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Game Show Tonite (normally on Tuesdays) is a discussion on current issues of game shows, and competitive reality shows. The Gaming Zone (normally On Thursdays), will be a time to play radio versions of some of your favorite game shows, and new ones that we think up. Hope you will enjoy our shows. Because when you enter the zone, you will join the discussion Tonite. We also now welcome the staff of ROCK THAT GAME to the SweetEngineSounds studio line up. Join the Z-Master, Chris Z, and his partner in crime, THE WOJ, Trivia AWWEEESOOMMEEE superstar, as they rock the house, with their games on Sunday nights. And remember if you call into their show, you better ROCK THAT GAME.

On-Demand Episodes

On Part 3, we will talk about the changes done on game and reality shows this season over last season. Like the money increase on WOF, to the money ladder on Millionaire, the new games on TPIR, to the horrible changes done on 5th... more

I have finally figured out how to make a multiplayer version of the UK's long running game show Countdown. The game is made of 2 rounds..... Round 1, there will be 24 (or 25 cards depending on how many players play). Behind the... more

We continue our look at 2010, by talking about the new game and reality shows that appeared in 2010, from the new Lyrics, to Ramsay's MasterChef. What was good, what was bad, what should have never been aired. Also, the week's news... more

In anticipation for the new FOX show THE MILLION DOLLAR DROP, I am doing my own version, different from the UK original version. Where the possible winnings could be TEN MILLION CYBER DOLLARS. Here is how the game... more

All December, we will talk about the year that was in game shows and reality shows. For Part 1, we will talk about our favorite and memorable moments of 2010 that happened. From the first possible $ 100,000 win on Pay The Rent, to... more

This is based on a french canadian lottery game show, bringing it here....here is how it works. 2 players will play at a time, there will be 30 cards to choose from. They will choose any 3, with the cards holding a digit from 0 to 9 (3 of each). If... more

Tonite on Game Show Tonite, we will take a look at the overall look at the 10 years of competitive reality shows, not talking about Jersey Shore, Paris Hilton or the Kardashians.....we will talk about the major ones, like Survivor, Big... more

Tonite on GST, we will talk about the life and times, the good and the bad of the network we all loved (at one time or another).....GSN : The Game Show Network, we will talk about the programming GSN did from 1994 to present day, their... more

Tonite, we will discuss all the iterations of millionaire, when it debuted in 1999, to the syndicated run that started in 2002, and all the rules changes that has happened since, and let's not forget Super Millionaire. And don't forget, we will... more

My game I played last year in the Game Show Summer OLympics is back with a new twist. Each player who plays will start the game with $ 1,000. 9 categories will be given, but the players will not know the topic of the category until... more