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My name is Jane Hoffman and i am a columnist for the Duluth Reader Weekly. I received a Masters in Political Science with International Relations theory emphasis at Cal State Northridge. I am also familiar with American government theory such as Louis Hartz, Martin Diamond, Lipset and others. My co-host, Jon Yoder, is the music leader at the Church on Pearl Street in Santa Monica. We both have expertise in Old and New Testament prophecy and Christ's teachings. Don Gallimore, a lobbyist in Reno, member of the NAACP and Democratic Party Leader joins us often.

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Jon, Don and Jane first highlights the notable moments of Clementa's life; then we digress to the two big Supreme Court decisions this week regarding Obamacare and marriage equality. We then go on to life goals and purpose

No hosility, no retribution, no blaming, no hatred. Love was a reaction to hate, forgiveness a reaction to killing. Is the culture so different from places like Ferguson or Baltimore in sophistication or composure? Not one man was shot... more

Another eye opener but untimely reminder of a wave in history when it was common to kill people you disapproved of. Hitler's regime is long gone but why would a 20 year old, barely out of the gates of life, become radicalized to think... more

From fundamentalist to legalistic; Whicht Christians are defying the gravitational change of the only mesage of Christ: feed the hungry, house the poor, visit the sick and those in prisons. Plus the co opted Christians who stray from doctrine.... more

Nadjm has lived with his wife and four children in the Mar Youssef Church in Amman. According to a spokesman for Caritas, around 1,000 Iraqi Christians currently live in Jordan's churches, after they fled to northern Iraq. In the Mar... more

Collectively, the United States, even if each person had a mission to exalt their neighbor and serve the community, would it be enough to change the course of human history? Is Technology and ulterior motives so far out of hand that our... more

Life in North Hollywood continued. Fiction based on Truth. Listen to Episode 1 in the archives first. The heat turns up in this intense drama about romance and neighbors. And really, give me kudos, because I did all of this right off the top... more

Tonight we are interviewing Chance Raspberry who became a professional artist in the entertainment world working on both the Simpsons cartoon series and the Simpsons movie. He also started the band Jacuzzi Fiend in 2004 with high... more

The number of Isis sympathizers can be counted on one hand. C'mon now....is this the trump card for Jade Helm? 65% of Americans can't even explain their own religion to theological satisfaction. Jon, Jane and Don also divulge quite a bit... more