a gentleman and how we can get Lil Johnny to pull up his saggin pants and Lil Sally to demand more in what... more

Tonight, Join us as we speak to the issues surrounding the Foster Care System. Join Tosh, Kenny and Les as we speak with our guest speakers Mary Pitts and Sheila Ryder as they share their unspeakable stories of life in a horrible system... more

Tonight, join

Tonight, join

Join us tonight as we speak with Mrs. Dorothy Johnson-Speight, the founder of Mothers in Charge. Mothers in Charge was founded after Mrs. Johnson-Speight's son was tragically murdered. Hear from her and other courageous Moms... more

African Americans are in a sad state of affairs right now. Over the next six weeks, join us as we welcome special guests on the show to discuss these unnerving times. We will discuss the Prison epidemic and why it's a seemingly badge of... more

Tonight, join me and my table mates Kenny and Les as we discuss the controversial topics of touching yourself, pole dancing, sexual videos and a host of hot button topics. We'll be speaking with relationship experts and... more