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This is a safe space for the lgbt community. Our intention is to educate, entertain and capture all things important to our community with a southern twist.

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Have you ever wanted to start a twitter thread, one that is not only therapuetic to you but you're certain it would help others as well? After typing those first few characters have you deleted and decided against it knowing there was a... more

Current state of mental health in Black America according to Mental Health of Amercia http://www.mentalhealthamerica.net/african-american-mental-health Mental health within the black and black-lgbt community. Does race play a factor... more

In the age of social networking, information is shared an spread within minutes. The internet and it's plethora of social networking sites is a very useful tool. Many utilize it as an extension to the work they are already doing, while others utilize... more

Welcome back episode after a much needed hiatus.

A couple of years ago I made a youtbe video, it went on to be one of my mot watched and most commented on video on the channel. I've long since ended my v-blogging days but I continue to get comments on this video. Since the... more

It took me quite some time to decide to do this podcast. I debated on when I should do it, I almost did a show the date that the ruling came down. The strategist in me told me to wait however. I knew that if I allowed things to play... more

Bigotry is selling faster than hotcakes these days.Especially with laws being made trying to establish some kind of equality. Some people are far too invested in their need to feel superior. Some so much so that they would cut off their... more

This episde is completly spontanous and unplanned. I was having lunch and thinking hey why not make a show about the stuff I'm tweeting and facebooking about. I'll be covering, politics, pop culture. food, music and whatever... more

I never encourage anyone to come out before they are ready. "Coming Out" can be a life changing experience and that change can be good or bad depending on the situation. The experience for everyone however is diffrent. Join a black... more

This morning I came across an article thanks to a friend of mine on FB, that really touched me. In the link below you will find the article written by: Romeo Jackson It is a cry made by so many within our community. One that goes... more