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2012 Game Show Decathlon - Event 9 - Lingo

  • Broadcast in Entertainment



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We are playing the game that is fun to play.  Lingo, the game of words.  Here it is played in the tournament.  There are 5 letter words.  Players are given the first letter, and then player must say AND spell the word.  Then they will be told which letters are in the right spots, and which letters are in the words but not in the spot they have them in.  They will have 7 secones to give the words and will be given 5 chances to guess the word.   If the player gives an illegal word, run outso chances or takes too long to give a word, play passes to the opponent, and is given a letter in the word (but will not be given the last letter).  Each right word earns $ 125 and 2 picks of the balls.  This time, you do not have to make a LINGO, you have to SPELL lingo.  Each player is given the L, and the balls in the hopper will contain 1 or 2 letters in the word LINGO, but there are also 3 red balls.  Pick a red ball, and play passes to opponent.  Spell LINGO and win $ 500, but then play passes over to opponents and they start over with the L in Lingo lit.  In the 2nd round, we add 4 question mark balls, which can add  1 or 2 letters to LINGO.  And in round 2, each word is worth $ 250 and a Lingo is $ 1000.  The player with the most money at the end of the game wins and plays Bonus Lingo.  Bonus Lingo - The player will try to answer10 words in 2 minutes.  Players are given 2 letters in the word.  Each word gives a pick of a bonus lingo ball and earns $ 500.  After the 2 minutes, player will pick the bonus lingo balls, which now contain 1, 2 or 3 letters, and 1 of the balls contain the word LINGO, aka instant win.  If the player can spell Lingo, they win $ 20,000, but wins $ 40,000 if they do it in 1 pick.