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My name is Jane Hoffman and i am a columnist for the Duluth Reader Weekly. I received a Masters in Political Science with International Relations theory emphasis at Cal State Northridge. I am also familiar with American government theory such as Louis Hartz, Martin Diamond, Lipset and others. My co-host, Jon Yoder, is the music leader at the Church on Pearl Street in Santa Monica. We both have expertise in Old and New Testament prophecy and Christ's teachings. Don Gallimore, a lobbyist in Reno, member of the NAACP and Democratic Party Leader joins us often.

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He is the perfect Christian example but why go through all the American Idol hoops just to go back into foreign ministry? Tune in at midnight West Coast time.

By Ed Raymond: synpopsis When 1976 Olympic decathlon champion Bruce Jenner, a real hunk of a muscular man, came out 39 years later with the statement ?for all intents and purposes, I am a woman? in a rather spectacular... more

Taylor's new song is just Okay....Billboard Music awards.....Why George Stephanopolous is getting so much heat for donating to Clinton foundation. ...that and past Christian artists.

Jane and Jon discuss world upheaval in places like Thailand and Myrnamar where 6,000 refugees are trapped on a boat, being exploited by human traffickers who are trying to make money off of refugees by impounding funds from family... more

Jane and her guest discuss the consequential moments of WWII as the Japanese highest military command wrestled with the Emperor on what solution was best for their country. They had the moral dilemma of not wanting to admit defeat vs.... more

Jon and Jane will discuss the framework of the family on Mother's Day. They will also discuss what principles led them to be non materialistic including the likes of Lenin and Trotsky. that's right, one of us is a Christian Socialist. We are also... more

Is this internal Isis crisis just a staging area for Jade Helm? What idiot thought up a mock cartoon contest to imitate Charlie Hebdo. Hey, we ain't in Paris and your Texas understanding for Islamic mockery is low grade. It's pontificators such as... more

NSA disclaimer: I have lived the majoriy of my life as a dissodent; like Bob Dylan or Jim Morrison. I intepret the nuance of American culture and the sequence. I embrace the folklore, the fringe instincts people act upon. I did two shows this... more

From the national race for Presidency 2016, to shadow government operatives to a new American currency aligned with China and the EU, can the American citizen keep up with all the direct changes to their lives. Michael, a guest, weighs... more