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Hey everyone, thanks for visiting the page! The Sweet Raus show is a brand new talk show featuring the vocal talents of Sweet Raus himself. Joining him are guests Jabiru, Neslo, and Eddie V. Our mission is to both entertain you and prepare you for the inevitable zombocalypse. Also, Sweet Raus loves the Blackhawks. Shows typically air live on Sundays

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The Sweet Raus Show is back! We took some time off, but we made sure to gather some stories together to make up for it. This week we'll have a general story session, discuss some sports news, possibly offer an opinion on the... more

Join Sweet Raus, Jabiru, and Scott and Dylan of The Duct Tape Repairmen on this episode of The Sweet Raus Show! We'll spend most of tonight interviewing Scott and Dylan about the release of their new album, listen to a few tracks, and... more

It's a Halloween special! Amazingly, we'll probably barely be talking about it, because Jabiru has to tell us all about the Rally to Restore Sanity/Fear! Also, we'll talk about Clint McCance, the Arkansas school board member who posted... more

It's Sunday and the Sweet Raus Show is back with a vengeance! Well, not really, we don't have any reason for vengeance. We do have reason for talkin' smack because the Vikings and Packers play today! We'll discuss the outcome of that... more

Today is the answer to Life, The Universe, and Everything - celebrate it with Sweet Raus and Jabiru! Alabama lost to South Carolina and might have lost the championship game; call in and tell us who you think will go instead! Hockey... more

It's Sunday and Sweet Raus and Jabiru don't even know what's going on. Greg Giraldo died and we're super sad about it! There was probably some college football this weekend, hockey season is starting soon, Jack Johnson made a... more

The Sweet Raus Show can't stop Minecrafting! Until now, that is. We're taking a break from playing Minecraft to talk about Minecraft! If there's time, we'll probably talk about some college football (Sweet Raus watched 0 games),... more

It's Sunday! Sweet Raus is missing Jabiru, so this new kid Garrett is filling in. College football is in full swing! Hopefully Jabiru will call in to provide us with some game analysis - or just to tell us wtf is going on. More importantly, REACH... more

Ditch the VMA's and listen to us! Sweet Raus and Jabiru had a relatively epic weekend, tell us about yours. Also, football is finally here, Jabiru is a good person, Fresh is going to space, call in and share your stories: 347-327-9013. Follow... more

It's the first show of September! College football season is starting, it's still hot as balls at ASU, and Sweet Raus and Jabiru are starting to lose their minds. Meanwhile, Twitter is retarded, we have a video game challenge, publicizing is... more
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