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Game Show Tonite (normally on Tuesdays) is a discussion on current issues of game shows, and competitive reality shows. The Gaming Zone (normally On Thursdays), will be a time to play radio versions of some of your favorite game shows, and new ones that we think up. Hope you will enjoy our shows. Because when you enter the zone, you will join the discussion Tonite. We also now welcome the staff of ROCK THAT GAME to the SweetEngineSounds studio line up. Join the Z-Master, Chris Z, and his partner in crime, THE WOJ, Trivia AWWEEESOOMMEEE superstar, as they rock the house, with their games on Sunday nights. And remember if you call into their show, you better ROCK THAT GAME.

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Alex Trebek has brought the mustache back, and Monday is his first episode with the traditional look, something missing for the last couple of years. We'll review the season premieres, and show you what else is going on, including some finales that will take place very soon. Fall in Love with Game Show Tonite! And JB has an idea or two up his sleeve...stay tuned.
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Let's play some childhood favorites for our next trio. Sunday at 11pm.

The game that ended the 2010 Game Show Decathlon is back to be played again, but in a whole new way. Here is how the game works. Each player will choose one of 4 topics and will choose their opponent in this one on one duel. I... more

Tonite, on Game show Tonite, we will have fun, talking about what game shows could be revived for the 2011-12 season, and if so, what changes would have to be made to make it viable and entertaining for today's audience. Any game... more

Tonite in the Gaming Zone, we will see ,if someone can outwit the cybermob for 1 million cyber dollars. The game play is exactly like the game show, except each question will be worth an amount depending on how many mob members are... more

Tonight on Game Show Tonite, we did talk about Celebrity game shows, where the celebrities were the panelists or helping the contestant win....this time, we are talking about Celebrity who actually played the game....with the recent... more

The Gaming Zone is actually taking an idea from a fellow BTR host and making an entire game based on a portion of the game.....Thank you Kyle Wheeler, your Order Up game is now my THE LIST...here is how it works... Each player... more

Tonight on Game Show Tonite, our monthly discussion on a game show, and this month, we will talk about Card Sharks, all 4 version (yes, even the piece of #$%^#^ called the 2001 version), we will talk about the game play, the host, the... more

The gaming zone is heading to Vegas with Blackjack Blitz, Here is how this version works...... You start with 5,000 in chips, bets are in 100 chip increments, max of 5,000. Then you are dealt 2 cards, and rules of blackjack apply... more

Tonite on Game Show Tonite, we are talking about some of the more famous Prizes offered on game shows, from the infamous Floakti Rug on Press Your Luck, to the most recent green Tesla Roadster. We will talk about famous prizes... more

Tonite on Game Show Tonite, we continue the quest to find the golden egg, as now the jackpot stands at CY $1,837,500. 26 eggs are awaiting our players, one of them holds that jackpot...but must play a qualifying game to earn the right... more