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The Gaming Zone #93 - The Chase Race

  • Broadcast in Entertainment



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This is a multiplayer version of the Chase, but no one is chasing the players, it is a race to see how quickly they can answer questions and earn points.  In round 1, a 120 seconds quick quiz, 3 points for each right answer.  In round 2, it's time to go streaking.  Everyone will play a multiple choice question.  each right answer will earn 1 point for the 1st correct answer, 2 points for the 2nd right answer in a row, 3 points for the 3rd in a row, and 5 points for the 4th and on.   Miss a question, and you must start the streak over again.  In the final round, we start with the player who is in last place.  They will answer questions until they get one wrong or pass, each player will earn 2 points, but if they are wrong or pass, the player with the next highest can answer and steal the point (2 points for each player who missed) and the player(s) who miss or passed LOSE 1 point.  and possession of answering.  The order goes from highest to lowest  If no one can answer the question, then the player who first answer will answer again.  After sme time, each right answer will be worth 3 points each (still go back 1 if an opponent answers), then 4 points, then 5 points.  The player with the most points after 2 hours wins.