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Game Show Tonite (normally on Tuesdays) is a discussion on current issues of game shows, and competitive reality shows. The Gaming Zone (normally On Thursdays), will be a time to play radio versions of some of your favorite game shows, and new ones that we think up. Hope you will enjoy our shows. Because when you enter the zone, you will join the discussion Tonite. We also now welcome the staff of ROCK THAT GAME to the SweetEngineSounds studio line up. Join the Z-Master, Chris Z, and his partner in crime, THE WOJ, Trivia AWWEEESOOMMEEE superstar, as they rock the house, with their games on Sunday nights. And remember if you call into their show, you better ROCK THAT GAME.

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Ok, Last Week, A Frog would have sounded better than me. Tonight, we'll catch up, as the Grand Finale of Dancing with the Stars took place. We'll see who took the mirrored trophy. We'll also look at Celebrity weeks and remember... more

Since JayBee's voice is missing, we want your voice. You can participate in tonight's episode. We'll catch up on the latest news and info, and you can voice your thoughts, but keep it clean...JayBee does have an itchy trigger finger... more

Hi Everyone! JB here, and we are going to try something new in our second hour. We are going to attempt to play "Celebrity Name Game" In radio style. So...put on your thinking caps right after we deliver the news and we'll see what is in store!... more

(This is being rescheduled for 10/15 due to technical difficulties. Skype is being a problem.) Edward R. Murrow, Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather, Mike Wallace, Lesley Stahl, Diane Sawyer...Shall I continue dropping names? Those heavyweights in... more

The whole panel is going to play Whose Line is it Anyway? The show where the points don't matter, and neither does the content. Yes, it's like Janet Jackson showing up to the Super Bowl Halftime Show. Actually, we'll talk about it. It's... more

JayBee's Voice is better...and with it there's a lot of news to cover. We'll wing it tonight, And that means we'll catch you up on Big Brother's Finale, Survivor, The Amazing Race, and all the other programs on now. Ratings, News, Galore... It's... more

I've been a little hoarse, so I am using a little time today to say that what I thought would be this week would be pushed to next week to give my voice a chance to recover. Thanks! JB

We're back on patrol, this time covering CHiPs, Highway Patrol, Blue Bloods, Hill Street Blues, Barney Miller, and more. We'll also cover the news that is rocking Indianapolis, and that is a CBS Affiliate change over starting in 2015. Don't... more

We're back to school and Professor Barcus has brought us the perfect class, Concentration. Yes, that time honored game, and NBC's Classic Concentration has Alex Trebek with the Mustache. There's more info on this, Yodely... more

Gas up the patrol car, sharpen your pencils, get that clean notepad, and remember this "Just the facts, ma'am." We'll look at the genre of procedural dramas. Dragnet, Adam-12, CHiPs, T.J. Hooker, and more... Polish your badge,... more