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Symbolic Sorcerer

Symbolic Sorcery


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We are a show dedicated to discussing the symbolism of the Tarot, Qabalah, Sacred Geometry, Alchemy and Magic. Our show is hosted by Symbolic Sorcerer, who has many years of practical training and research in mathematics and occultism. Our show will feature live oracle readings with the Tarot, live meditations on the Tree of Life, as well as information-packed shows and how-to lessons.

On-Demand Episodes

Overview: We will introduce Sacred Geometry as an energetic science and describe the geometric structures of the subtle bodies. We will discuss how we can consciously reshape our subtle energy bodies through geometric... more

Episode Ten: Tarot Key 2 - The High Priestess Overview: Basic interpretations and lessons on the High Priestess, letter Gimel, number 2. Meditation from the Book of Tokens. Application of the lessons for success in life.... more

Episode Nine: Mathematical Occultism and Occult Mathematics Overview: Mathematics as a mental discipline. Training in thought-control. Mathematics as a system of occult development. Sense-free thinking. Alchemical Mathematics.... more

Episode Seven: Tarot Key 1 - The Magician Overview: Basic interpretation of The Magician, letter Beth, and Number 1. Meditation from The Book of Tokens. Entering into The Magician. Discussion Topics: - The number 1 symbolizes... more

Synopsis: Review of the Net concept. Geometry of the Net. The language of shape. How Numbers relate to Geometry. Reshaping our Net into a Sacred Geometric form. How to Meditate on Sacred Geometry. Geometric Alchemical... more

The Net is a symbol of our subconsciousness. The Net of Numbers forms the deepest layers of the subconscious, which is universal. We can associate Numbers with Words as a master filing-system. This rewires our Net so that we... more

Overview: We need to transform our consciousness before we can perform truly effective magic. Numbers as the universal process of manifestation. Through alchemical distillation and crystallization of the Number pattern, we reprogram... more

Discussion Topics: Overview of my own occult library. I've spared no expenses in aquiring the most important books. Breakdown of categories: Spiritual Lessons, Metaphysics, Meditations, Number Mysticism, Sacred Geometry, Tarot,... more

Overview: Basic interpretation of The Fool, letter Aleph, and Number 0. Meditation from The Book of Tokens. Entering into The Fool. Discussion Topics: - The number 0 symbolizes the Source of all things. It is not nothing, but No-Thing.... more

Overview: How to approach the study: lists of correspondences and disciplined regularity. The importance of number symbolism. Discussion Topics: - Paul Foster Case: master Tarot teacher. Teaches in a way so that the students can discover... more