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Welcome to Table Talk with Tosh. The goal is to bring forth topics about life, family, culture, politics but all done with a spirit of engery, education and lots of entertainment. Join the movement as we make strides for betterment and not just rhetoric! Table Talk with Tosh is informative, enlightening and purpose-driven. Join me weekly for some invigorating conversations at Tosh's Table!

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Welcome back! it's been a mighty long time but the people have spoken and your girl is back with hot new topics, fresh voices and YOU! Check us out each week as we delve into topics about relationships, politics, family, money and much... more

Recently, Nick Cannon tweeted, "If I see another damn slave movie...ARRRGGGGHHH!!! I think they keep making them because they want to keep Black folks on edge..." Tonight, join me as I sit down with filmmaker and... more

Oscar Grant is probably not known for being a 27 year old Father, Son and wonderful friend to those who loved him, yet he's known throughout the nation for the movie that was made about his life, Fruitvale Station. If you haven't... more

Today we will be speaking with Author and Pastor Christopher Walkier of Lemons to Lemonade. He will discuss how to overcome your past and how you can win in the now. This coversation is so needed as so many people face turmoils in... more

Join us today as we speak to you about your favorite teams, funny commercials and what's going on with your team. Check it out and tune in to this Super Bowl Sunday episode of Table Talk with Tosh!

Who knows about the race riot and the outright brutal, vicious, horrendous and downright devilish attack on Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1921? How about the same occurrences in Forsythe, GA or even Rosewood, Fl? There was a time when... more

Tonight, check out our Black men who are actually making a difference in the lives of many in our community!

Tonight, we will speak to a few couples who will tell us how they maintain a healthy mindset when it comes to marriage. The Bible teaches us that "He who findeth a wife, findeth a good thing." For the men, have you found your good... more

Tonight we speak with an investor who will explain to us the simple ways in which we can invest and how we can learn easy ways to invest in the stock market, mutual funds and other options. We'll also speak with a local businessman who... more

We have some powerful and phenomenal youth who are doing some amazing things! Why don't we celebrate their achievements more often? Tonight we speak to all of the wonderful young people who have identified their God-Given... more