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Sylvia Global presents global conversations pertaining to women, empowerment, business, faith, health and philanthropy. By exploring the impact of women in business, faith, and philanthropy, Sylvia Global is able to inspire social change and promote tolerance, acceptance, and leadership. Sylvia Global offers conversations that give a voice to the good that is around all of us and how we can perpetuate it.

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Lacey and Savannah are trained therapy dogs who visit patients at hospice and hospitals. Meet their owner Becky Gang and hear about this wonderful work.

Dr. Jean Dodds started Hemopet's non-profit animal blood bank and greyhound rescue/adoption program in 1986. Today, Hemopet offers the most advanced canine thyroid testing in the world. Nutriscan saliva screening is a new diagnostic... more

A group of local storytellers, Emily Sterling, Kelly Hansen, Kenny Field and Zoe Pilliafas wondered: "Is it possible that when your memory begins to cloud, you hold on more strongly to memories of your truest love? When the distraction of... more

Today's guest, John Roskam shares about his experience working with and training war dogs. As a member of the United States Air Force, John Roskom disposes dangerous explosive devices and bombs with the help of some very... more

Joy Harjo speaks with Bread and Roses about the new musical she is writing, the kinship between poetry and music, overcoming fear, experiencing voicelessness in feminist/white privileged settings, and creating community among... more

With more than 30 years of clinical experience in both dairy and small animal medicine, Dr. Cameron specializes in combining holistic and conventional therapies to tailor a comprehensive wellness approach according to an animal's... more

What is gentrification and how has the Hip Hop scene in Portland been affected by this shift that is forcing the African American community to migrate? We hear the opinions of two Portland residents, passionate of Hip Hop, Chris Riser and... more

Young Lakota, a film directed and produced by Marion Lipschutz and Rose Rosenblatt premiered November 25, 2013 onIndependent Lens on PBS. In February 2006, South Dakota passed a law criminalizing abortion, making no... more

Chamois' family noticed that she had a lump on her belly, which was diagnosed as cancer and removed. Chamois' then veterinarian said that she has only days to live. That was ONE YEAR AGO. Please join us for a wonderful and emotional... more

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