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2012 Game Show Decathlon - Event 2 - Celebrity Sweepstakes

  • Broadcast in Entertainment



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This is game 2 of the qualifying games for the 2012 Game Show Decathlon and it is another classic 70's game show.  Celebrity Sweepstakes.  Here is how the game works, the players start with $ 1000, and will have 4 changes to win more.  Each player will choose a category and a question is asked to our 6 celebrities.  They will then write down their answers, and our audience of 334 people will vote on who they think will get the answer right.  The odds for the celebrities will range from 1:1 (favorite) to 5:1 (long shot).  Then the players will place a wager on the celebrity they think has given the right answer (there is always a guarantee that at least one of the celebrities has the right answer).  If they guess the celebrity right, they win their wager times the odds the audience gave the celebrity, and will lose their wager from their score.  The final question will double the odds, and have the option to go for the Super Long Shot, in which they think NONE of the six celebrities will give a right answer for 25:1 payout.  And for the final question, they can bet any or all of their winnings.  The player with the most money wins, an plays the bonus round.  The celebrites will be asked 3 questions.  The first question at least 3 of them got it right, 2nd question at least 2 got it right, and the final question at least 1 of them got it right.  For each one the player guesses the celebritiy with the right answer will win bonus money, in which getting all 3 right will win an extra $ 40,000.