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POLITICAL GRAVITY; Jane, Jon, Albert, Ben, Don & Wade


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Jane, Albert and Don have been on the air since March, 2014. Jane is a writer and educator in Duluth, Minnesota. She used to write for a local weekly publication, now she is busy teaching with occasional editorials. Jane formerly worked for the Minnesota DFL. Don Gallimore is a top notch lobbyist out of Reno, Nevada. He and his wife co-chair NAACP Reno-Sparks. Don is the Sergeant of Arms for the Democratic Party in Reno-Sparks. He also was a local canvasser for Senator Mastos. Albert is an activist from Cathedral City, CA who worked on Bernie Sanders for President and now is helping local politicians get elected that coincide with the idea that they don't subscribe to corporate loyalty.

On-Demand Episodes

Jane, Wade, Don, Mike, Al, Ben will discuss the forum of hot topics on the American agenda today. Jane should discuss weeding out men who are not sufficient for dating and that there should be a class system for dating. Yes,... more

Don Gallimore, our cohost, met Kamala Harris. She was the keynote speaker for the NAACP in Reno Sparks. She also stumped for Jacky Rosen who is running for U.S. Senator in Nevada against Dean Heller. Don will weigh in off the... more

We will continue our discussion on globalism, international organization, the pitfalls of blind nationalism and the interconnectedness of the multi polar governments and NGOs like UNESECO (arm of the UN) plus their impact.... more

Samuel Huntington created a theory of the Third Wave of globalization. Most of these events started happening in the mid 1990s. Now we see a reverse trend toward authoritarianism. According to Huntington, the rise of the Third Wave is... more

Jon will share with us his findings of corporate money handling and financial dealings on the highest level. Mike challenges Jon on the value of globalism.

Jamal Khashoggi loved his country and the people of Medina, Saudi Arabia. Yet he worked in a field that demanded truth and conviction, one he couldn't deny being subjected to the Saudi government, their repression and attempts... more

We will discuss the Kavanaugh vote and how it affects the nation. We will discuss the division between people on social media and how they are dealing with this divisive vote and outcome. It will impact the November election. We... more

Brett Michael Kavanaugh is an American attorney and jurist who serves as a US Circuit Judge of US Court of Apeals in DC. . He is currently a nominee to be an associate justice on the Supreme Court. He graduated from Yale College cum... more

Jane Hoffman will discuss the 50th anniversary she attended in Milwaukee this weekend commemorating the Milwaukee 14. It was a group of 14 men who raided the Brumder building 9/24/68 and burned 10,000 1A draft files and then... more