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2012 Game Show Decathlon - Event 6 - Pass The Buck

  • Broadcast in Entertainment



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We are into the 2nd half of qualifying with another classic 70's game show, hosted by Bill Cullen, Pass The Buck.  Here is how it works.  4 players compete each match.  5 rounds are played.  Players will give answers that are on a list, if right, $ 100 is added to a pot.  If they take too long, give an answer not on the list, or repeat an answer, they are in danger of elimination.  And the next player can eliminate them by giving a right answer.  But if that person fails, then the next person can eliminate the two with a right answer.  And if that person fails, the final person can eliminate the field and earn the pot by giving a right answer.  If everyone fails, the question is over, and the pot carries over to the next question.  The last person standing, earns the pot.  For the final round, each right answer is worth $ 500 each.  The player with the most money afte 5 rounds plays the bonus round.


The bonus round is played just like the game show.  Players will have 15 seconds, in the 1st try, to give all 4 answers to a general knowledge topic.  Each right answer will earn $ 2500, but get all 4, and win $ 40,000.  If they get at least 1 answer on the 1st try, there will be a 2nd try, but only 3 answers must be revealed, and each answer earn $ 5000.  And if all 3 are revealed they winn earn $ 40,000.  If they get at least 1 revealed, then they get a 3rd try, with only 2 answers, reveal 1 will earn $ 10,000, reveal both will earn $ 40,000.  if they get 1 answer, they will have a 4th and final try, with 1 answer.  Get it, and earn $ 40,000.  Fail, and earn whatever money they earned during the bonus round.