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2012 Game Show Decathlon - Event 4 - Joker's Wild

  • Broadcast in Entertainment



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The 4th event of the Decathlon is the great game of the 70's and 80's where knowledge is king and lady luck is queen.  Yes, we are playing the ORIGINAL Joker's Wild, made famous by Jack Berry.  Each match, the 2 pleyers will have 5 categories.  Then a deck of 25 cards will be shuffled and dealt.  Each turn, each player will choose any 3 cards to represent the slot wheels on the game.  Each category appears 4 times, and there are 5 jokers.  Once the slots are revealed, the player will choose a category and a dollar amount ($ 500 for single, $ 1000 for doubles, $ 2000 for triples).  Then the question will be asked and the player will have 8 second to answer (the player will have 1 chance to hear the question again, but then will only have 5 seconds to answer).  If right, they earn the money, if wrong or time runs out, the opponent can take the question and the money.  If a pleyer spins 3 jokers, then the player can answer 1 question from any category.  Get it right, they earn $ 5000 and win the game automatically.  First to $ 5000 after both players have played the same amount of turns, wins.  If there is a tie, we keep playing until there is a winner.  The winner will play, face the devil.  This time the 25 catrds will contain 4 of dollar amount ranging from $ 100 to $ 1000 and 1 Devil.  The plyers will choose 3 numbers each turn, to earn as much money as possible.  if all 3 are dollar amounts, they are added to the pot, and the player has a decision to go on, risk losing the money, or go on and earn more.  If a player makes it to $ 10,000, the player will win and earn double their winnings in the bonus round.  But if a pleyer hits a natural triple (3 of the same dollar amount), the player automatically wins and wins $ 40,000.