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Spirituality Walking One On One With Christ. Hot. Energetic. We are a Christian television show for tweens and young adults that is focused on saving and building souls for the Kingdom of God. Through lessons, interviews, blog talk, music videos and much more. You will see that SWOOCH TV is nothing close to boring and serving God and doing His will is a natural part of life.

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It's midterms! Feel like venting?? Have a lot on your plate? SWOOCH it out!

Join us as we interview Cali's most talented young artists Rondell & William!

So it's that time to where people are looking for that special boo or feeling the blue? Which one are you?

Join us as we interview freedom fighter, advocate, SWOOCHaneer (SWOOCH Pioneer)! Larry D Bluford as we tackle anti-bullying!

How is your life right now? Are you all over the place? Do you feel unorganized?...It's ok! Just gotta get it together!

We wanna hear from you guys! Hit us up with your SWOOCHQuests (SWOOCH Requests): Songs, topics, questions, comments, or even PRAYER! It's only because of you our Thursdays our Terrific (*SWOOCHerrific*)!!

2 weeks in the new year & getting tired already?? Need something new?? Wanna stop wasting time??....Well it's time to pull out that planner, and SWOOCH with a PLAN!

Have you gone Christmas shopping yet? Do you have a list? Is SWOOCH part of your list?? Lol jk (not really) SWOOCH can help you with great gifting ideas! Tune in to listen! Call 619 996 1603!

It's the week before the holiday where we get to overeat! #Thanksgiving! What's your favorite dish?? What are you looking forward to the most about the holidays?? Share with us and call! 619 996 1603!

He!y everyone! Join me on SWOOCHBeyond Thursday! Where we're talking about going above and beyond your limits to what you can do! #SWOOCHBeyond! your capacity! Join us!