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MANY dont know anything about this lifestyle...MANY make wrong assumtions when they hear the word ''P.I.M.P''we are here for the People who are interested in understanding the reasons,the benifits as well as the culture of the PiMP WORLD...as a young P i Have much knowledge and wisdom in this beacause...welll...''THIS IS WHAT I DO''....so for those who want to gain knowledge on the wrongs the rights/ DOs and DONTS of this LIFESTYLE Tune in and get educated...on ''REAL LIVE P.Iz''-with ''T-MONEY'' and CO-Host ''SANTANA THE PIMP''...the place where EDUCATiON is ELEVATiON...check us out 12 am est. everynight(347-857-3987)

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P's as well as Hoes really have to stay dedicated and 110% TRUE the Game and Themselves to truly prosper beacause 1 false move can bring a whole city down...and thats not what you want to do at all...so tune in and stay true about... more

you can get a tast of it all...at www.Reallivepimpin.yolasite.com check out the books,educational dvd's...as well as our videos on the site..its growing and coming together beautifully...so definately check us out -Mr.Money

this show is to let bitches know what they do...and what they should be doing

im sure theres many people out there who wonder if its possibble for them to get into this game and live the life they've dreamed of living...well anything is possible but as i say Pimps are not made...WE are Born...but for those who Do believe... more

jus choppin some game between ourselves for all you squares to look in from the outside...so look in and get a tast of this real shit

the difference between a Hoe and a Top DOLLA Bitch is this...A HOE is Going to get -what she an get-....and A TOP DOLLA BiTCH is -GoING TO GET WHAT SHE CHOOSES TO GET-....but in order for a bitch to truly know how to... more

many people ask me over an over agin...how could i PiMP...or how could i BE A PiMP...and the answer is 1st having the DESiRE to do so...2nd HAVING DEDiCATION to WHAT YOUR PURSUiNG...and 3rd HAViNG DICIPLINE... more

the thing about most people is that they want things outta life but have no ability to make it hapen beacause of the fear that they will fail...AS SANTANA said on a previous show ''the BIGGEST RISK in life is NOT TAKING A RISK'' so that... more

Today i met this Woman..she was an older woman and once i told her that i was -PiMPiN- she made a total 360 and Downed everything that im about...but she made her assumption before she even knew what i was about.....SHE SAID i... more

Many bitches say Ohhhhh...''i would NEVER DO that''...But the Realiy of it all iS...that you can never say what u'll NEVER DO for the simple fact that...-YOU DONT KNOW-..so if you WANT to be with a man of your dreams and he... more
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