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On-Demand Episodes

Here every Friday evening at 8:00 PM EST. These two doctors have both suffered from the agonies and tragedy of Parental Alienation. Tonight they review the case of Samuel Z. Jones from the Isle of White, UK. Tell your friends!

Not to People like Us: Hidden Abuse in Upscale Marriages is the groundbreaking book written by Dr. Susan Weitzman after many years of research on upscale violence. The first book of its kind to lift the veil of silence on abuse in upper... more

This ballad was written by Robert W. Service and read by John McEuen. We enjoyed this reading so much that we could not resist making it immediately available to the world on SyndicatedNews.NET. The best rendition ever!

Tonight, we will play a short interview for you and then Dr. Wardner & Dr. Maguire will discuss this father's plight at 8:00 PM EST. Write into the show about your Parental Alienation Problems:

This show is not to be missed. Dr. Wardner is a dentist and Dr. Maguire is a physician. These are two medical professionals. This show is by, about and for fathers separated from their kids that just happens to be hosted by "a doctor & a... more

Family Matters with Jill Egizii and Michele Lowrance. Tonight they host this heartfelt story, told to us directly by a mother suffering from parental alienation. One of her daughters joins her on the show. Chat room and phone lines will be... more

Reality Poker - Kelley OHara and Eveliene Dullaart in partnership with the Bicycle Casino, bring Joker Gaming's "Live at the Bike" to enthusiastic poker fans. People are coming in from all over to enjoy "live" poker. It's already live on... more

Both Dr.James Wardner and Dr. Kevin Maguire have suffered as targeted parental alienation parents. Dr. Wardner lost his children in October of 2000. Dr. Maguire lost his children aout the same time. This New Year's Eve, they discuss how... more

Shawn Rae has given permission for this music to be used royalty free by BlogTalkRadioHosts. If you would like to use this MP3, you must leave the statement in the beginning of the clip that states the singer's website address.... more

Dr. Sol Goldstein, A Child Psychologist talks to Jill Egizii. This is the most sought after segment of all the "Family Matters" radio shows recorded by SyndicatedNews.NET.