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Welcome to Table Talk with Tosh. The goal is to bring forth topics about life, family, culture, politics but all done with a spirit of engery, education and lots of entertainment. Join the movement as we make strides for betterment and not just rhetoric! Table Talk with Tosh is informative, enlightening and purpose-driven. Join me weekly for some invigorating conversations at Tosh's Table!

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We have some powerful and phenomenal youth who are doing some amazing things! Why don't we celebrate their achievements more often? Tonight we speak to all of the wonderful young people who have identified their God-Given... more

Although Breast Cancer Awareness month is October, we realize the discussion of Breast Cancer Awareness is ongoing. Tonight we speak with Shireda Strongentburg-Howard, CPA, JD, PhD, a beautiful, energetic wife, mother,... more

Who's up because they want success like she's an Asthmatic, gasping for her very last breath? Yes, Tosh is up with the birds and of course ET, the Hip Hop Preacher because he is on that millionaire mindset! Mr. Thomas has made his... more

Tonight will be a continuation of last week's show when we discussed Physical and Emotional Abuse. This week we will explore how we can go about healing from several licensed clinicians who can offer us some semblence of hope.... more

Tonight we chat with Kesha Stowe-Spence, a third generation victim of Domestic Violence. She tells to us her riveting story of how she was able to start her own 501c3 organization, The Elizabeth Mae Eaddy Organization to assist victims... more

Tonight we are locking this conversation down and throwing away the ideals that it's a badge of honor to head to prison. Why is it that our youth and so often our fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers think it's cool to have a prison record?... more

Tonight we are gonna toss it up about ObamaCare and the impending potential government shut down, Religion and what's so great about it and topics that are relevant to just US. Join us and offer your opinions and offer your resources to... more

Tonight, check out our Black men who are actually making a difference in the lives of many in our community!

African Americans are facing issues associated with obesity at epidemic proportions. Obesity is the cause for so many ailments and is killing us at alarming rates. How many more of us have to die because we just can't put... more

Detroit, Camden, Chicago, Philadelphia all have ONE thing in common; its schools are closing at accelerated rates, they're all in financial straits and the children are not being taught and prepared for tomorrrow. Wait, that's more... more