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Controversy Unincorporated

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Thinking Unenslaved

Thinking Unenslaved


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Last week, we concluded our discussion of Secular Humanism in Western Society. Unfortunately (and as is often the case), the discussion really got going just as the show was ending. Ryan (@NewYorkCreator) joined in with Zach, Paul and myself in a conversation that actually extended well past the end of the show. So, at Ryan and Zach's request, we're going to have another Round Table this week, but a slightly different format. As many of us co-hosts as are available are going to dial in Wednesday night, along with Ryan (and hopefully @AntitheistAngie). We're going to cover a lot of hot-button topics for between us, and may or may not take callers as time permits. I'm hoping that Zach, Ryan and I can somewhat replicate our post-show discussion from last week. It got pretty interesting. Some things we're planning on discussing include, but are in no way limited to: * Anti-abortion politics * Intelligent Design education * Free speech versus verbal masturbation * Draw Muhammad Day * Atheist Morality The last topic there is a segue to next week's show. I'm setting up an interview with Martin Pribble in regards to a recent poll on about.com which he was leading until it got pharyngulated. The poll results are now meaningless, as they do not inherently reflect the about.com readership, nor do they necessarily accurately reflect the beliefs of those who take the poll as much as they reflect the ability of poll-takers to submit the voting form several times just to make PZ Myers look more popular than he really is. Don't get me wrong, I have much respect for the man and even consider myself a fan of his. And while online polls are inherently flawed in concept, there's no benefit for us to prey upon each other even in the most innocuous of forms.