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POLITICAL GRAVITY; Jane, Jon, Albert, Don & Ben


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Jane, Albert and Don have been on the air since March, 2014. Jane is a writer and educator in Duluth, Minnesota. She used to write for a local weekly publication, now she is busy teaching with occasional editorials. Jane formerly worked for the Minnesota DFL. Don Gallimore is a top notch lobbyist out of Reno, Nevada. He and his wife co-chair NAACP Reno-Sparks. Don is the Sergeant of Arms for the Democratic Party in Reno-Sparks. He also was a local canvasser for Senator Mastos. Albert is an activist from Cathedral City, CA who worked on Bernie Sanders for President and now is helping local politicians get elected that coincide with the idea that they don't subscribe to corporate loyalty.

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Why does Al Franken have to be the sacrificial lamb for all the present and past sins of a collective body of corrupt politicians? I flew from California in 2008 to work for him. I left my 10 yr old son with a neighbor so I could start my new career in politics, just obtaining a Masters in Political Science. He was sort of an outsider but a well known public figure at the time. One woman volunteer in the Bemidji, Minnesota office said she would not canvass door to door for Franken because of his former lewd jokes about women. Perhaps he was a divisive character to some, but he was fully embraced by Minnesota over time. he worked on the issues people cared about. A person's past cannot be changed. He was sorry for what he did. I don't think he should have resigned. We will discuss this from the heart of the mater.
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