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Sylvia Global presents global conversations pertaining to women, empowerment, business, faith, health and philanthropy. By exploring the impact of women in business, faith, and philanthropy, Sylvia Global is able to inspire social change and promote tolerance, acceptance, and leadership. Sylvia Global offers conversations that give a voice to the good that is around all of us and how we can perpetuate it.

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Niamha is a member of the Advisory Council to European Movement Ireland. She was a Board member of We the Citizens and a member of the Independent Monitoring Board at Pentonville Prison in London. Niamh holds a Masters... more

Purity Kagwiria - a Kenyan feminist activist who currently works as Director of the Young Changemakers program at Akili Dada an international award-winning leadership incubator nurturing a generation of young African women from... more

Zena, she is is a poet and performer who uses song, movement and global influences as a jump-off for her words. She defines the fusion of poetry and music by including traditional African-instrumentation (the Kalimba and Kora) and... more

Paso Robles Food Cooperative Our vision is to create a community center focused on local food. We see an opportunity to connect the demand for fresh, healthy, and local food with the abundance -- and incredible diversity -- of what... more

This former Miss Louisiana and Hall of Fame Star Search Grand Champion Winner is comfortable singing in any setting from an intimate club, to the arena stages as well as stage, television, and movies. She has been the guest... more

What questions should women ask when looking for a good financial adviser that understands them? What should financial advisers keep in mind when working with female clients? Wealth Psychology host, Emily Bouchard, talks... more

This week, I am geeked to be interviewing Caribbean feminist activist Malaika Brooks-Smith-Lowe! Malaika is a Grenadian contemporary artist/activist and co-founder of Groundation Grenada. Her interdisciplinary approach to social... more

Spectra is a writer, storyteller, and new media consultant whose work focuses on the intersection of media, identity, and social psychology as it occurs in activism and philanthropy. Last year, she successfully crowdfunded Africans for Africa,... more

Interview with Dr. Meghana Bhatt, VP R&D, FEM Inc. and John Gerzema, author of The Athena Doctrine: How Women (and the Men Who Think Like Them) Will Rule the Future. We live in a world that's increasingly social, interdependent... more

Exploration of Entrepreneur Spirit, Tasha prepares for Home Ownership, Children Support Network - Devoted Moms, Tasha and Regina explore New Issues and Trends. Subscribe to Sylvia Global Media at:... more
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