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The Gaming Zone #75 - Smartass

  • Broadcast in Entertainment



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The Gaming Zone is getting dirty as we try to find who is the smart ass of the bunch.  Each player starts with $ 2,500, and in Round 1, player will choose a category, the player can answer 1 question for $ 250, or if they have the cahonies, DOUBLE DOWN for $ 500, but get a question wrong and you lose the money, but if you double down and get the first one right, but hte second one wrong, you will only lose half.  One of the 24 categories will be the SCREW THY NEIGHBOR, where you can steal $ 1000 from another player.  Answer one question and you steal the money, but wrong, and they can say F- YOU! and they steal the money from you.  In round 2, called FOURPLAY, We will link questions, and randomly pick players to answer.  Each right answer earns you $ 1000 for the 1st set, $ 1500 for the 2nd set and $ 2000 for the 3rd set, and $ 2500 for the 4th set, no penalty for wrong answers.  In Round 3, we play F**K your opponents, or F**K yourself.  You will choose an envelope, which will contain a category and a dollar amount from $ 3k to $ 9k (the higher amount, the tougher the question).  But then that player will be isolated as the other players will hear the question, and decide to dare them to answer.  Each dares, adds the value of the question to the pot.  then the player is brought back and hears the question.  They can CHICKEN OUT (WUSS OUT) and hear 4 possible answers, one will be right.  Doing this will 1/2 the value of the question, but get it wrong, all the players who dared split the value of the question.  But if they get it right, each person who dares LOSES the value of the original question from their score.  Final round, categories will be given, and players will choose one (from least to most), then 3 questions asked.  Minimum bet is $ 1000 IN 250 INCREMENTS (or whatever they have) and each question right, earns their wager, each one wrong, loses their wager.