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Jane, Albert and Don have been on the air since March, 2014. Jane is a writer and educator in Duluth, Minnesota. She used to write for a local weekly publication, now she is busy teaching with occasional editorials. Jane formerly worked for the Minnesota DFL. Don Gallimore is a top notch lobbyist out of Reno, Nevada. He and his wife co-chair NAACP Reno-Sparks. Don is the Sergeant of Arms for the Democratic Party in Reno-Sparks. He also was a local canvasser for Senator Mastos. Albert is an activist from Cathedral City, CA who worked on Bernie Sanders for President and now is helping local politicians get elected that coincide with the idea that they don't subscribe to corporate loyalty.

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Trump could have just run for 3rd party Confederate party and spared us the floundering decision making of a geriatric senior with dementia.
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Utah is in an uproar with town hall protests? The movie the Experiementer about Stanley Milgram's life Also Michael Moore's new movie in Trumpland.... How our bodies change in molecular dimensions. Are you the same person now that you... more

6 But if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet to warn the people and the sword comes and takes someone's life, that person's life will be taken because of their sin, but I will hold the watchman accountable for... more

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We will examine the legality and legitimacy of the current Travel Ban that is most likely religiously driven. Don will discuss his trip to Europe & European view of Americans. If you have a permanent resident status or a green card under travel... more

We are debtors to China by 1 trillion. Globalism is in full force. Donald Trump can't pull the rug solely on intra organizations that help keep international bodies collaborating. Going back to nationalism will be tricky in the modern age. Jane... more

People who can't manage themselves, can't manage the White House. Protestors this week will bring that to light. We will be bringing different American perspectives including Bill Maher and John Lewis as to the America they... more

We had 3 guests from Southern California who are heavy handed activists in the Democratic Party, Occupy Movement and other equittable causes in local/regional politics. They are forming a march near Palm Desert in the upcoming week to... more

Jon was supposed to talk about his remasterd song "Believe in Me" but ends up going on an emotional warpath about devotion to marriage and equates it to death. Jane will discuss Henry Kissinger's book Diplomacy again and the new... more

Is the minority democrats a recessive gene pool now? Crying out in the wilderness? We go into George Bush Sr.'s and Bill Clinton's original statements on their prospective hopes for a New World Order (an overused phrase)... more