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Sylvia Global presents global conversations pertaining to women, empowerment, business, faith, health and philanthropy. By exploring the impact of women in business, faith, and philanthropy, Sylvia Global is able to inspire social change and promote tolerance, acceptance, and leadership. Sylvia Global offers conversations that give a voice to the good that is around all of us and how we can perpetuate it.

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What happens when we scream for help and no one responds for 20 years? Returning from Bangladesh, Sylvia Global meets with Deborah Lindholm, Founder/CEO of the Foundation for Women (FFW). The typical FFW microcredit... more

Sylvia Global arrives in Bosten to meet with the author of A Heart for Freedom, Chai Ling. Twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize following her role as a leader of the Tiananmen Square student movement in 1989. Chai Ling shares a... more

Part 2 - Sylvia Global is in Hollywood with legendary American designer, Keith Holman. Keith continues his conversation about Michael Jackson and designs that are out of this world, beginning in Neverland. Keith has worked has... more

Sylvia Global talks with Aubry Stone, a Governor appointee to the California Commission on Economic Development and President/CEO of the California Black Chamber of Commerce. Also, Ron Busby, Sr., President of the U.S.... more

Part 1 - Sylvia Global is in Hollywood with legendary American designer, Keith Holman. Keith has worked has designed for American Music Awards, The Academy Awards, The Grammy's, Soultrain Award Show, Lady of Soul Awards... more

Sylvia Global arrives in Washington, D.C. to meet with Laurie Emrich. Co-creator/developer of the National Progressive Leadership Campus in Washington, DC., a $35 million initiative to create a more powerful and... more

Stop acting like a guest at the table and take ownership of your power! Form teams and lead! Learn how to overcome the 6 Cs of getting into office. Four leaders and women who succeed at getting elected into offices -- Sylvia Global... more

From the west coast of Brest, France to Phoenix, Arizona in the USA - Sylvia Global meets wtih our powerhouse financial resource advisor, Magaly Masci, She discusses our moral responsibility to achieve financial independence and... more

Part 1 - Sylvia Global arrives in Northern California with Emily Bouchard, a family, wealth and money coach. Topic: "How every woman can and should create a legacy of wealth." Emily has taken a passion in social work to a global mission... more

Sylvia Global meets with French chanteuse-songwriter, Jessica Fichot. Jessica draws on her multi-ethnic French / Chinese / American upbringing and distills French chanson, folk, gypsy jazz, and world music into an intricate and... more
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