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With the baddest Virgos on the Planet. Your hosts Ms. BlackButterfly and Moe Don of DPE Inc. An anything and everything show…for every person! Come listen to both the male and female perspective on the weekly topics… The two have many differences but this holds them together……SYNERGY!

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Child Support.... Wasn't it put in place for the children? How should it be used? Should a parent that is taking care of their children be dragged into court? What rights do non-custodial parents paying child support have? Let's talk about

An anything and everything show…for every person! Come listen to two women’s often very distinctly different perspective on the weekly topic….both coming from extremely different backgrounds and experiences. Tawana and Tia have many... more

We should all have standards in love.. but is there a such thing of setting your standards TOO high? What do you look for in your mate and what are you willing to bring to the table to balance out what you're asking for?

Women in the Military: Are you are a woman who is or have been enlisted in the military? Are you a military mother or wife? Let's discuss the different ways the military has affected you, and the woman's perspective on the military lifestyle.

Minding your Grind. What are your goals in life and what are you doing to attain them?

Can exes cohabitate on a purely platonic basis? Can two people stay living together just to effectively parent their kids or save on money without rekindling their previous flame? And for people in this arrangement, how does it affect... more

What do you do when you or your partners wildest fantasy is to wild? Is there even a such thing as too much in the bedroom? Do you push the limit with just anyone or do you only go there with people you are in a long-term relationship... more

Polygamy from a woman's stand point.. Yae or Nae? Why can't a woman have more than one husband but a man can have more than one wife? I say if it's good for him then she should have it too. Would you as a woman want to be or... more

Are you properly preparing your child for worst-case scenarios? How to prepare them to travel home from school alone. Is your child a latch-key child? Does your child know what to do in case of a fire at home? Do they know how to dial... more

Are individuals born gay or do circumstances in life force us into the lifestyle? Should gays be allowed to raise a child? What if your child came home and told you they were gay? Special guest host: Aurora Jonez, CEO of LezNation... more