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The Gaming Zone #71 - Countdown Challenge

  • Broadcast in Entertainment



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We are playing the UK Game Countdown with some twists on Tonite's Gaming Zone.  It is a 2 hour game, split into 3 stages.  In each stage, we will alternate from the letters and numbers round.  In stage 1, each player will be the leader and will pick a player to choose letters for the letter round.  Each player will choose either a vowel (A, E, I, O or U) or consonant, then the other player will choose too, and this will repeat until 8 letters are given.  Then all players will be given 30 seconds to make the longest word from the letters given.  The captain will state the length of the letter, then the other players in turn.  The longest word will then be given and verified to be correct or not.  Players earn 1 point per letter used, but if the word is the longest word possible with the letters given, the plaeyr will earn double points.  Invalid words will deduct the value of the word from their score.  Then they will do the numbers round, 6 random numbers will be given and a 3 digit target number.  Using those numbers and the basic 4 math functions (add, subtract, multiply and divide) get the target score.  They must use ONLY POSITIVE INTEGERS (so their calculations, cannot go into negatives, nor can it have a fraction).  Players will have 45 seconds to come up with the answers.  After the time, players will give their closest calculation or they got the target, then each player will give their answer.  Correct answers will earn 10 points, but if no one hits the target, the closest to the target will earn 8 points.  With the numbers, there is a streak bonus, for ever successive number puzzle solved on the target, the value INCREASES by 2 points.  In stage 2, 9 letters are possible, and stage 3 has 10 letters.  Play goes on until 2 hours are done and highest scorer wins.